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Managing Angry Emotions – How to Stay Calm

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Are you an angry person? Do you have trouble managing anger? Anger can effect your relationships and your regular daily life in more ways than one.

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Managing Angry Emotions – How to Stay Calm

People who generally suppress anger tend to find release and relief through unhealthy methods that could eventually lead to destructive habits like smoking, alcohol or drugs. Some others seek recourse through junk food or become couch potatoes. Not only are these remedies fraught with dangerous side effects, they only temporarily insensate. They might help you forget but they can’t make the problems go away.

Another side effect of suppressing anger would be that it would make itself felt in other negative behaviors like cynicism, backbiting, revenge, faultfinding, etc. or detrimental conditions like depression, self-hatred or persecution complex.

Research has conclusively proved that suppressing anger can cause feelings of tiredness, can lower immunity levels and bring on colds, headaches, ulcers, backaches, bowel troubles, skin problems and also lead to other major health problems like tumors, cancer or heart attacks.

Handling It

Anger can be directed at yourself, other people or things. Its reactions range through an entire gamut. Other than flying off the handle, the other forms of anger that people resort to are refusal to feel anything, displacing the anger and taking it out on someone else, bouts of crying, revengeful feelings, frustration, shaking or trembling, physical confrontation or overreaction.

Researchers trace anger patterns to family background. But before you begin to blame your upbringing, consider what kind of a pattern you are setting for your future generations. We are taught to handle most other emotions but anger. But then better late than never. Handling anger can be learnt at any age as long as one is willing to learn.

Managing It

What is anger management?  It is adopting techniques that will help you handle yourself better and control your reactions by reducing the escalation of emotional feelings and also the physiological arousal that anger causes.

You can’t change others but you have the power to change yourself for the better. And only you have the power to do it. You have to stand up and take responsibility for yourself and your actions.


Anger rises from angry thoughts, depression arises from anger that has been suppressed, so if you have trouble resolving issues, a therapist could help. A psychologist could provide you with techniques that work for you that can transform your thinking.

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  • Jay313
    April 10, 2013 | Permalink |

    The anger management reads were great. I have been married for 4 years and I had major issues with my anger and being emotionally short with my wife (and other people I loved as well). Its was a downwards corkscrew. Just as this article said; my anger was deep rooted in past family, religion, and my then ill-fated career moves. As I have began to understand why I feel anger more than any other emotion, I have been able to be effective in recognizing when I need to manage it. Thanks for this post! Great work on this site! My wife and I love it!

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