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How to Increase your Stamina

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Stamina plays a crucial role in our well being and our ability to enjoy daily activities. Low stamina can make life dull and difficult, while increased stamina can make us better in more ways than one. So how do you increase your stamina? Here are a few tips.

How to Increase your Stamina

When we work towards increasing our stamina, we could end up transforming our lives. They say the most intelligent human beings have used only 10% of the potential of their mind. Then they go on to name all time greats, like Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Alva Edison and Michelangelo. You can imagine how much brainpower we end up using! Similarly, can you imagine the physical potential of the human body? And do you think we are even close to optimum utilization? Think again. At times we need to unlearn, to learn!

Unlock your True Potential

You sit back at home at the end of a hard day, and are exhausted. Just imagine how it would be to sit back at the end of the day, and still have boundless energy! Wouldn’t that be great? But at the same time, would that be possible?

Yes, it’s possible. Let’s start with increasing our stamina levels.

Stamina is described as the energy that is required to withstand prolonged physical and mental exertion. There are two types of stamina, cardiovascular energy and muscle stamina. Most people work on just the cardiovascular angle and neglect the stamina that is required by muscles for strength building. What they don’t realize is that, if they do not challenge their muscles, they deteriorate, every year! And muscle power plays a major role in regular body movements.

As you gradually build up your stamina and your muscle strength, in the process, the endorphins released by the brain make you feel good. You will be able to work harder and give more to your relationships, spend more time with your children, etc.

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The Right Gear

Get your logbook. It’s very important for you to write down your goals. And work systematically towards achieving them. Just make sure you set realistic goals. It’s a great idea to set specific targets like wanting to look and feel great for the New Year party, etc. Recording your achievements helps you to move on from one success to another.

Apart from the logbook, you need a good sports watch. Workout with other watches, especially ones with steel straps is a definite no-no. A good pair of shoes, tracks and tee shirt is a must. You need to look sporty to feel sporty, for soon you’re going to be a sportsperson and a fit individual. Without a vision, how can your dream come true?

Grandma’s Recipe

A healthy lifestyle, with a good sleep pattern and intake of a variety of fruits, vegetables, and juices along with a balanced diet are an integral part of your fitness regime to develop stamina. If you’re a smoker, remember that with each cigarette, you’re inhaling 4,000 harmful chemicals into your system. And when you exhale, you’re harming those around you. You’re advised to kick the habit. If you are an active passive smoker, please remember that passive smoking is more harmful than actual smoking. So, do the needful.

Establish Stamina Levels

Firstly, for those who wish to start building stamina, a brisk walk, a swim, a good jog or a dance will help you determine your present stamina levels. Record the same in your logbook. Practice more often and train to last longer.

For example, if you’re running for 5 minutes, that is your current base. At your next workout walk for 5 minutes, run for 5 minutes and then walk again for 5 minutes and run for another 5 minutes. End with a cool down walk. Keep working on improving the distance and stamina gradually. Do not run two days in a row, we need to save ourselves from running injuries. And let the body recover the next day. You must rest completely for one day in a week. The rest day is as important as the day you work out.

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