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Why Does Sex Feel Good for Women? The Truth Behind Good Sex!

why does sex feel good for women

Intercourse is great, but why does sex feel good? Here are the main reasons why sex feels good, even if you’re not having an orgasm!

Have you ever wondered why does sex feel good? Surely there’s more to our climactic romps than just an orgasm. After all, many women attest to the fact that sex is still enjoyable with a partner even when they don’t climax.

Women like sex for all sorts of reasons. Getting to make out and engage in tension-building foreplay, having attention lavished on them by their lover, watching their man get aroused, the dirty talk, the bonding… the list really does go on and on. So, why does sex feel good? Here are eight titillating answers.

Why does sex feel good?

The answer is practically endless, yet so difficult for so many to put into words. Sex is a bonding experience. It makes you feel closer to your partner, and it gives you spine-tingling O’s. Not to mention all of the chemicals whirling around your body telling you everything in life is fantastic.

#1 It’s naughty. Sex is naughty by nature and helps you feel bolder than ever before. It’s called sexual tension for a reason. This slow build of sexual tension rises until you feel like you’re going to explode. This makes it feel even sweeter when you finally have an orgasmic release. [Read: 18 naughty ways to make time for sex in a busy schedule]

#2 It’s intimate. Getting to share yourself with a partner you care about is a mind-blowing experience, especially when orgasms are involved. Feeling someone’s passion for you as they touch your body and endeavor to make you feel good is a natural high that can be addictive.

#3 The explosion—orgasms are amazing. Obviously one of the biggest reasons why sex feels good is because orgasms are basically the best thing ever. Whether your orgasm is short, long, explosive, or comes in multiples, it’s going to be good.

These orgasms feel physically good, all while lowering depression, boosting feelings of ooey-gooeyness, and rocking your vagina, uterus, and anus in some blissful contractions. [Read: The art of edging: 6 sizzling ways to control your orgasms]

#4 It relieves stress. Who isn’t happier once experiencing an orgasm? Sex and orgasm combats anxiety, improves your mood, and reduces stress in the brain. One study revealed participants who engaged in penetrative sex were able to handle stressful situations better than those who did not participate in any hanky-panky. Sex releases helpful endorphins and hormones that temporarily block pain and stress and leave you writhing in bliss.

#5 Why does sex feel good? The magic of bonding. Science shows that two minutes before climaxing the reward center in a woman’s brain becomes activated. Oxytocin also plays a major part in pleasure and bonding. During orgasm, a woman’s nervous system numbs so that the only sensation she feels is an explosion of lust and satisfaction. This is also why sex is said to ease pains from period cramps!

Famously, oxytocin makes women fall in love. The release of this hormone triggers feelings of trust, empathy, and bonds women to their partners. Women produce more of this hormone than their male counterparts, which is why women often become emotionally attached after sex than men.

Regardless, this bonding experience can be addictive and make the sexual experience feel more pleasurable than it actually is. [Read: Why oxytocin can be toxic to flawed relationships]

#6 Dopamine is dope. Dopamine is another part of your brain’s pleasure/reward system. It’s a “feel-good” hormone released during highly pleasurable situations like having sex, reaching orgasm, and even while you’re chowing down some tacos.

Physical touch with someone you care about, listening to music, exercising, minty scents, and even looking at contrasting colors all release dopamine in your brain!

Dopamine plays an important role in sexual behavior. Your brain on sex usually follows this pattern: arousal, motivation, and reward. Because dopamine makes you feel good, it makes you want more of it. This is also why when we lose a source of dopamine *like a boyfriend* we tend to replace it with another source of dopamine *like an entire pan of brownies*. [Read: What is dopamine? The dopiest pleasure pill inside of you]

#7 So is serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that tells your brain when you’re happy, satisfied–and not to mention hot and horny! Serotonin is responsible for many other social behaviors and moods such as hunger, pain, and depression.

Men generally have lower serotonin levels, which raises the sex drive and accounts for men’s tendency towards raw sex. Women have higher amounts of serotonin, which increase oxytocin levels. Whatever way you look at it, serotonin is a great buffer for sexy-time activities. [Read: How your body’s chemistry affects love]

#8 Prolactin plays a role! Prolactin is a hormone released in the body right after your climax. This hormone sends powerful feelings of satisfaction throughout the body. It is also associated with the refractory period, which is the inability for women to become aroused again following an orgasm. For men, the refractory period prevents them from getting an erection again following orgasm.

Basically, sex felt so good you worked yourself into an orgasm-induced mini coma!

What if sex doesn’t feel good?

Has this list got you feeling down? If your sex life isn’t feeling so hot there may be some legitimate reasons why. If you worry your sex life isn’t up to snuff, your answer may lie in these six reasons.

#1 Fear of getting pregnant. Even if you’re on the pill the moment he starts to grunt out “I’m close” your mind begins to wander to how you were 30 minutes late taking your pill last night. Are you going to get pregnant? Should you ask him to pull out and slip on a condom? Even if you’re on the edge of an orgasm, writhing in unison sometimes loses its touch when you worry about getting pregnant. [Read: 9 awkward signs you’re having bad sex with your lover]

#2 Fear of sexually transmitted disease. Hooking up with the hot guy you met last week seemed like a good idea when you drunk texted him. But now that you sobered up you’re starting to wonder if you should have been more thorough in your screening process. What if this guy has an STI?

Instead of enjoying the feelings of sex you suddenly wonder if that bump on his shaft was normal or if it’s your cue to call your gyno in the morning. Fear of getting an STI ruins otherwise perfectly pleasant hookups. [Read: STDs 101 – The most common types and their symptoms]

#3 It doesn’t last long enough. One of the biggest reasons sex isn’t feeling good yet is because you haven’t been going at it long enough. If your man only lasts 10 minutes or less in the sack, odds are you won’t be anywhere close to finishing unless he’s done some impressive foreplay.

#4 You aren’t into it. When you’re turned on you know it. You feel your skin flush, your underwear starts to soak, and you have a tingling sensation everywhere. That being said, if you’re not turned on, sex is probably going to be akin to doing squats for 20 minutes: Boring and painful.

While the vagina expands up to 200% when aroused, the average vagina is only about three inches long. If you’re not turned on not only will sex be a letdown, it also hurts quite a bit.

#5 It’s painful. If you’re having rough sex or engage in sex with a well-endowed man you may have to take some extra precautions before getting down and dirty. For example, engage in plenty of foreplay if your man is well hung. [Read: The best lubricants for sex: 15 winners from the kitchen cupboard]

#6 You have an infection. A yeast infection brings all sorts of debilitating issues to the table, especially when it comes to sex. Just another perk of womanhood.

This infection occurs when an overgrowth of yeast forms in the vagina. Symptoms of a yeast infection include itching, irritation in the vagina and vulva, redness and swelling, a rash on the vagina, pain and soreness, and a thick white discharge.

Having a penis or vibrator inside your vagina irritates these symptoms.

[Read: 14 incredible benefits of sex that’ll make you want more]

So why does sex feel good? Basically, a zillion figurative reasons. Sex makes you feel confident, sexy, and connects you with your partner on an emotional level. Plus, orgasms are blissful bubbles of magic. Don’t question it, just go with it!

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