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7 Smelly Body Parts that Can Ruin Great Sex!

Nothing will make your partner run for the hills faster than really bad body odor. Which parts should you be paying more attention to in the shower?

Imagine dim mood lights, scented candles, getting out of the shower and your skin feeling silky and smooth to touch. Your partner has been waiting for you on the bed, but having just arrived from work, they didn’t have the time to freshen up. They just wanted to get right in the middle of action. You climb slowly on the bed and move towards them, teasing them just a little bit, enough to get them hot and bothered.

Then, you move close enough that you can start smelling something awfully bad. You try to ignore it, yes, focus on the scented candles, focus on feeling aroused. But your olfactory sense keeps insisting on leading you toward that awful smell. Ew, right?

Which body parts are prone to bad odors?

There can be several parts of your body that can release an awful smell, and it can ruin sex, potentially great sex. Because these parts of the body can produce an unpleasant smell, if they are not often washed, be wary of how this can affect your sex life and definitely turn your partner’s mood from sexy kitten to a lousy, hibernating bear. Here are seven parts of the body that can be smelly, if you haven’t been paying attention to your hygiene.

1. Your hair, everywhere

You might not be aware of it, but some individuals are very picky when it comes to hair smells. There are people who have an intense aversion to smelly hair, especially those who do not like the smell of cigarettes, smoke or just about any other scent that easily clings to hair.

Notice how the smell of cigarettes stays stuck to the hair, even after several hours have passed. It’s not just  cigarette smoke that can get stuck to the hair, spending too much time outside the city can also make your hair smell like air pollution. And if you get too close to a pile of burning leaves or a burning something, it clings to your hair and affects the way your hair smells.

If you possess long hair, then its best to keep it in a bun when you are in the company of smokers and if you are treading through a polluted area. If you have short hair, the only way smoke will not stick to it is if you wear a cap or a bandanna. But if you do not want to be hassled with these precautions, its best to know the preferences of your partner and take note of any aversion to these smells. And just as an added precaution, make sure you’re washing your hair regularly too!

2. Those two round, protruding sound wave collectors on both sides of the head

Your partner may like to lick your ears. You may also like how this feels, and how this makes you really aroused. But as your partner starts to maneuver the tongue across your earlobe, you notice that your partner stops and says, “Your ear smells funny. Let’s just watch TV.”

You would not want this to be happening, would you? Although physicians and healthcare professionals have recommended that the ears be cleaned with Q-tips once a month, as the wax that it produces is very important in protecting the inside from foreign bodies, it does not mean we shouldn’t touch them at all. We can use a clean, damp cloth to clean the outside of the ears and inside the earlobes as well, without having to go deep inside to remove the wax. Remember that the ears’ physical attribute is that of a receptacle, for it to catch sound waves, but it can also catch dirt, a lot of dirt.

3. It is said to be the dirtiest part of the body, and yet it houses one of the most sensual organs we use to pleasure our partners

The mouth, the cavity that houses the tongue. Not only is this area in dire need of brushing, as it is the dirtiest part of the body already, but also because it plays a huge part in foreplay, oral sex, and kissing. Imagine not having to do any of those three, just because you forgot to brush and gargle.

This should be a no brainer. No person in their right mind will make out with you or even want to receive oral sex from you, if your oral cavity smells like the trash bin.

4. The short area in between your head and your shoulders

The area where your partner will not hesitate to kiss you, and lick you when they are absolutely aroused. But as they lick your neck, it suddenly reminds them of how the gym smells when air has been kept stagnant there for some time. Or how a towel smells when it has not been dried out properly.

The neck may often be a neglected body part, especially if you opted for just a quick shower. It may not seem like it, but the neck accumulates a lot of sweat too, especially if you’ve been wearing a shirt with a high collar. In addition to that, putting on perfume on a sweaty and dirty neck will make it smell even worse!

5. It can grow hair, it has the potential to emit a really nasty scent

The armpits. There should never come a time when your armpits will smell, ever. It does not even matter if you are going to have sex or not, it will not turn out good for you, and it is something that you have to change.

How do you even expect to get undressed if the person you’ve been eyeing in the bar can smell your stink 10 feet away? There is no excuse for smelly armpits, and there is a high chance you will not even get laid with this. Simply washing and swiping on some deodorant should be enough to help you out. [Read: 12 big physical turn offs that guys always notice]

6. You use it to travel every day. Sometimes to even pick up the remote control off the floor

Your feet. Since they’re so far away from your nose, you may not be able to smell the odor it emits. But when your partner, who may want to turn you on by sucking on your toes, suddenly goes down there, is he or she more likely to swoon or faint?

Having stinky feet is normal, especially if you’ve been doing some physical activity. But when you have a hunch that your feet might be more likely to stink than usual, opt for some foot spray or powder to prevent the stench. And if you’re caught off guard by a naughty partner, have the courtesy to warn them and wash up before you do the deed.

7. Your special weapon. Your most prized possession. Your penis. Your vagina

There will definitely be no sexual intercourse, in spite of the best necking and petting and breast licking and sucking you have ever experienced. How can this continue when the moment the underwear goes off, the stinky aroma fills the room? Not only is this a huge mood destroyer, but it will definitely make your partner run the opposite direction.

Although it can be a pretty normal thing, especially after a long day at work, with bathroom trips and a bit of walking, that part down there must really have brewed its own aroma. But after washing it, the smell should disappear. However, caution should be applied if the smell does not go away in spite of cleaning and washing. It might be a sign of a health problem.

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These are just a few examples of how your body, which will be giving you pleasure, can also give you pain by making itself unpleasant to smell. Nobody would want to ruin great sex because of this. So the next time you hit the shower, don’t neglect these parts!

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