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Missionary Sex
Is Missionary Sex Really Boring? Spice Up This Underrated Move

Missionary sex has a really bad reputation. But is it actually deserved? Here are some ways to spice up this sex move often known for being boring.

sex moves that feel good
14 Sex Moves That Feel Good: So Easy and Yet So Mind-Blowing

Missionary position isn’t bad, everyone loves missionary position. But come on, you can try some other sex moves that feel good and will do the trick.

high sex drive

High Sex Drive: 15 Scientific Reasons You Have It and What to Do

Having a high sex drive isn’t bad in any way. However, if you’re wondering why your appetite for sex is so high, these are the scientific reasons why.


Coregasm: The 4-Step Guide to Workout Orgasms and Its Benefits

Have you ever felt tingling down below while you’re working out? We’re looking at a coregasm–what it is and how to have one!

average time for sex

Average Time for Sex: How Long We Want Vs. How Long We Last

In your fantasies, sex may last for hours. But how long is too long in real life? We have answers, and so we’re looking at the average time for sex.

what does a vagina feel like

What Does a Vagina Feel Like? 21 Confessions From Men

The question, what does a vagina feel like, is what you would imagine a hormone-raged pubescent boy would ask. However, the ladies are no exception.

sex with a new partner

Sex with a New Partner: How to Start Your Adventure with a Bang

You’ve made it past the third date or the Tinder matchup, and it’s time, time to have sex with a new partner. So remember, keep these things in mind.

first time naked

First Time Naked With Your Lover? The Common Fears All of Us Have

Your first time naked with your lover may give you some pretty common insecurities. Here are fears fears people have about their birthday suits.

Intense Sex

Intense Sex: 17 Pleasurable Ways to Make Love with Real Passion

Not saying the sex you’re having now is bad, but, it can always be better. So, it’s time to update yourself on the ways to have intense sex.

sex tricks to give a girl an orgasm

13 Subtle Sex Tricks to Give a Girl an Orgasm Every Single Time

Women find the big O easy, right? Not exactly. A woman’s orgasm is different from a man’s. Dig in, and check out 10 tips to guarantee her orgasm.

Mutual Masturbation

Mutual Masturbation: 14 Intimate Ways to Connect without Touching

People usually think that sex has to involve penetration. However, there’s a way to orgasm without even touching each other – mutual masturbation.

Eyes-Closed Sex

Eyes-Closed Sex to Eyes Wide Open: 16 Sexy Ways to Open Them Up

If you find it difficult to make or maintain eye contact during sex, you’re not alone. Here’s why most people prefer eyes-closed sex.

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