Sensual Tease

Intense Sex
Intense Sex: 17 Pleasurable Ways to Make Love with Real Passion

Not saying the sex you’re having now is bad, but, it can always be better. So, it’s time to update yourself on the ways to have intense sex.

sex tricks to give a girl an orgasm
13 Subtle Sex Tricks to Give a Girl an Orgasm Every Single Time

Women find the big O easy, right? Not exactly. A woman’s orgasm is different from a man’s. Dig in, and check out 10 tips to guarantee her orgasm.

Mutual Masturbation

Mutual Masturbation: 14 Intimate Ways to Connect without Touching

People usually think that sex has to involve penetration. However, there’s a way to orgasm without even touching each other – mutual masturbation.

Eyes-Closed Sex

Eyes-Closed Sex to Eyes Wide Open: 16 Sexy Ways to Open Them Up

If you find it difficult to make or maintain eye contact during sex, you’re not alone. Here’s why most people prefer eyes-closed sex.

how to make sex better

How to Make Sex Better: 15 Ways to Take It Up a Notch in Bed

You may be having a good sex life, but you don’t want good, you want great. Well, it won’t be easy, but here’s how to make sex better.

how to have the best sex ever

How to Have the Best Sex Ever: 15 Ways to Do It Every Single Time

If your sex life has been lacking, then you need some serious help. Here’s how you can change it around and have the best sex ever.

peeing after sex

Peeing After Sex and Other Confusing Myths About the Vagina

The vagina is a pretty mysterious part of the female body, and so is peeing after sex. So here are some myths that many people are unsure about.

Feminist Porn

Feminist Porn: Un-Faking Porn and Celebrating Female Sexuality

Most women don’t like porn because they find it too fake and unrealistic in beauty standards. However, feminist porn is all about empowering women.

Beautiful Sex

Beautiful Sex: 17 Blissful Ways to Connect Sexually In No Time

People think that you can only have beautiful sex with the person you love. But at the end of the day, you can make love with your one-night stand too.

how to be better in bed

How to be Better in Bed: 16 Passionate Ways to Blow their Mind

If you and your partner do more yawning in bed then playing under the sheets, you’ll need to figure out how to be better in bed, and blow their mind.

Intimate Sex

10 Intimate Sex Positions to Feel the Romance in the Bedroom

Aside from romantic walks or dinners, there are other ways to bring back the romance. Start right in your bedroom with these intimate sex positions.

surprise sex

Surprise Sex: Shock and Awe Him with these Naughty Moves

If you need a way to spice up your sex life and drive him wild, these ways to stun him with surprise sex definitely gets the job done.