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Sexual Truth or Dare – The Adult Game

Truth or Dare was once a children’s game full of innocence, but today it’s something that’s completely different and used usually to lose all innocence. So what’s the real story behind a grown up game of sexual truth or dare?

Time was when the game Truth or Dare meant finding out who had crushes on whom, or making that annoying neighbor act like a monkey. Today, the game is used regularly for far more serious business, that of seduction and excitement, a game of adult truth or dare.

If you are ever invited to a sleepover at a friend’s place, and after a couple of drinks the game the Truth or Dare is suggested, in all probability it’s been planned.

Not that you mind, do you? But things can go wrong if you’re not forewarned about the full impact of the game as it is played today.

The game is played differently when played with new friends and when played with a close intimate group. But be cautioned if it’s happening after drinks and if there’s a group of guys and girls, because there’s bound to be seductive overtones.

Playing sexual truth or dare

You need to know who’s around you before you either suggest or agree to be a part of the game. If you have to suggest it, make sure you’ve spoken to everybody in the room at least once and do some serious evaluation about the comfort levels of every person before saying “Let’s play Truth or Dare”.

If somebody else suggests it, check to see if you feel the excitement running through you. This is unfamiliar territory. The excitement is caused out of anxiety over the unknown. Are you in a relationship with someone?

Ask yourself, if your partner will be okay if you played this with an outside group. If your partner is in the same room, make eye contact to see if things will be okay. If the signals are green, the rest is easy. Think of the worst you may have to do and remind yourself how far you’ll go, and where you’ll draw the line.

Avoiding embarrassment in the adult game

The worst that can happen is agreeing to play the game and then not going by it. It can kill the evening and it’ll be time for everyone to go home. It’s best to opt out of it by saying that you may need to leave early, so you don’t want to participate.

Tell your friends that you have to take a call and it’ll take a while, later hang by the bar and keep opting out. If you want to, that is. Remember, Truth or Dare ultimately turns out more about the dare than the truth. Few remember the ‘truths’ you may have uttered, unless you’ve touched a chord. But everyone will remember the girl who took her top off.

Getting Lucky

Truth or dare in many circles today is more about making out with someone. And in more cases than one, it’s about making out with someone without too much of a preamble like courting. In most cases the game starts slowly with gentle questions like “bow to the wittiest, kneel to the prettiest and kiss the one you love the best”.

But it doesn’t stay there. Soon you’re showing your underwear, your bra, and doing lap dances. If you really have the intention of ending the party in bed, you need to do a lot more than just plan your questions and dares. You need to plan it well.

Now that you know the rules of sexual truth or dare, perhaps it’s time to continue reading about Making Out with Truth or Dare.

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5 thoughts on “Sexual Truth or Dare – The Adult Game”

  1. Celo says:

    Truth or dare can be a fun game as long as boundaries are discussed beforehand, New Years and a few drunken dares with my husband and my best friend and her husband were all good when we were sticking to not touching each others partners and taking shots when we did not want to do the dare, but things went haywire all the sudden and before my eyes my best friend started sucking my husband penis then he started eating her pussy doing a 69 she started trying to grab at me but I was feeling so disgusted I started moving away, next Minuit she gets her husband to suck my husband penis , by now I am in so much shock I am frozen and unable to react the sicken thing is my husband then sits up with both her and her husband sucking him and she begs him to finish as she’s about to come and he replies to her ooh you taste good and goes back down on her, I am still sitting there in disbelief feeling so sick still not able to move out of total shock as he continues to eat her out her moans get louder and louder her husband continues to suck my husband and then she finally cums and my husband sits back to then have her husband suck him vigorously suck him till he comes and then still continued for what felt like an eternity. This whole experience has traumatized me so much i love my husband so much and a few years ago I did want to set up a threesome with a guy outside of our friends but that didn’t happen and I liked it better as a fantasy in my head not reality as I had discussed with him many times before , but now I feel sick looking at him and the feeling of touching me makes me want to throw up, my husband knew I did not want no dares that shared partners but he still did it now I just don’t know how to live with this I can’t sleep I just want to keep eating or not eat at all I want to drug myself to try and forget it I don’t even know how I will face my friends again theses are my childhood friends that I have known for over 35 years, I think sexual dares should be done with singles or seasoned swingers other wise it could end marriages and friendships

  2. Jessie says:

    I just love the game

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