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how to please a woman in bed
How to Please a Woman in Bed: 13 Moves to Leave Her Addicted to You

Don’t know what women want? That’s okay, half the time we don’t know either, but pay close attention, because this is how to please a woman in bed.

types of foreplay
Types of Foreplay: 13 Steamy Techniques that Make You Irresistible

You thought sex was just about penises and vaginas? Well, think again. It’s time you learned about the different types of foreplay.

how to moan

How to Moan Without Sounding Like an Unattractive Dying Walrus

If you’re worried about what your moaning sounds like, you’re not alone. Here are our tips for how to moan without sounding awful and annoying.

how to make yourself horny

How to Make Yourself Horny: 12 Powerful Ways to Get You There Fast

You may be complaining that your partner doesn’t know how to turn you on, but at the end of the day, you need to know how to make yourself horny first.

how to tease a girl

How to Tease a Girl and Leave Her With Your Thoughts All Day

If you really want to make a woman desire you, you’ll have to leave her wanting more. Learning how to tease a girl will do just that.

how to pleasure a man

How to Pleasure a Man: 13 Secrets to Take Control & Blow His Mind

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. While there’s some truth to that, understanding how to pleasure a man is a truer way.

how to please a man sexually

How to Please a Man Sexually and Make Him Crave Your Body Daily

Knowing how to please a man sexually will only increase his desire for you. Here’s how you can do just that and leave him wanting you every day.

dirty things to say to a girl

35 Dirty Things to Say to a Girl to Leave Her Wet with Desire

Words are a powerful tool you can use to turn her on and make her want you. These dirty things to say to a girl will leave her dripping wet for you.

what men want in bed

What Men Want in Bed: 15 Simple Things He Craves You to Do to Him

You don’t need to take acrobatic yoga or reenact porn to give him pleasure. Actually, it’s easier to know what men want in bed than you think it is.

how to seduce a girl

How to Seduce a Girl: 14 Moves to Make Her Sexually Desire You

So, you see a girl you like but think you don’t stand a chance with her? If you want to know how to seduce a girl, you just need the right techniques.

what is tea bagging

What Is Tea Bagging? Your Steamy Guide to Tea Bag Your Guy Right

If you think about what tea bag you want in your mug, you’re a little off with what is tea bagging exactly. I mean, you’re close… okay, you’re not.

orgasm face

How to Perfect Your Orgasm Face and Make Them Want More of You

Everyone has a very specific orgasm face. Some are amazing and some need a little work. Here’s how you can perfect yours and leave them wanting more.

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