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How to Tease a Girl and Leave Her With Your Thoughts All Day

how to tease a girl

If you really want to make a woman desire you, you’ll have to leave her wanting more. Learning how to tease a girl will do just that.

Knowing how to tease a girl can be extremely valuable. There’s something really special about a guy who can tease you and leave you thinking about him all day. It’s like the best form of foreplay out there and you don’t even need to be around her for all of it, either.

If you want your sex life with a girl to be incredible, teasing is the thing you have to master. Women need more than just a few touches before jumping in bed. The foreplay has to be a big event or the sex just isn’t as satisfying. [Read: How to tease girls over text and get them to flirt back with you]

Why foreplay is of the utmost importance for women

Sure, you can have sex without foreplay and it’s fine. Some women even get off without having had any foreplay, but they’re not the norm. Because women take longer to finish, we need a little head start.

That head start comes in the form of foreplay and without it, the chances of a girl actually having an orgasm is reduced significantly. Foreplay is a huge part of having sex for women. It’s needed. If you want to keep your sex life intact and your woman happy, learn some foreplay moves that’ll make a big difference. [Read: 10 foreplay moves every guy needs to do to their woman]

How to tease a girl and have her thinking about you all day

Luckily, teasing is a really fun way of foreplay that can be done whether you’re physically with her or not. In order to leave her with naughty thoughts of you all day long, focus on some of these methods.

#1 Be gentle. You know how when you get turned on all you want is for your lover to pull you close and touch you all over? Girls are the same way. We like a rough hand so we can really feel it intensely.

One way to tease a girl is to deny her that pressure. Give her gentle touches and gentle kisses. Trail your lips subtly down her neck but don’t be rough at all just yet. This will turn her on and make her crave your touch more deeply. [Read: 10 secret pleasure triggers to arouse a woman instantly]

#2 Find those erogenous zones. We’ve all got them. Women are very sensitive along their neck, collarbone, back of the neck, inner thighs, and their ears. This gives you a lot of material to work with.

Nail down these spots and play a little game with yourself. Touch and kiss her in these areas until she just can’t take it anymore. This is actually a great thing to do to wake her up in the morning. Then when you slip away for work, she won’t be able to stop thinking about you.

#3 Whisper really dirty things in her ear randomly. Pull her in close when you’re out and about or even at a work or family even and whisper naughty things in her ear. Tell her all the things you’d like to do when you get home. Make her anticipate pulling in the driveway and walking through the door.

Not only does this put your lips at her ear – an erogenous zone – but it puts those dirty thoughts in her head. The thing that makes you an extra tease is the fact that she can’t act on any of those things until later. [Read: 35 dirty things to say to a girl to leave her wet with desire]

#4 Text her about the last time you had sex. You can do this when you’re together or even just over text. Talk to her about the last time you had sex. Describe what you liked the most. Tell her what you’d do differently this time.

The idea behind this method for learning how to tease a girl is that you’ll put her in the mindset of when you two had sex last. She’ll pull up that memory of how great it felt and it’ll be on her mind until she sees you again.

#5 Describe what you want to do to her. Women are great at picturing things in their minds. Why do you think we love reading romances so much? If you sit there and describe all the things you’d like to do to her, it paints a very clear image.

When she’s picturing everything you’re saying, she’ll start wanting it right then. Making her wait while still telling her all the stuff you want to do is enough to drive her wild. [Read: 30 lusty things to say in bed]

#6 Use your hands. Trail your hands up and down her body. Let your fingers gently graze over her sensitive areas before pulling them away. You can also change up the pressure, too.

Being really gentle and then squeezing at her can increase the sensitivity. That will really make her crave your touch even more. If you do this repeatedly it’ll be the worst and best tease of her life.

#7 Use your lips. Do the same thing with your lips. Let them trail over her body. You can even make it naughtier by biting gently in some areas. The best thing you can do here is kiss those spots you know she loves. Make her beg for you to touch her there. [Read: 28 turn-ons for girls that’ll make them melt in your arms]

#8 Pull away after letting her have a little bit. And when you finally do let her have a tiny bit of her favorite touches, stop and do something she likes less. Having you spoil her and give her what she wants before ripping it away will make her want it even more.

#9 Talk about how wild she drives you. Something that’ll tease her a ton is if you tell her how horny she makes you. Tell her exactly what it is that makes you melt for her. Knowing she drives you that wild will make her want to do it again. And if you deny her that, it’s the biggest tease. [Read: 25 sex questions to ask a girl to make her instantly wet]

#10 Know what she likes, and only barely give it to her. The idea behind this is that you’ll make her desire it more. She might not always be thinking about you doing that one specific thing she goes nuts for during sex. However, if you put that thought in her head, she won’t be able to get it out.

It’s kind of like when you start talking about ice cream to someone who’s on a diet. The second that thought gets put in their head, they can’t stop thinking about it until they finally get it. That’s how this works when teasing a girl.

[Read: How to turn a girl on and excite her mind]

Learning how to tease a girl takes a bit of time. You have to know her and what she likes really well before using that information to make her beg for you. These tips can help you get her excited and thinking about you all day.

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