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How to Get Someone to Have Sex With You and Come Back for More

how to get someone to have sex with you

When it comes to your sex life, knowing how to get someone to have sex with you can mean the difference between a great time and a lonely night.

For those of you who are single out there looking to get some action, it won’t be easy unless you know how to get someone to have sex with you. If you normally aren’t getting lucky, you’re obviously doing something wrong.

Thankfully, those issues can be corrected. The trick with knowing how to get someone to have sex with you is more about gaining someone’s trust. After all, most people would never hop in bed with someone they couldn’t trust. Right? So it’s your job to make that happen.

Choosing the right person to approach

I know how hard it is to approach someone while you’re out and about. It can be intimidating and quite frankly, nobody wants to be denied and turned down. That’s why you have to choose the right person to approach.

You want to go for someone who’s already showing interest in you. It’s all about being able to read body language and pick up on hints. Believe me, if someone is into you, they will be giving you all the signs. If you want to learn how to get someone to have sex with you, you have to first learn how to tell when someone is into you. [Read: 13 signs of sexual attraction to keep an eye on]

How to get someone to have sex with you and come back for more

The best way to solidify a healthy, fun sex life is to make sure the people you hook up with want to come back for more. It’s not just about landing a hot piece of ass in bed for a single night. It’s also about ensuring they come back for more.

Because what’s better than getting laid once? Getting laid regularly. Find that FWB or even just a one-night hookup. Either way, the process you should follow is the same. [Read: 13 sure steps to find a one night stand and get them in bed]

Preparing for the night

In order to find someone to have sex with, you’ll want to make sure your own bases are covered. Here’s what to do in order to prepare for your hookup.

#1 Look great. This is a given, but you’d be surprised how many people go out looking like they just rolled out of bed. You want to look your best. Dress to impress – but keep it casual.

Wearing something both comfortable and something that makes you feel good will give you a confidence boost – and that only helps. [Read: 13 easy tips for looking your hottest when you’re trying to find a hookup]

#2 Smell great. Bars and clubs are sweaty, stinky places generally. If you put on some great smelling cologne, perfume, or even deodorant, it can up your chances of bringing someone home by a lot. So make sure you’re showering beforehand and smelling delicious.

#3 Get your place looking spick and span. Nobody will want to return to have sex if it’s a disaster. If you do end up taking someone back to your place, it has to be in good shape – especially if you want them to return in the future.

Keep it clean, spray some air freshener, make sure the dishes are done, and for the love of all that is good in this world, clean the bathroom.

#4 Make sure you have what you’ll need in case you don’t return to your place. It’s all good and fine to have your place prepared to bring someone there, but what if they suggest their place? You have to be ready to take your sexcapades to wherever they want. Therefore, you have to have condoms and anything else you may need ready to go before you head out. [Read: How these different types of condoms can improve your sex life]

#5 Get rid of the roommate – if you have one. There’s really not much that can ruin a hot night faster than showing up to a roommate sprawled out on the couch or out and about in the kitchen. It kills the sexy vibes when your hookup knows someone else will be right there listening to everything.

How to find a bang-buddy while out

Now that you’ve got all your bases covered in preparation, it’s time to hit the clubs or bars. Here’s how to find that lucky person to bring home and have sex with.

#1 Locate someone who is showing interest. You can’t just try to get anyone to have sex with you. It needs to be someone who is already showing interest in you. If someone approaches you or even just says hi, they’re the person to go for. Someone who’s already attracted to you will be much easier to take home. [Read: How to recognize a girl who’s ready for a hook up]

#2 Smile or wave in their direction. Now that you’ve caught someone’s eye, send them a wave. Give them a little smile. Hell, you can even go as far as to wink at them if you’re feeling particularly confident. And you should be confident because that helps secure the hookup.

The point in this step is to make sure they know you’re into them, too. [Read: How to hook up with a guy and do it the right way]

#3 Walk up to them and introduce yourself. If they’ve responded well to your smile and wave, then head on over. Take the initiative here. When you’re confident and show someone that you’re certain of yourself, they’ll be more likely to trust you. And we’ve already established how important that is when learning how to get someone to have sex with you. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting moves that always work]

#4 Get the flirting started. Flirting is essential when creating that intimate connection. You really need to start this very early on if you want to have enough time for it to turn into something sexy. So right when you walk up to them, flirt like crazy. [Read: How to flirt by touch without making it obvious]

#5 Buy them another drink of their choice. This is a great way to not only break the ice but increase your odds of getting them to sleep with you. People who are intoxicated have a history of being a little more loose in the sheets.

#6 Initiate physical contact. In order for someone to have sex with you, they’ll need to trust you. That trust is built with physical contact. Start with just a nice touch to the arm or even shake their hand when you meet. As the night goes on, increase these touches and make it a little more intimate, too. [Read: Touchy-feely flirting done right]

#7 Start dropping sexy pickup lines. This is a great way to start turning up the heat sexually. If you hit them with some naughty pickup lines, they’ll see which direction the night is headed. This can help you see if they’re into the idea of hooking up.

#8 Lean in close when you talk. Progressively get closer and closer as you talk to them. You ideally want to end the night right up next to them – close enough to kiss them if you haven’t already. This increases the intimacy and makes them see you as someone they could be very close with. [Read: How to make anyone horny just by sitting next to them]

#9 Adjust your body language so it’s sexy. This is something you’ll probably do automatically, but it’s great to be mindful of it. Winking at them, smiling a lot, and even opening your hips and facing them are all things they’ll notice subconsciously. And that will get their mind thinking of you sexually. [Read: 10 clear signs of body language attraction]

#10 Whisper in their ear that you’d love to take them home. This has to be done in just the right way at just the right time. Ideally, you’ll lean in and say this while they’re laughing or after you’ve just had an intense moment. Something like, “the sound of your laugh makes me want to take you home,” can be enough.

 [Read: How to find the hookup of your dreams]

There’s definitely a learning curve when you want to know how to get someone to have sex with you. If you follow these tips, you’ll be on the way to a great romp in the sheets.

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