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Hottest Sex Ever: 14 Flirty, Dirty Moves to Make Him Beg for More

hottest sex ever

Give your man the hottest sex ever with these 14 foreplay ideas that are so dirty, he’ll never stop begging you for more.

You’ve read all the lists of how to give your man the hottest sex ever, but what about the hottest foreplay? Sometimes women get the idea that their men would rather have a quickie than put in the time for some foreplay, but this isn’t always so.

When done right—read: enthusiastically—foreplay creates a buildup of sexual tension that makes an orgasm really come to life. Taunt, tease, and create naughty excitement that will make him feel like he’s doing something bad. You know you’re a super vixen in the sack, so now it’s time your man comes to the same conclusion.

Hottest sex ever – 14 hot ways to make him hard

When intimacy is initiated you both know it’s going to end in penetration, so why not build up anticipation through foreplay? We are looking at the best ways to give him the hottest sex every that are both out of the box and just good common sense. Here are 14 of our favorite ways to get him hard.

#1 Get into it. One way to give your man the hottest sex ever is to get into it! Show him you’re all about his pleasure by being vocal, maintaining eye-contact, and letting him see that you’re having a good time. Use flirtatious glances and let him know* his penis rocks your world, that every touch is sensational, and just how badly you want to make him cum hard.

*We certainly wouldn’t recommend faking it for the sake of your man, but when you’re giving him the hottest sex ever it isn’t going to hurt your pride to put on a very sexy show just for him. [Read: 20 hot sex ideas ideas to blow your lover’s mind in bed!]

#2 Tainted love. The taint refers to the perineum, the space between your bum and your genitals. This area can be highly stimulating for men. Not all girls are going to be into this one, but it’s definitely something to try if you’re really looking to spice things up. Simply drop some lube on your fingertips and gentle circle them around the area behind his balls and above his bum.

If you’re not keen to get your finger down there, you can always use a light vibrator on the area while you stimulate his penis by other means. He’ll love the dual pleasure happening down south. [Read: Drive him wild – How to find and stimulate the male g-spot]

#3 The betting game. Do you play Call of Duty *insert some other multiplayer fighting game* with your guy? Make it a night worth betting on by playing the strip version of his favorite game. Whoever wins a round gets to choose the article of clothing their lover takes off.

Or amp it up a notch by changing the rules: whoever wins this round must use their hand on the other/tell a dirty story/reveal a crazy fantasy.

#4 Keep kissing. So many couples stop kissing the longer they stay together. Kissing is an integral part of foreplay and sex for both men and women, so why do we stop doing it?

Kissing stimulates one of the biggest erogenous zones—the mouth! The tongue and lips are huge turn-on spots that you shouldn’t be ignoring on your man. Kiss like you did when you first met; long and passionately.

Spice it up by incorporating some flicks of the tongue, hungry nips at his lips, and excessive moans to let him know how hot you find your make-out session. [Read: Stop ignoring erogenous zones – The perfect neck kisses]

#5 Do it unexpectedly. If you’ve been having sex with the same person for a long time it starts to feel routine. Albeit mind-blowing guaranteed orgasms, but still a little routine for the two of you. So instead of hopping into the same pattern, try spicing it up.

Take a shower and come into his office in a slutty little outfit. Surprise him by wearing a dress without panties on while you’re out in public and have him discreetly feel how wet you are. Give him a sexy surprise while he’s driving, have morning sex, have shower sex, have sex anywhere but in your bed. Spontaneity is extremely arousing. [Read: 18 naughty ways to find time for sex in a buys schedule]

#6 Keep your clothes on. Keeping your clothes on is actually an incredible way to get things hot and heavy. When you’ve been with someone for long enough you still admire how sexy their body is, but getting them naked is now a given instead of an accomplishment. Combat this feeling by keeping your clothes on and grinding on him *not too hard!* until you’re both raring and ready to go.

Have him paw at your chest like a teenager without letting him go under your bra. This is an excellent way to tease your guy and build some serious sexual tension.

#7 Bathtub fun. Before getting down to penetration, why not take a bath together? Make a rule that you’re not allowed to engage in any hanky-panky while you’re in the tub. Just wash each other and make sure you soap up your breasts and give him your best sexy look while you’re washing him below the belt. He’s going to go nuts with anticipation. [Read: 17 fun sex ideas you have to try]

#8 Texting foreplay. If he’s getting the hottest sex ever when he gets home, why not let him know? Sexting doesn’t have to end with a topless photo of you floating around cyberspace for all eternity. Sometimes simplicity is best.

Start by saying something like “You and I are going to have a little fun later” and finish off with a picture of your sexiest panties laid out on his pillowcase, a sultry piece of lingerie hanging on the doorknob, or get down to business by texting him a photo of a bottle of lube. Whatever your method, he’s going to love the message. [Read: Sexting ideas – 14 sexy tips to effortless sext like a real pro]

#9 Strut and strip. Men love a show, so why not put on your favorite strip-worthy tune and give him something to think about later? Tell him he can look, but he can’t touch as you slowly disrobe and do a tempting dance for your man.

#10 Breasts in the face, nipples in the mouth. Guys love boobs. This is a simple fact of life, so why not embrace it in your hottest sex ever foreplay routine? Sit on him like you’re going to mount him and rock your hips against his penis while you tantalize him with your breasts.

Move your boobs across his face, back and forth, and let him try to get his tongue to catch your nipples. He’ll be in titty-heaven! [Read: 11 fun and fascinating facts about breasts]

#11 Costumes and role play. Pave a fun path to the hottest sex ever with some perfectly devilish lingerie. Or if you’re more into role play, do that! Dress up like Harley Quinn and tell your Puddin’ you’ve been a bad girl. Even if your guy isn’t usually into lingerie, we promise if you have a fantastic dirty talk/story to go along with it he’s going to love it.

#12 Sex toys for men. Sex toys don’t always have to equal vibrators for her. Why not try using a sex toy on your man to really give him the hottest foreplay ever? Some naughty male sex toys include a vibrator slid along his penis or under his balls, prostate massagers, cock rings, or naughty penis massagers. [Read: 10 male masturbation toys that are so much better than the hand]

#13 Dirty, dirty, dirty talk. Who doesn’t love a little back and forth dirty talk? When you’re snuggled up watching Netflix and he thinks you’re both done for the night, start whispering sexy nothings into his ear.

Tell him a fantasy or a dirty dream you had. Tell him what you wish you were doing to him, how wet you are, or how hard you want to make him. [Read: 23 sexy tips to dirty talk and say the sexiest words]

#14 Make noise. We can’t stress this one enough. While extenuating circumstances may dictate how loud you’re able to get, try and at least do some heavy breathing. Men are visual creatures that rely on sight, word pictures, and your sexy moans to keep them riled up. Moan, purr, and breathe in ecstasy to really give him something to listen to.

[Read: How to have the best sex ever – 15 ways to do it every single time]

Remember, you don’t have to run a gauntlet of foreplay every time you’re getting down and dirty, but trust that when you do you’re going to give him a mind-blowing orgasm. Give him the hottest sex ever by being enthusiastic, spontaneous, and above all else: having fun.

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