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how to pleasure your girlfriend
How to Pleasure Your Girlfriend: 16 Moves to Drive Her Wild

You want to give your girlfriend a night she won’t forget. If you want each night to be unforgettable, you need to know how to pleasure your girlfriend.

Cunnilingus Pro: 16 Ways to Use Your Tongue and Blow Her Mind

You’ve heard of cunnilingus, right? It’s also known as female oral sex or “going down on a girl.” Whatever you call it, you want to blow her mind.

how to prepare for sex

Sex 101: How to Prepare for Sex the Right Way

You don’t get an instruction manual when trying to figure out how to prepare for sex. It would have been easier, but we’re here to help you out.

sex tutorial

Sex Tutorial 101: 15 Things They Don’t Teach You in Sex Ed

Not everyone had the birds and bees conversation, but even if you did, you probably could still use a sex tutorial. Well, today is your lucky day!

sexy yoga

Want Something Super Hot? Try Some Sexy Yoga

Yoga’s all about discovering balance and finding inner peace, but you can do that while still looking fine as hell. Sexy yoga here we come.

how to foreplay

How to Foreplay: The Key for the Best Sex of Your Life

If there’s one thing that can ruin a great time in the bedroom, it’s foreplay that is either nonexistent or BAD. Here’s how to foreplay the right way.

oral sex for women

Female Confessions: The Feeling of Oral Sex for Women

Oral sex is generally a good experience for both sexes, but it is important to note that oral sex for women isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience!

foreplay games

The Best Sizzling Foreplay Games to Get the Night Rolling

If you want to have a sex-filled night but aren’t sure where to start, these naughty foreplay games get things moving in the right direction.

how to tease your boyfriend

How to Tease Your Boyfriend: 15 Sexy Tips to Leave Him Stiff

One of the best ways to get your man geared up and ready for a great night is to tease him. Find out how to tease your boyfriend and make him want you.

i want to have sex with you

I Want to Have Sex with You: 15 Ways to Seduce Without Words

Does saying I want to have sex with you make you cringe? If so, then you know how much more powerful SHOWING someone you want to have sex is.

things to say during sex

All the Best Things to Say (and NOT Say) During Sex

Accelerate the mood during sex with a few well-chosen words, or bring sex to a crashing halt with ill-chosen words. Here are the things to say during sex.

things to say in bed

Sexy Things to Say in Bed: 30 Lusty Lines to Drive Them Wild

If you’re looking for naughty and sexy things to say in bed that’ll make your significant other roll over in blissful astonishment, look no further.