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Dick Selfies
Dick Selfies: Why Men Love Sending Dick Pics to Women

Ladies, this is a common thing! Men sending dick selfies. But why do they do it? What do they get out of it? And should we even respond?

how to pleasure a woman
How to Pleasure a Woman: 16 Moves that’ll Turn Her On Every Time

It’s obvious that men and women are different, but women aren’t as complicated as men think they are. So, here’s how to pleasure a woman.

how to eat pussy

How to Eat Pussy: 18 Moves Between Her Legs that’ll Blow Her Mind

It’s confusing, yes, but knowing how to eat pussy is a real art that few have mastered. Here’s everything you need to know, when you’re under the sheets.

how to arouse a woman

How to Arouse a Woman: 15 Moves that Work Anytime, Anywhere, Men!

Who wouldn’t want to be able to turn someone on? I mean, that’s basically why you go to the clubs. It’s all about how to arouse a woman.

Sexting Ideas

Sexting Ideas: 14 Sexy Tips to Effortlessly Sext Like a Real Pro

If sexting is a foreign concept to you, it can be intimidating finding things to say. Here are sexting ideas for all of you clueless folks out there.

Sexy Bedroom

Sexy Bedroom Essentials: 16 Ways to Get Your Room to Scream Sex

If you’re thinking the problem is you, maybe you’re wrong. Maybe the problem is in your lack-luster bedroom. So, here are some tips for a sexy bedroom.

sex questions to ask a girl

25 Sex Questions to Ask a Girl to Make Her Instantly Wet

It’s time to rev up the energy with some spicy sex questions to ask a girl. You don’t always have to touch someone to get her wet.

how to be seductive

How to be Seductive: 15 Secrets of Seduction to Turn Anyone On

The art of seduction isn’t referred to as an art without reason. But you can master this useful craft, so here’s how to be seductive.

Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage 101: How to Seduce a Woman with Your Fingers

An erotic massage is an intimate experience, both for the giver and receiver. If you haven’t given her this kind of massage, it’s going to be worth it!

how to be on top

How to Be on Top: 15 Sexy Moves to Master It and Rock his World

If you’re inexperienced at riding, it’s understandable that you want to perfect it first. Here’s your guide on how to be on top and ride him like a pro.

how to make a guy hard

How to Make a Guy Hard: 16 Moves He Won’t be Able to Resist

A woman’s weapons in her quest to sexually attract a man are many and varied. Wanna know how to make a guy hard? Here are 16 irresistible moves!

blow job tips

Lick, Suck, Swallow! 20 Sizzling Blow Job Tips You Gotta Know

Almost every guy’s favorite thing is receiving a blow job. But even if you think you have the best technique, read on for more sizzling blow job tips.