Sensual Tease

dirty things to say to a girl
35 Dirty Things to Say to a Girl to Leave Her Wet with Desire

Words are a powerful tool you can use to turn her on and make her want you. These dirty things to say to a girl will leave her dripping wet for you.

what men want in bed
What Men Want in Bed: 15 Simple Things He Craves You to Do to Him

You don’t need to take acrobatic yoga or reenact porn to give him pleasure. Actually, it’s easier to know what men want in bed than you think it is.

how to seduce a girl

How to Seduce a Girl: 14 Moves to Make Her Sexually Desire You

So, you see a girl you like but think you don’t stand a chance with her? If you want to know how to seduce a girl, you just need the right techniques.

what is tea bagging

What Is Tea Bagging? Your Steamy Guide to Tea Bag Your Guy Right

If you think about what tea bag you want in your mug, you’re a little off with what is tea bagging exactly. I mean, you’re close… okay, you’re not.

orgasm face

How to Perfect Your Orgasm Face and Make Them Want More of You

Everyone has a very specific orgasm face. Some are amazing and some need a little work. Here’s how you can perfect yours and leave them wanting more.

sex face

10 Things to Do When They Have a Really Unattractive Sex Face

Some people just don’t have a great sex face. They make weird expressions and it can sometimes throw you off. Here’s what to do if this happens.

Seductive Tease

Seductive Tease: 15 Tantalizing Ways to Blow Your Lover’s Mind

If you really want to make your lover melt, giving them a nice seductive tease will do the job. Here’s how to leave them dripping with desire.

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How to Make Him Cum Harder: And Explode Like a Super Volcano

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How to Dirty Talk and Turn Your Lover On Like No One Else Can

Learning how to dirty talk can be intimidating at first. But once you get down these basics, you’ll turn your partner on better than anyone else.

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How to Use a Dildo Correctly & Give Yourself a Great Happy Ending

Dildos seem to be pretty straightforward, but you’d be surprised how many women use them wrong. This is how to use a dildo the right way.

Perfect Cock

Perfect Cock: A Woman’s Opinion on How Your Equipment Measures Up

Most guys want to know how to have the perfect cock that all the ladies love. The truth is that there are a lot of things to consider first.

how to initiate sex

How to Initiate Sex: Turn On Your Lover in Alluring New Ways

Sometimes your partner isn’t in the mood when you are. While that can be a little frustrating, knowing how to initiate sex the right way will help.