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13 Clear Signs to Know She Enjoys Having Sex with You

signs she likes having sex with you

Wondering if the girl you’re dating enjoys having sex with you? Use these signs to know for sure if she’s having just as much fun in bed as you are.

During sex, women are giving you constant feedback on how your sexual performance is satisfying them. But do you really know how to interpret each reaction? If you do, you will be able to give your partner a mind-blowing sexperience every single time.

Learn to understand what her body is saying to you, and you will know exactly what she likes, what she doesn’t, and how to really take things up a notch, upgrading your bedroom skills to the next level.

Is every woman the same?

While we are generally universally turned on by certain things, there are many differences in our sexual pleasures. Some people like slow and caring sex, some like rough, passionate sex. Some people are very sensitive and require a gentle touch, while others will be bored by this and need a heavy hand. How can you tell the difference? [Read: How to moan right and sound sexy in bed]

Understanding her feedback during sex

From the moment things start to get heated, your partner will constantly be giving you feedback on how she feels about what you’re doing through different means.

Let’s look at each one individually, with some tips on how to pick up on what she is communicating to you.

#1 What she says. This one is pretty simple and self-explanatory. Women will often tell you what they like, and will give you a little tip by saying things like, “faster,” “slower,” “a little to the left,” and “What the hell, I told you not to touch me there!”

Don’t be scared to speak up and ask her what she likes. A lot of guys feel like they should know already, but not everyone is the same, and women will prefer that you ask rather than assume and get it wrong *just don’t ask her persistently while she’s enjoying herself*. After all, you will both have a better experience just by asking a simple question. [Read: How to satisfy a woman in bed and make sex exciting for her]

#2 Involuntary noises. Moans and groans are great feedback. Different women make different kinds of noises. Some will scream the house down while others will whimper quietly. The former is not necessarily having a better time, it is just a difference in how they express themselves.

It is the subtlety of changes that gives you valuable feedback, like if she gets louder or the pitch changes. If the frequency increases or the sound becomes more “gasping,” then she is getting more pleasure. Maybe she will even go silent, which you will notice along with other things like breathing and body movements. [Read: 10 foreplay moves every guy needs to do to their ladies]

#3 Eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul and are extremely expressive. You can learn a lot about what is going on with someone by looking deep into their eyes. It is hard to describe, but you can sense what someone is feeling.

You will know what’s going on in her head when you look into her eyes at an intimate moment. If they roll back, you probably don’t need me to tell you that this is a good thing!

#4 Body movements and contortions. Women will often wriggle around in pleasure, and sometimes even completely lose control and move involuntarily. If she is pulling you in closer or moving more aggressively with your rhythm, that is a good sign.

Increasing the speed or aggressiveness of these movements is indicative of an increase in pleasure, as is her adopting your rhythm and working to move with you.

#5 Breathing. Breathing rate is one of the easiest things to be aware of, and it’s pretty hard to misunderstand. As her pleasure increases, so does her breathing rate. Breaths will get shorter and quicker, with a more gasping nature.

#6 What she is doing to you. Often she will grab at you, bite you or scratch you when she is in intense pleasure. Sometimes, she will pull you in closer – depending on your position – or guide you to go faster. Any action of hers to physically encourage you is a green light that she is enjoying what you’re doing.

#7 Her vagina. Obviously, it gets wetter, but it also becomes more sensitive, so if you are inside her, you will feel it “grip” you and then release. [Read: 11 sexy ways for men to get better in bed]

5 signs she’s not enjoying what you’re doing

Along with the positive feedback, you also have to play close attention to the negative feedback. Here are the things she’ll be doing if she’s not enjoying herself.

#1 What she says. Again, obvious. She will usually say “slow down” or otherwise give instructions on what to do, rather than saying she doesn’t like it. Simply follow what she says.

#2 Pulling away. This is not always a sign she doesn’t like it. Sometimes, a woman will pull away when the pleasure or sensation is too intense, and she needs a break. If it feels like a reflexive movement, chances are you were probably too aggressive and hurt her, or otherwise did something that caused discomfort. Take note of what causes this, and don’t do it again! [Read: 10 popular moves from porn that guys do but women hate]

#3 Trying to maneuver you or herself. Sometimes, she will move one or both of you around to get a better angle or a more pleasing position. She knows her body and where she wants you to be, so let her move you around and learn from where she puts you. You want to aim to go back to this position in your next encounter. [Read: What women want in bed but are too ashamed to ask]

#4 Expressing pain. What is too gentle for some women to really get pleasure will be painful for others. You have to judge how sensitive she is to touch, especially when it comes to things like biting and hair pulling. Let that dictate how aggressive you should be.

#5 Being too relaxed. Sex isn’t supposed to be comfortable. If she’s not moaning and wriggling around a bit, you probably aren’t having that much of an effect on her. Try changing your position and looking for changes in the aforementioned signals.

[Read: Are you satisfying your girl in the bedroom?]

Feedback during sex is usually for slight adjustments, not wholesale changes. If you have a little bit of experience, you have the general idea, and the feedback will be more about perfecting, rather than learning. Oftentimes, you will want to change the rhythm or pressure based on her feedback, so move slightly in one direction or another, or otherwise slightly modify what you are doing.

Every instance of positive feedback gives you encouragement to do more of what you’re doing, to revisit that position and focus on it. Every instance of negative feedback gives you insight to avoid that spot, to be gentler or ask her what she likes.

We are never more openly expressive than when we are having sex, and it is important to note that feedback is inevitably happening all of the time. It is in your best interests to learn to recognize and understand it, to make the experience better for both of you.

Being given a bit of direction or negative feedback does not mean you are not good in bed. But failing to heed the feedback and continuing on with what you’re doing despite her displeasure will indeed make her think you’re bad in bed.

Feedback is a blessing that makes your job so much easier. Remember how daunting it was the first couple of times you had sex and had to figure everything out from scratch?

[Read: 12 questions about female sexuality finally answered!]

Experience and feedback make it easier every time, and you grow to learn what each individual partner likes sexually based on the signs her body is giving you in real time. Any one of you can be a great lover, simply by reading and following the moans and groans.

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5 thoughts on “13 Clear Signs to Know She Enjoys Having Sex with You”

  1. Nigel W. says:

    Expressing pain isn’t exactly a sign she’s not enjoying it and I’m not talking about the whips and chains crowd. I’m pretty proud of my package and it definitely gets admiring glances when I reveal what’s underneath my boxers, but I tend to end up with a lot of ouches and owies at first. Sometimes it’s not all that comfortable on my end, either. After awhile those tend to die down and it becomes far more pleasurable for us both. So yeah, let her take some time to get into it. Pain can be a sign you’re doing something right.

  2. mimms says:

    I really can tell if she enjoys having sex with me because she tells me and if she doesn’t like the experience, she would definitely tell me. I could also tell before she even tells me when she gets dry all of a sudden. It’s like there’s little to no lubrication and that would make her pussy actually hurt. We would stop for a while and just talk a little bit, try to get our groove on again and she would tell me ways on how she would enjoy it more and I also tell her some of my favorite positions as well and my sexual fantasies. It’s easier to have sex that way. You know that you’re not being selfish and she also knows she’s not being selfish. It’s all about giving and taking. A relationship of give and take. It’s really easy to talk to your partner, why don’t you try it? It’s the most effective thing to do actually. If you don’t try to communicate you would eventually lose your partner.

  3. Lance says:

    It’s those involuntary noises that say everything you need to know, guys. She’s enjoying it when she can’t help but enjoy it. That’s all you need to know.

  4. Mike says:

    I have a new girlfriend and we’ve been going out for a couple of months now.We got into a conversation about ex’s. I told her about mine and she told me about hers. But she was reluctant to tell me about this one in particular that she dated just before me and only for a couple of months. At first she said “that relationship it hurt me very much” so I’m like, “why?” and she said because she got attached too fast. I was curious what got her attached so fast. I know from having dated a number of women that sometimes we have down periods and our lives and look for that magic person to come in and help us out of being lonely. What she said was “Well you know sometimes when someone starts pulling away you just want to hold on and not let go”. I completely understood her and didnt see anything wrong or hurtful in what she said, this happens to everybody. But then she added: “And the way he made love to me…” That sparked my interest right away. Our sex life is good, we usually do it twice when we meet up and I always make her cum and she gets very wet. She told me I was great and all that, but then again, every girlfriend does right? I totally wanted to know more about this. So, I went on and asked her about more stuff with her ex. She was clearly getting hurt to talk about it. I said it was okay and changed topics. I know I dug deeper and was curious, but I love my girlfriend very much and I’m still very hurt by this. I didn’t let her know I was but I she asked me the other day about it and I said that it was great to learn about how she was made to feel beautiful by being handled so gently and with so much foreplay. I have to admit that when I get down to things, I’m very generous but I’m not exactly “gentle” I thought women liked it a bit rough around the edges, slam me against the wall type of thing. This guy probably gave her the best sex of her life since she was so enamored with him quickly afterwards. It hurts so much when I think of it. I’m not the jealous type, but I’m very sad at the moment. I thought sharing this with someone could help to make me feel better. I’m considering seriously upping my foreplay and gentleness for her, but I’m worried it might not do the trick and it could just come off as being insecure about my own style. I know everything will be fine in the end, but I feel like my feelings for her almost changed all of a sudden, without her doing anything wrong. Why is it like this? She likes having sex with me but is it enough for her?

  5. SandyM says:

    I’ll tell you something. It might not be true for your girl, but it sounds like it could be like an experience I had. I was sexually involved with someone. We really didn’t have much in common and it was not a long term type of relationship. The only thing we had was great sex. Every time was better than the last. The very last time I saw him, I knew it couldn’t go on or I would never leave.

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