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how to have the best sex of your life
How to Have the Best Sex of Your Life with 15 Easy Bedroom Rules

You all need to know how to have the best sex of your life. When sex can affect your relationship so much, you want to make sure it’s always amazing.

how to make sex more interesting
How to Make Sex More Interesting When it’s Boring and Really Lame

Sex should never be an act that makes you think, “let’s just get this over with.” If it is, you need help learning how to make sex more interesting.

Male Masturbation Techniques

Male Masturbation Techniques: 11 Unique Moves for Max Pleasure

There are lots of ways to give yourself pleasure, guys! Check out these great male masturbation techniques and make yourself feel good.

Nipple Orgasm

Nipple Orgasm: Does It Even Exist? 10 Ways to Feel the Pleasure

Having a nipple orgasm probably isn’t something you’ve ever felt before. Some of you may not even think it exists. Here’s what you should know.

pull out method

Pull Out Method: Everything You Need to Know to Make Up Your Mind

Sometimes we don’t all have a condom when we really need one. Does that stop us from having sex? No. Instead, we use the pull out method.

Romantic Sex

Romantic Sex: 15 Ways to Go from Ordinary Sex to Romantic Fantasy

We all agree that sex is good. But if there’s anything better than regular sex, it can only be passionate, romantic sex! Guys, up the romance.

Withdrawal Method

Withdrawal Method: How Reliable is this Birth Control Method?

Birth control has been happening forever, in one way or another. The longest standing method is the withdrawal method. But is it even effective?

how often do married couples have sex

How Often Do Married Couples Have Sex? Real Life Confessions

How often do married couples have sex? Whether you’re creating a baseline for your married sex life or you’re just curious, we’re cracking the mystery.

how to have better sex

How to Have Better Sex: 13 Ways to Change the Way You Make Love

In a bit of a sex rut? Don’t worry, it happens to almost all of us, and it can get better. Here is how to have better sex and spice it up once more!

turn offs for girls

Turn Offs for Girls: 32 Worst Things to Say to a Girl After Sex

It’s true there isn’t a manual for what to say to a woman after you’ve had sex with her, but some turn offs for girls are just a matter of common sense.

Best Lubricants

The Best Lubricants for Sex: 15 Winners from the Kitchen Cupboard

Out of lube? We’ve all been there. Don’t waste time running to the store, these are the best lubricants you to use—and they’re right in your kitchen.

Limp Penis

Limp Penis to Rocket Shaft: 20 Ways to Fix It as a Couple

It happens to most men at one time or another and can be upsetting for both halves of the relationship. But fear not—there are solutions to a limp penis.

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