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Love Bites – Flaunt It or Get Rid of It?

Love Bites - Flaunt It or Get Rid of It?

Do you like flashing your love bite, or just can’t wait to cover it up or get rid of it? Here’s a girlie take on the good and the bad of the passionate hickie.

A heavy make out session or a night of mad making out generally leaves a strawberry-stippled blemish. And we’ve all been there and done that. Some of us have covered it, while others flaunt it. But whatever the case, hickies are physical proof of passion’s violent nature.

It’s real hard to pull away from love bites even though you know well enough that you’ll have to walk around town for a week with a huge scarf or a thick turtle neck on a hot sunny day.  You have no choice, unless you’re prepared to overhear those nasty comments or be the butt of all gossip in the weeks to come.

Hickies are scandalous. It’s something that says, “I have a rocking night life and I have the mark to prove it!” The very thought of a love bite is quiet scary. Imagine someone at your neck, sucking or rather trying to bite a chunk out of your neck. And you’re in this weird state where you know it hurts but the pleasure that you feel surpasses the pain and you just don’t want it to stop.

You let your date barbarically mark his territory on your neck. And here we are, telling ourselves that animals have weird mating rituals. Really though, nothing gets as kinky and awesomely weird as us human beings!

A person who bears their make out bruises and love bites is prone to public scorn. Some people think it’s trashy and slutty. Cookie, a hickie hater says, “just because I am a slut doesn’t mean I have to look like one!”

On the other hand, Alexis from the pro love bite camp gushes, “you know it’ll look trashy but it feels so damn good!” Therein lies the hickie’s glamour as a fashion accessory. A hickie suggests a passionate nature, or a probability of a fun lay. Or it’s just the perfect accessory to tell the world that you had an amazing night.

Unlike Alexis and the others in the pro-hickie camp, there might be a bunch of people who don’t want to flaunt their love bites and love bruises. So for those of you who don’t want to walk around with a leopardesque neck, here are a few D-I-Y hickie remedies from the hickie-haters club.

Freeze a spoon, and place it on the love bite in such a way that the bowl of the spoon covers the love bite and creates a vacuum. Hold the spoon on your neck for a minute, and repeat the process with another frozen spoon. In less than fifteen minutes, your love bite would be almost invisible.

Blow dry the area around the love bite, and comb the hickie gently with a soft brush while blow drying it. This should do the trick.

P.S. We tried this, and we really didn’t see a difference. But quite a few people swear by these techniques. So we’re guessing this trick works only on girls who’ve got a lot of time to spare to work on their love bite. But whatever works, as long as it works for you!

And for all of you proud hickie wearers, instead of just giving random bites here and there, be creative. Spell your lover’s name or draw a picture, for your lover’s body is your canvas.

So go ahead, be the Picasso of love bites!

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