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25 Unexpectedly Dirty Things to Say to a Girl & Leave Her Aroused

dirty things to say to a girl

Dirty things to men and women might be more different than you expect. If you want to get her engines going, try these 25 dirty things to say to a girl.

If you’re looking for dirty things to say to a girl because your love life has been, well, a little less lovely, you research the wrong thing. It isn’t that women don’t desire sex as much as men. It is just that we can’t just turn our emotions off and get busy no matter how hard you try to up our libido.

If you look for dirty things to say a girl, they just might be the exact opposite of what you think.

25 unexpectedly dirty things to say to a girl

For most girls in a relationship, sex ties heavily to emotions, whether they like to admit it or not. If you say things to get her revved up and forget about the things that really make her sexual desire tick, she might be feeling like all you have in mind is one thing. It isn’t her stimulating personality.

If you have a hard time connecting sexually with your mate, try these dirty things to say to a girl. Dirty is all in the eyes of the beholder. Although, they might not make you hard, they get her engines purring and ready to pounce. [Read: The art of talking dirty to a girl without turning her off]

#1 What can I do to make you feel good? An excellent dirty innuendo, you find out right away if it is things in the bedroom that turn her on or just a run to the grocery store. The effect is the same. It makes her feel good and want to return the favor. [Read: 15 rules of being a good partner in a relationship]

#2 Let me take care of dinner tonight. Nothing dirtier and sexier to a woman than someone taking things off her plate. If you notice a lack of libido in your girl, it might not have anything to do with your relationship. When overworked and stressed out, it is hard to get in the mood. If you take one thing off her to-do list, she might put you on it.

#3 Can I see your hot naked body tonight? Make sure to let her know that you still think her body is sexy and that you want to see it without clothes and up close. Sometimes as couples, we get so used to settling in bed with the television that sex goes right out the window. Remind her that you want to get naked, and I am sure she will oblige. [Read: 24 sexual questions to ask a girl over text]

#4 Would you like to see me vacuum as a warm up? Yes, men, there is nothing dirtier in our minds than a guy with a maid’s uniform. Sure, it might sound a little feminine to you, but what we picture is a guy with his shirt off flexing while getting our mundane and awful shit done. The tastiest thing ever, give your girl a mental picture of you doing things for her from behind.

#5 I washed your car, maybe we can get dirty later. Sexiness, yes! A washed car, really anything you do unexpected, is a huge turn on. Make her picture you all wet and sweaty, and she will want to get naked. Since you gave her ride a wash, she might just want to ride you.

#6 I did the dishes, want to be my main dish tonight? Doing dishes is always a huge turn on. Now, I know you sit there thinking, “But I wanted dirty things to say to her.” Dirty dishes being done by the guy we love is more of a turn on than any sexual fantasy scenario you can say to her, trust me on this one. [Read: 10 signs of a truly supportive and encouraging partner]

#7 Your body is my wonderland tonight! Women like it when they have someone tend to their needs. So used to being the person to care for and about everyone else, one of the dirtiest things on any woman’s brain is someone who wants to take care of every inch of her. There is a reason why every woman loves John Mayer. His songs are about the dirtiest things we dream of on a rated “PG” scale.

#8 My mom is taking the kids tonight. Yep, that is super dirty. There is only one reason why grandma takes the kids, so you can get busy. If you noticed that she is super busy, do something nice to give her some room to breathe and have the house empty so you can really make some noise!

#9 Gonna put my lips on both of yours later. Remember, going down on your woman is better than giving her flowers. [Read: A guide to seduce your woman with words]

#10 I can’t decide if you look better coming or going, but thinking about either of them makes me want to cum. A girl wants to know you watch her leave the room and dream about sex with her when you see her coming and going. Let her know her shimmy and shake is still your favorite thing to watch.

#11 You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. You might not think being told you are beautiful is dirty. Ask any woman what makes them want to hop in bed with their guy, and I bet you ten to one it is knowing they are still attractive to their man.

#12 I want to make every inch of you come alive with pleasure. Get her mind reeling with possibilities.

#13 How about we focus on your needs tonight? Let her be the center of activity for the evening. Think 50 Shades, but not so rough, or maybe, depending on what she is into.

#14 I’ll put the kids to bed if you get naked and wait for me. Give her some time to prep and get naked while you put the kids to bed. You will have a vixen waiting for you. [Read: 15 sweet gestures to express love without using words]

#15 How about we make some noise tonight? What is the thing that makes her moan most? If you say “noise” that is right where her mind goes to get those juices flowing.

#16 You are as hot now as the first time I laid eyes on you. Sweet and dirty, sometimes women can’t decipher between the two, they are both equally important.

#17 You are all my fantasies wrapped into one. She probably knows what your fantasies are, and thinking about how she can be yours tonight takes her mind in the right direction.

#18 If I could choose any girl to get naked with it would be you… always. For women, being naked is a very vulnerable thing. Even the mention of being naked sets our minds in the realm of naughty.

#19 How many O’s do you think we can find tonight? You might only be on board with one a night, but I would guess that if you tried super hard, you could get two or three out of her. So, tell her you are going to try your hardest. [Read: 15 secrets to master the art of making a woman orgasm]

#20 How about I blindfold you and find all the right spots? Women sometimes like being dominated and surprised. Let her know she is in for some real surprises tonight.

#21 I want you for dessert tonight. Whipped cream and strawberries might be a good touch.

#22 Your body’s been running through my mind all day, how about letting me run my hands all over it tonight? Cute saying and also something that gets her private parts tingling just thinking about you putting some TLC on them.

#23 The taste of your lips are still on mine from last night. If last night was pretty spectacular, let her know. She will be more apt to try for a two-peat.

#24 Just when I think you can’t get more beautiful, I wake up to see that you have. Yep, sometimes the sweetest things make us the hottest. [Read: 100 sweet things to say and make a girl’s heart soar]

#25 Hot sex tonight, babe? Simple and to the point. Tell her point blank… I want you!

Women are different from men when it comes to what arouses them. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of women like porno and naughtiness, but they also like to feel loved and treasured. For many, the biggest turn on in the world is knowing you still find her beautiful.

If the heat in your bedroom needs to be turned up a notch, turn her on starting with these simple tactics. If they get you in the door, your naughtiness level goes up. You will be surprised at the pleasure you find together and the comfort level you build in the bedroom.

[Read: Arouse a woman with your dirty talk without creeping her out]

Dirty things to say to a girl are different than what men need. Just a little sexy comment lets her know how much you love her and builds the kind of connection that makes her want to connect wholly with you.

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