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Crying Orgasm: Show Your Partner How to Get You Off This Way

Crying Orgasm

If you’ve had a crying orgasm, you know how intense and special it is. Here’s how you can help your partner know exactly how to give one to you.

Sex is not something you do as individuals. You need to be a complete team. Each person needs to be working with the other in order to have their needs met. You can’t be selfish in the sack and still expect your partner to give you a crying orgasm.

And if that’s your plan, you need to focus on making sure they know how to get you there. The trouble is, not everyone knows this. Your partner may try to do the things you like, but it’ll very rarely lead you to something as mind blowing as a crying orgasm.

The different types of orgasms

Believe it or not, there are definitely many different types of orgasms. You can have them at different times and you may experience one type far more than the other. You have your simple, slow-burning orgasm where the build up is long and the release is sweet.

You also have the G-spot orgasm and a clitoral orgasm. The one we’ll be focusing on today is the crying orgasm. Don’t worry if you’ve never experienced this before, most haven’t. It’s the most intense type you will ever have and it’ll be so good and so strong that you’ll be left crying. [Read: The intense orgasm checklist – Tiny fixes for a jaw dropping orgasm]

Show your partner how to give you a crying orgasm

You won’t have one of these on your own. You need a partner and you need someone you care about. Therefore, you’ll have to learn how to tell your partner just how to get you there.

For your own sake, follow these steps and get ready for an intense night! [Read: 10 tips for having a mind-blowing orgasm]

#1 Get warmed up mentally. The thing about women and having an orgasm is that we have to be in the right headspace. We can’t be making chore lists in our heads while our partners are going down on us and expect to finish with a crying orgasm.

Get your head in the game, ladies! You have to be mentally stimulated and turned on. Focus your attention on your significant other. Think long and hard about how great they would feel. If you get warmed up mentally, you’re a step closer.

#2 Then physically. This is where foreplay comes in. If you want to have a crying orgasm, there’s no way you can skip this step. You need to have foreplay in order to get your body warmed up and ready to quake with a strong orgasm.

Make sure you know what gets you turned on the most. Instruct your partner on exactly what they need to do to get you feeling good. The road to bliss is through foreplay – so get on it. [Read: How to foreplay for the best sex of your life]

#3 Set the mood. In order to get your mind in the right place, try setting the mood. Whatever gets you turned on the most. Turn down the lights, put on some candles, even take a bath if that gets you going.

The point is to get yourself in an environment where you can sit back and enjoy the sex. Your surroundings can’t be filled with distractions or it’ll never work. Ask your partner to set the mood just the way you like it.

#4 Throw on some great music. In order to set the mood, music is always a great option. So long as you’re not someone who gets easily distracted with lyrics, music is the way to go. Opt for something slow and strong at the same time. It’ll help you get in the rhythm and it’ll help your partner get you off with a crying orgasm. [Read: The sexiest lovemaking playlist you need for a night of passion]

#5 Find a way for both of you to relax. Without being fully relaxed, you’ll never have an orgasm so strong it makes you cry. You have to be centered and ready to receive. That means relaxing as much as you can.

Have your partner give you a hot oil massage if that’s what it takes. Communicate with them what you need in order to feel fully relaxed so they can help in any way. Because this will only work if both of you feel great and stress-free.

#6 Let your partner know what you want right away. No matter what you need to get off, tell your partner what it is. You’ll never help them get you there by holding back your deepest desires. Even if you feel a little embarrassed, you need to tell them.

They can’t read your mind. They have no idea what will get you to reach a crying orgasm. So if you need something from them right at the start, make it known. [Read: How to get what you want in bed]

#7 Be vocal. This doesn’t just mean with your moans. I mean if you like what they’re doing or how you’re feeling, say so. Guide them in the right direction. Tell them when you don’t like something or if it’s really not doing anything for you. Only then can they alter what they’re doing in the hopes of getting you off.

#8 Instruct them in a sexy way. You never want to ruin the mood by being bossy. Even if there’s something that you’re not feeling, never bark orders. Just tell them that you would really love it if they did something different.

When they feel as though they’re being yelled at or put down about their abilities, it’ll ruin the mood. They’ll no longer feel confident in their ability to give you a crying orgasm and that will affect their performance. [Read: How to talk dirty and sound really sexy]

#9 Tell them when they’re doing something right. In order to keep their confidence up, tell them when something feels amazing. Tell them when they should pause and keep doing something great. When they know what gets you going the most, it’ll be easier and easier for them to help you reach orgasm.

#10 Let it build slowly. The strongest orgasms come from a slow build. When there’s constant stimulation that’s slow and steady, you have the best chances of having a crying orgasm. Those that build the slowest burn the brightest, as I would say. So have your partner slow it down when it’s going too quickly. [Read: Slow sex – 13 reasons it’s the best]

#11 Have them bring you right to the edge and then back off. This is the biggest tease you’ll ever experience, but I promise it’s worth it. Right when you’re about to finish, have your partner pull back a little. This technique has worked for a very long time to produce only the strongest and longest orgasms.

If you really want to have a crying orgasm, practice doing this often. It might seem like torture, but the payoff is a big one. I promise. [Read: Intense sex and 17 pleasurable ways to reach orgasm]

#12 Practice makes perfect. That’s right. I’m giving you permission to practice having a crying orgasm as often as you can. The thing about these types of orgasms is that you can’t do it on your own. You need your partner’s help. Don’t feel discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away. Just keep practicing and soon you’ll be in an unmatched blissful state.

 [Read: Tantric sex – The step-by-step guide to having mind-blowing sex for hours]

If you want to have a crying orgasm, then you’ll have to get your partner on the right track. With the proper mood and instructions, they can definitely get you there.

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