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Bedroom Tips – Love Décor and Bedroom Sex

decorating a bedroom for sex

Looking for some bedroom tips on love décor? If you know how to plan your bedroom right, you’d see that bedroom sex too can be as exciting as any other naughty thing on your mind.

Bedroom tips are aplenty, but if you’re looking for love décor of the sexual kind, it’s pretty hard to find something that can really work its magic.

Firstly, when it comes to bedroom sex, it’s less about the décor and more about the little elements that make a room more sensual and yet, pleasurably comfortable.

Bedroom tips for sensual bedroom sex

If you’ve been together for a while, bedroom sex can end up becoming quite boring and predictable after a while.

But just like everything else in life, if you really want to keep the excitement and the anticipation alive, you need to create new experiences in the bedroom all the time.

Here are a few bedroom tips you could use to bring the sizzle back into the bedroom. You don’t have to use these tips every single day, but make sure you use these tips at least once every week along with other fantasies and sexual role playing, and you’ll have a satisfying sex life that’s full of variety and excitement. [Read: How to talk dirty in bed]

#1 Go out for a few hours

The first few weeks of a new relationship are always unique and exciting. And the only reason why it’s so fascinatingly exciting is because of the unpredictability in the relationship. Both of you are still learning about other, and every single thing both of you do together is an experience that’s unique.

You have to try and recreate that uniqueness as often as you can even as the years pass by. To ensure that you create unique sensual memories, do something that’ll bring both of you closer sexually. You could go out for a romantic, quiet dinner or you could go clubbing and let the power of PDA warm both of you up. Whatever works for you is just perfect, because love and sensuality is as unique as the couple that you are. [Read: Sexy fun on the beach]

When you go out on a date, you create a new and exciting memory and that always leads to better things when you get home, especially if both of you are sexually excited.

#2 Warm lighting

Most of us are used to bright lights in our homes. But when it comes to the bedroom, always remember that softer, mellow lighting is always better to help you set the mood. When you use softer yellowish lighting that resembles a burning fireplace, you feel warmer and calmer.

And the best part of this bedroom tip is that the soft light blends out all that cellulite and body fat on your body when you’re making love, which will only make you feel better about your own body and focus on the better things in hand!

#3 Mood music

Sometimes, silence can be a big distraction in bed. You can talk about your fantasies or moan about to muffle the silence, but nothing beats music in bed to bring the rhythm back into love. Rhythmic songs always help keep the motion on especially when you’re going missionary, but if you want a complete list of great sensual songs, you can see the list at songs to make love to. Now all the songs may not work for you, so pick the one that does and see the difference yourself.

#4 Fragrances and oils

There’s no sensual bedroom sex without scented candles, fragrances and oils. Now this may not be something you can do every night, what with all the oily sheets the next morning, but this can be an occasional luxury that can be indulged in.

Foreplay is rather important for prolonged sex, and women love a man who can indulge in a bit of long foreplay. But if one of you isn’t a big fan of building the momentum up, scented body oils are a great way to prolong the act of sex. Instead of skipping foreplay, run the oil over your partner as they bask in the warm glow of flickering candles. It’s passionate, sexy and feels so slippery and wet when you’re on top of each other. [Read: Best places to have sex]

#5 Silk robes and sexy lingerie

As much as these bedroom tips are about creating a sensual atmosphere, the perfect love décor is incomplete without both of you playing the part. Great sex is about the sensation, but you can always heighten the sensation with appealing attire. Always dress up for bed, even if the clothes come off in a few minutes. Your bodies are like perfect presents, and just like anything exciting, it always looks best if it’s gift wrapped perfectly.

Wear lacy lingerie or loose silk robes that reveal, but not completely. Tempt your partner and arouse them, but don’t reveal all until you’re already in the act.

#6 Aphrodisiacs

Your love décor is definitely incomplete without these little edible love enhancers. It doesn’t matter if it’s strawberries, chocolate syrup or an edible body paint, as long as you bring something into bed.

The bedroom is one of the most common places to have sex, but if you can turn that monotonous bedroom sex into something exciting and unique, something that lasts longer and feels more pleasurable, why not use it and bring the spark back.

#7 Bedroom toys

Using sex toys in bed can be a lot of fun for both of you, especially when you’re not used to watching your partner play or work with a toy by themselves. You don’t need to use it yourself, instead you could just sit back and let your partner use it on you instead.

Using toys in bed is an exciting way to watch a partner getting turned on. Every time you’re in the act of lovemaking with your lover, you never really get to see your partner enjoying themselves from afar. And that’s where a sex toy can make a voyeuristic angle to sex such a unique turn on for any couple who’s been with each other for a long time. [Read: Sexy public flashing confessions]

#8 A comfortable base

This may seem clichéd, but you’d be surprised to see how many people end up having uncomfortable sex or suffering from painful knee burns because their bed isn’t comfortable enough. Great bedroom sex is best enjoyed on a soft and firm bed. You don’t need anything too cushiony or overly soft. Remember, the pleasure of sex is in the synchrony of two bodies, not the bed on which you lie on.

If you want to get creative, lie over the ground on a thick rug. It gives you a lot more space to get creative, and work with other fancy positions all over the floor.

To heighten the pleasure of sexual intercourse, you can also use soft thin sheets to silhouette your partner and pleasure them up from over the sheets or blindfold them with silk scarves or using a soft pillow. Use the senses to excite your partner, using one sense at a time, and it’ll arouse your partner a lot more than exciting all five senses at once. [Read: What men want in bed]

#9 A good movie collection

You may wonder why we’d recommend an adult movie collection after toying with love décor for so long. But a good movie does have its own benefits. When you’re trying to play with each other or prolong the night, you do need a distraction at times to keep the fun going on for a couple of hours. [Read: Seven sexiest types of sex]

Both of you have worked hard to perfect the love décor and share a long passionate night, and you don’t want either of you to peak too soon and end the night midway. One of the best ways to relax and enjoy each other’s company and have sensuous sex for several hours is by indulging in a great adult movie that can arouse both of you, and yet, create a distraction.

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Use these bedroom tips on love décor and you’ll see that bedroom sex can be as exciting and arousing as any other fancy fantasy you may ever have had!

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    We need this kind of stuff in our lives. We’ve been married 34 years and deeply love each other, but need more novelty and excitement 🙂

  2. Aerin Major says:

    Healthy relationships make intimacy a priority! Creating a space for exploration and play is a great way to keep it spicy… At illicitspaces.com you’ll find inspiration. Spring is in the air! Time to convert that craft room or mancave into a personal playroom!!!

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