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passionate lovemaking
Passionate Lovemaking: All the Sexy Secrets You Need to Know

What are the ingredients for passionate lovemaking? Is it about orgasms, toys, or crazy sex positions? Here are the sexy secrets you need to know.

how to get horny fast
How to Get Horny Fast: 13 Quick Tips for Instant Horniness

Getting horny is all part of the sexual experience. Here are some top tips on how to get horny fast, and hopefully have mind-blowing sex at the end!

shy getting naked

Shy Getting Naked? How to Confidentially Take It All Off

If you’re shy getting naked and struggle to be confident stripping down in front of someone, these tips help the shy to feel great when stripping down.

how important is sex in a relationship

How Important is Sex in a Relationship? The Truth Revealed

If you’ve been wondering just how important is sex in a relationship, these twelve truths might shock you and make you jump under the sheets.

soft swap

Soft Swap: How to Ease Your Partner into the Experience

Most veterans confess during their first attempt at swinging, the most challenging part is to ease a reluctant partner into doing it with a soft swap.

Pillow Humping

Pillow Humping 101 for Girls: Give That Pillow a Workout

Feeling bored with your usual masturbation repertoire? We’re looking at the art of pillow humping, why women do it and other masturbation techniques.

spice up your relationship

16 Mind-Blowing Ways to Spice up Your Relationship: Tonight

If your bowl of soup is hotter than your sex life, it’s time to change that up. We’ve all been there. So start tonight to spice up your relationship!

dirty things to do in bed

Kick Up the Fun: Messy, Sexy and Dirty Things to Do in Bed

Love life dull? Looking to spice up the action in the bedroom? Follow these 10 dirty things to do in bed, and you and your partner won’t want to leave.

sex talk

True Sex Talk: Alcohol’s Effects on Sex and Your Libido

If you think you’re in for some drunken fun between the sheets, here’s some true sex talk: alcohol gives you a limp dick and other goodies.

how to be good at sex

How to be Good at Sex: 17 Moves to Become the Hottest Lay

Who doesn’t want to know how to be good at sex? After all, sex is a natural human urge, so why not make it hot, hot, hot?

Blowjob techniques

14 Blowjob Techniques All Women Have Mastered Already

Just as men come in different “packages,” women have different ways of pleasuring them. Here are the most common blowjob techniques every woman knows.

how to eat a girl out

How to Eat a Girl Out: 15 Secrets to Make Her Scream

If you’re not entirely sure how to eat a girl out the right way, this guide is what you need to make her scream every single time.