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What Does a Vagina Taste Like? People Tell It Like It Is

You asked what a vagina tastes like, and we delivered. Find out what people are saying about the taste of a woman’s nether regions.

When someone asks what a vagina tastes like, you can bet it’s because they’re planning to go down on someone or have already done so and are wondering if everything is working smoothly down there.

Unfortunately, there’s no singular answer. That’s because the vagina, like any other body part, is subject to its own chemical makeup. The skin itself will taste like the rest of your skin on your body, if clean, but the fluids are another story.

What’s in the vag?

Inside the vagina, you will find more skin and an extremely tiny hole called the cervix. The vaginal wall has no glands, but the plasma (from blood) seeping through it produces the fluid that is secreted by women regularly. This fluid is called the vaginal discharge. Ew.

When your ovulation draws near, another type of fluid is secreted, called the cervical mucus. Again, ew. It sounds yucky, but you can call it whatever you like because words are no longer important in the English-speaking world. All you need to know is that women produce this on a regular basis for a variety of reasons, and they are:

#1 Lubrication. This occurs more often when you’re in a state of sexual arousal or when you’re at the peak of ovulation.

#2 Cleaning. The vagina regularly expels waste in order to keep it clean and fresh from the inside.

#3 Ovulation. The consistency and chemical makeup of the discharge changes all throughout the menstrual cycle in order to help you get pregnant or to prevent you from getting pregnant.

The thing is, no matter what it’s used for, if you put your tongue inside or near the opening of a vagina, it will be there. The taste, on the other hand, will vary depending on your diet and lifestyle.

That’s because the vaginal fluid and cervical mucus is mostly made up of plasma, as mentioned, and plasma has all sorts of chemicals it has collected from all over our body. That’s why STD’s and STI’s are so easy to catch. It’s all over the place!

Still, if you want your fluids to taste a certain way, you better fix your lifestyle. Smoking, alcohol, and drugs can alter it to the point of toxicity, not just in your vagina, but your whole body.

As for food, stuff like broccoli, onions, cabbages, asparagus, red meat, and dairy can cause it to smell and taste a little worse than usual. If you don’t believe us, let’s hear what everybody else from the real world (i.e. Reddit) has to say about it.

What the food critics have to say

“By contrast, healthy pussy tastes like unsweetened yogurt.”

“She is what she eats when you eat hers. So, if her diet is heavy on fruits and veggies and stuff like that (no asparagus, please), she tastes sweet. If she has a meat driven garlic pizza with pepperoni and fish cakes type of diet? One serving is enuff.”

“Not bad. Not bad at all. I enjoy a mouth full of labia, to be honest. Where’s the beef?”

“It was really weird to describe, but it smelled and tasted like a combination of old French fries, old hamburger meat, that McDonald’s smell and sadness all at once.”

“I mean, I wouldn’t use vaginal discharge as a topping on my sundae, but I don’t think it’s a horrible taste. I’ve grown accustomed to just accept the taste, but I noticed it was the best way to get off girls (most of the ones I’ve hooked up with at least).”


When vaginal fluid and fun facts collide

I’ve only eaten 1 woman’s vagina and it was, in fact, an enjoyable experience. She tasted sweet actually. It wasn’t until a few months later that a friend found a random article that stated how vaginal secretions are mostly blood plasma that I put two and two together… she was diabetic.”

“Diabetic here. My first boyfriend said to me one time “you taste sweet today.” I thought he was trying to be cute but then he’s like “No seriously, sweet like sugar.” So I tested my blood and I was way higher than I should have been. He became the pussy psychic and would tell me when I needed insulin.”

“It depends on who you’re with, what they eat, pre-existing conditions, etc. Some of the women that I’ve slept with taste like nothing at all, others taste OMFGTERRIBAD. Don’t have oral after eating McDonald’s. Just. Don’t.”

“It’s sort of like when you kiss flesh to a degree. Kissing neck, body, etc. and it’s a tad salty, yes, but not at all like table salt. It will drastically change from woman to woman. Hygiene will be a factor too. Are you hoping for a comparison as in food or something? It’s not really a flavor.” [Read: 7 smelly body parts that ruin great sex]

From the connoisseurs

“But on the whole, I’d say I genuinely enjoy the taste of a woman. Such a unique taste, and everybody is different—it’s like their sex fingerprint. It’s not like I want vagina-flavored something, but the flavor of vagina is generally pleasant to me.”

I can say that some pussies taste better than others. In addition to that, I do love the act of giving a girl head, but I only love it when her pussy tastes divine. I don’t really ask the girls how they get their juices to taste so delicious because I think that’d be a weird conversation, but I suspect it’s along the lines of when you smell a person and there’s certain smells that are just more arousing than others.”

“To me, the best tasting vag is one that doesn’t have much of a smell or taste, which I find to be a pretty rare phenomena. A girl that I went down on recently had probably one of the nicest vaginas ever in that regard. It makes it a much more enjoyable experience.”

The weird and the extreme

“Depends on the girl. I’ve had girls where they tasted very sweet, which was awesome (and rare) and I’ve had girls where they tasted like dead fish and battery acid, which is not awesome (and way more common.)”

“Lick the back of your hand. Wait 10 seconds. Smell. It tastes like that smell.”

“It tastes like debt.”

“Salty milk and old coins.”

“Lemon Pledge.”

“It tastes like fermented aloe on a 9 volt battery.”

“Like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick.”

“Nectar, water, salt, and citrus, mingled with the scent of her hair and her skin and her sweat. It is intoxicating and heady, in all the best ways.”

“Rainbows and kittens.”

[Read: The complete guide to making your vagina smell good and taste even better]

Now that you know what a vagina tastes like, it’s your prerogative whether or not you’re going to go out there to test these observations. Have fun and always practice safe sex!

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6 thoughts on “What Does a Vagina Taste Like? People Tell It Like It Is”

  1. Not fish says:

    Not like fish. All other tastes than the obviously unwashed [and even that can be appreciated in some way – similar to the way you may sometimes find your own sweat appealing, even if it is actually disgustingly strong], you will come to enjoy, if you are anything like me. I have a hard time believing anyone who tells me they enjoyed it from the first time, but maybe they just had very mellowly-tasting partners. However, it is now a taste that I often crave – and sometimes more than sex. I could not say if this is mainly because of the condition under which I have experienced it, but I can say that I genuinely appreciate the taste itself! [Freshness adds another very lovely bit to the taste in that it does not only make the taste cleaner, but also makes you taste more skin, which is what I actually appreciate the most about pleasing any part of someone else’s body with my mouth. Cunnilingus on a freshly showered woman has something of a kiss on the neck, or biting someone’s chest.]

  2. Christ Martin is GAY says:

    I have been with several women and I can say that some pussies taste better than others. In addition to that I do love the act of giving a girl head, but I only love it when her pussy tastes divine. I don’t really ask the girls how they get their juices to taste so delicious because I think that’d be a weird conversation, but I suspect it’s along the lines of when you smell a person and there’s certain smells that are just more arousing than others. The scent of a woman can turn me on or turn me off, but just because a woman’s scent doesn’t turn me on doesn’t mean she’s not turning on other men with that exact scent. I figure it’s one of those things that you can’t control. Though I have read that apparently the scent thing is your body telling you that individual isn’t a good genetic match for you if you dislike their scent. Perhaps it’s the same way with how a pussy tastes. Perhaps this is your body telling you to move on to a more preferable woman. Or maybe you just dislike the taste.

  3. Homer Orfaeus says:

    Why not spicing that taste up? In France it is not uncommon for your tongue to meet a pussy with a piece of chocolate inside. Whether that is healthy for the vagina, I don’t know. Certainly that should be non-sweet kind, not candy-type, because yeast loves growing on sugar.

  4. Ovula says:

    I’m bi, and I’ve been with mostly women, so I think I’m qualified to answer even without having a penis. I have yet to meet a woman with a vagina that tasted bad. I love to go down. If you are a guy, and you don’t do this (if the lady is into it), you should learn! All the talk about it being disgusting or repulsive is nonsense. It’s the best way to get most women to climax. And her reaction when it happens is worth 20 minutes of cooch-diving. I prefer when it just have been washed, but I don’t mind that it has a taste. Penis does as well. It’s our genitals. We use them to pee, and they are stuck down in our pants or skirts all day. Of course it’s not rose-like. My best advice if you find the smell off putting it to take a shower together – pretend it’s foreplay. It will wash away most of it. I don’t really like it when it’s indistinguishable from ball sweat. I like a tangy taste to it, with a slight viscosity. I was with a woman who tasted bad, may have been a hygiene issue. I didn’t say anything, but then she made comments about how my penis tasted. For her, I powered through it, even if at times I had to stop to gag. It’s usually pretty bitter, a little sour. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten salty, but that’s just my experience. I actually really enjoy the texture, so that’s never a problem. I have noticed that the more I do it the worse it tastes though. So for example, I went down on my SO twice last night and once this morning. The first time she actually tasted pretty good, kind of bitter and sweet not at all sour. Second time was more sour, less sweet, and in the morning it was mostly sour and not sweet at all. The more sour it tastes the worse it is, for me at least. I figure since she didnt have a chance to shower and we had been at it all night that there was probably buildup or something. But, I enjoy her reaction so much that I just power through. I can power through the sour taste, it usually goes away after a little while. What really puts me off is the smell. If it smells bad I usually just get out of there pretty quick. Good hygiene is probably your biggest asset. So long as you keep it clean, I’m sure most guys won’t mind.

  5. Leona says:

    – ask her to eat fresh pineapple and drink pineapple juice. It takes a few hrs to work though 🙂
    I’d recommend organic 🙂 It can change the taste to sweet/tasty.
    – ask her to use some organic yoghurt regulary. It contains beneficical live bacteria which can help with vaginal fluids and may help restore a healthy vaginal flora. Its a recommendation by ObGyns (unless people have a milk allergy etc).

  6. john says:

    when i first started eat my wife’s lady bits many years ago the taste was either slightly salty or sweet and sour.absolutely delish.

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