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18 Fascinating and Unknown Facts About the Penis

penis facts

Think you know all there is to know about the little guy down there? These 18 fascinating penis facts just might surprise and awe you.

No other anatomical feature of the male body “stands out” except the penis. In fact, humans are so fascinated by it, that if you visit an ancient ruin—be it in Rome, Egypt, or any other cradle of human civilization—chances are that you will be met with that familiar, elongated protrusion that could only be a penis. People have even gone into the realm of the extreme by worshiping it.

If you think that being a guy or a girl who has been with a lot of guys makes you an expert on the penis, there are still so many times that the male member might continue to surprise you. Here are several examples.

18 penis facts you probably didn’t know

#1 Humans are the only mammals who lack a penis bone. Yes, there is such a thing. For those who have just encountered this fact, get this: all other placental mammals possess a penis bone, which assists in prolonged sexual intercourse. As humans evolved, we somehow lost this skeletal feature, since our more advanced *and selective* mating behavior dictates that we won’t need one anymore. Just imagine how long you could last if we still had penis bones.

#2 Despite what they say to make you feel good about yourself, size really does matter. Especially for men themselves, who tend to be conscious about the size of their penis. The global size average falls in the 3-4 inch mark, with extremes falling to North Korea, producing the shortest average penile length measuring a mere 3.8 inches, and the African Republic of Congo, which bags the top penile length average with a whopping 7.1 inches! No surprise, there. Their condoms must be military-grade. [Read: Why are men so obsessed with their penis size?]

When it comes to size…

#3 The world record for the largest natural, unenhanced penis measured 13.5 inches! Yes, and that’s still in its flaccid state. The proud owner of this monstrosity is Jonah Falcon of New York. Apparently, a lot of porn studios offered him starring roles, all of which he declined. We assume he was concerned for his would-be co-star’s well-being.

#4 The penis tells a lot about a guy’s health. This means healthy body equals healthy penis. If you find that you’re having a hard time keeping it up lately, or discover that your stamina is falling short during sexy time, it could be your penis telling you to change your lifestyle. The most immediate cause would be stress produced by lack of sleep, overworking, an inadequate diet, or an unhealthy lifestyle of smoking and drinking. [Read: 20 ways to keep an erection up and hard for longer]

#5 Circumcised guys have a lesser chance of getting HIV. The foreskin contains an abundant number of Langerhans cells, which are easily infected by HIV. Not a reason to be careless.


#6 Circumcised and uncircumcised guys are on par during sex. This means that what you feel during intercourse doesn’t change based on whether you are cut or sheathed.

#7 Shoe size does not reveal the size of your package. Despite the popular saying “You know what they say about guys with big feet,” studies reveal that size 13 feet do not guarantee an equally proportional member.

#8 All penises started as a clitoris. Don’t give me that look. All penises started as a clitoris; while the fetus is developing inside the mother’s womb, the body develops this area as a clitoris, until your Y chromosome triggers the right sex hormones to cause it to develop into a penis.

Speaking of fetuses…

#9 Fetuses can get an erection while still in the womb. Yes, inside a woman’s womb. While pregnant. Fetal erections are, apparently, caused by testosterone surges within a little guy’s body.

And not only fetuses…

#10 Corpses and dying people can also get erections. Yes, you read that right. This occurrence has been recorded in history and is called “angel lust” or “death erection.” Death erection often occurs to people who die from hanging, whether by suicide or as a means of execution. Death erection is caused by the noose applying pressure to the cerebellum, which stimulates the right nerves, and provokes an erection.

#11 Penises can actually “break.” Despite our species losing the penis bone, the human penis is still prone to breakage, either from an injury or from rough sex. This is often serious and requires immediate medical attention. [Read: 15 painfully embarrassing things that can go wrong during sex]

#12 No brain stimulus is required for a man to ejaculate. The impulse required for ejaculation comes from the spinal cord, not from the brain.

#13 There are people gifted with two functioning penises. You might have heard or read about that guy from Reddit—and we can tell you that he’s not kidding. There’s a rare condition called Diphallia, where a guy can develop two functioning penises! Talk about lucky?

#14 The fear that was Koro. There exists a culture-specific syndrome that is prevalent in Africa and some parts of the Far East. This syndrome is characterized by an irrational fear that the penis will suddenly disappear or “hide” its way back inside the body.

#15 During ancient times, one job requirement was for you to lose your male parts. Maybe some of you are familiar with Lord Varys in Game of Thrones and his predicament of having lost his…um…”family jewels.” During ancient times, the Chinese and Muslim courts of the east employed hundreds of castrated slaves, called eunuchs, to serve in harems.

Despite their slave status, Eunuchs were highly regarded by their masters and were later appointed into important positions like advisers, scribes, and managers of the king’s household. This trust was based on the fact that they wouldn’t be able to get naughty with the king’s female relatives…since they’re pretty much castrated, anyway. [Read: The truth revealed – What women think of the penis]

#16 The Castrati. Two centuries later, Europe would find its own version of the Eunuch in the form of the Castrati. No, they were not slaves like their counterparts from antiquity. The Castrati were choir boys who opted to lose their manly parts so that they could emulate the high singing notes that only female singers could reach. Why? Because the church wouldn’t allow female singers in choirs back then. Thank goodness for gender equality, eh?

#17 The human penis used to have spines. This is another feature lost to many years of evolution. Penile spines, like those found in domestic cats, serve to stimulate ovulation during withdrawal *after intercourse*, with the secondary role of scraping the semen of previous copulations. We lost this because our species tends to find more permanent mates, and we grew less promiscuous–than cats, that is. And yeah, it did kind of make intercourse painful for females.

#18 The not-so-urban legend of the Candiru. You might want to read this before you speed off on an adventure in the jungles of South America. From what seemed to be a harmless urban legend, a story arose that haunted chain emails and became a real nightmare for men.

There exists a certain species of Catfish known as the Candiru, which inhabits the rivers and streams of the Amazon River. This fish, which measures less than an inch in length, has a notorious little habit of swimming up the urethra of men’s penises and, using their spines, attaching themselves to the penile tissue…then spending their happy little lives feeding off of your blood. From there, they could grow large enough for you to feel them sucking you dry. All we can say is…ouch!

[Read: The 13 types of penises women love…and laugh at!]

There you have it. Thought you were an expert on penises? We’re willing to bet at least one of these facts took you by surprise. Next time you’re fresh out of juicy small talk, whip out one of these bits of penis facts and trivia…and wow *or horrify* your friends.

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Paul Timothy Mangay
Paul Timothy Mangay
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6 thoughts on “18 Fascinating and Unknown Facts About the Penis”

  1. Mary says:

    Probably shouldn’t make the “cut or uncut feels the same” claim if you’ve never been with a man 😉 uncut feels WAY better.

  2. Ian says:

    Yep, I wish fewer people were under the impression that having a big foot equals having a big package. While it’s not entirely off the mark, I think my size 14 shoe tends to give myself away as having something bigger than I actually do. That’s not to say I’ve got a whole load of complaints in the process, but I do think I’m letting myself down just because of the associations linked to big feet. I’d like to meet a guy who actually does match their foot size. Well, unless that guy is packing a size three shoe lol.

  3. darrah says:

    Healthy lifestyle is equal to a healthy penis. I couldn’t agree more! My fiance is one of the healthiest people I have ever known and his penis is VERY healthy. He has practiced many different Taoist techniques in the bedroom that have really got me going. He does a lot of reading on ways to satisfy a woman and never ejaculate and he is good at it too! I think a proper diet with exercise is a great way to stay happy and healthy in life and love.

  4. Andrew says:

    My shlong had no growth between ages 9 and 17 staying at around 3-4 inches with little to no hair. When I was 12 I had a crush on this really hot teacher, she was tall, tanned and had an incredible figure. She covered most of my lessons, the way my school did things for lower years including P.E. At some point I said something rude to her and she called my mom to discuss it and found out later that my mum had told her I had a crush on her and they had a good laugh at that. This lead to one day after P.E. she asked me into her office while I was getting changed, which we did in a classroom attached to her office rather than a changing room. I asked if I could finish getting changed, she said she didn’t want to waste time. I wanted to protest but I knew she’d talk me down and it would just be more embarrassing. So, I walked into her office wearing nothing but a pair of bright blue briefs, my mom refused to buy me boxers until my cock “needed the room”. She however was still wearing her gym clothes a pair of short ,tight pink shorts and a tight white vest top displaying al ot of cleavage and emphasizing her large breasts. She saw me looking and grinned as she placed a hand over her cleavage. She shut the door behind her and asked me to sit down by her desk and she sat on the edge of the desk swinging her long dark sexy legs over the side and allowed them to rest slightly against mine. I saw her glance down at the outline of my little willy and smirk, immediately I covered up with my hands then uncovered thinking it was drawing more attention she laughed and said “make up your mind sweetie”, I blushed and left it uncovered. She smiled and straightened up emphasizing her large breasts and perky nipples, I tried not to look at her gorgeous body as she started to speak. “I had an interesting talk with your mother the other night ” this was tragic, I felt so childish in her presence, I was so exposed to her, she could see my total lack of body hair and general masculinity and in my baby blue briefs displaying my pathetically small outline, “she told me that you have a little crush on me and that might be the cause of your behavior in class,” I couldn’t look her in the face, I stared down and noticed she was bare foot. My penis had a sudden twitch of excitement which must have been visible through my briefs, I looked up in fear that she saw and immediately locked eyes with her, she was grinning again, she definitely saw. Her eyes quickly glanced back down and back to my eyes, she giggled at my shame “Does that happen a lot around me? ” She asked placing her hand on her cleavage to gesture “me” this gave me another twitch. “Does what happen?” I stammered, she slowly raised a foot and poked my crotch with her toe and said “does that often get harder when I’m around” the touch had left me in such shock, she slowly lowered her leg back down brushing softly against mine. I was too embarrassed to respond and just sat their blushing as my penis hardened, “oh my” she said attempting to cover her wicked grin as she stared down at the little tent in my briefs displaying how tiny I am. She looked me in the face again with an expression of sympathetic amusement, she could tell how humiliated I was, “Aww honey,” she cooed resting a hand on my bare shoulder leaning over and giving me a sympathetic smile and a good view down her top as she ran her hand motherly down my arm, the contact and sight of her breasts was too much for me, I let out a high pitch wine as a little wet patch of cum spread across my briefs as the tent deflated. HUMILIATING.

  5. kill your children says:

    As a woman, hung is around 8 or 9 inches or larger, but I’ve never had larger than nine. Average hovers north and south of 6 and small is around 4.5 inches (roughly). To be honest I’ve never had a partner with a slender penis. I would say ring finger to thumb is a good girth, and as you get larger than that it can become a bit much. Basically a more endowed man may feel more masculine but they have to be far more aware of what they’re doing with their partner. Longer means its going to go deeper and thicker means its going to stretch muscles, sometimes beyond what someone may be comfortable with. Have to go slow and build up and help them relax or you could hurt someone. Ultimately the best sex is one where both people communicate, not just go in blind hoping to play peggle or something.

  6. chocolate rain says:

    When I was a lean teenager it was around 8.5 thanks to the increased blood flow and rock hardness that being a teen gives. As a 200lb 30 year old it’s around 7.25-7.5. No idea about the circumference. Virtually every girl I’ve ever been with has called me huge. I don’t see it, personally, but I’m not complaining. For anyone concerned that they aren’t large enough, don’t worry about it. I can make my wife cum when I’m sporting a half-limp, 4 incher. Find the right person and size doesn’t matter.

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