Sensual Tease

having sex too soon
Having Sex Too Soon: 12 Consequences You Have to Be Prepared For

There are a lot of reasons you’d want to get in bed with someone you really like, but consider the consequences of having sex too soon first.

Saggy Balls
The Complete Guide to Saggy Balls and What Women Think of Them

Are saggy balls normal? Everyone wonders from time to time whether they are “normal” or not, and saggy balls are no exception. So keep reading.

how to get a blowjob

How to Get a Blowjob: 12 Secret Techniques to Get Her to Enjoy It

If there’s one thing all guys want to know, it’s how to convince a woman to give you head. But don’t worry, here’s how to get a blowjob.

bad in bed - signs a girl gives a guy

Bad in Bed: Subtle Hints a Woman Drops When You Suck in the Sack

When it comes to sex, you’re a ferocious lion, right? Right?! Here’s how to tell if you really make her hot and heavy, or if you’re terrible.

Limp Dick

Every Guy’s Nightmare! 15 Ways to Cure a Limp Dick in No Time

It happened… a limp dick when you want to have sex. But, things happen. Don’t worry, here are some tips for how to cure a limp dick.

what a man is thinking about when he has sex

What a Man Is Really Thinking About When He Is Having Sex

There’s lots of info out there about what girls think about sex—but what about men? Here’s what men really think about when getting down and dirty.

Sloppy Sex

Sloppy Sex: So Many Reasons It’s Really Not Fun at All

Sloppy sex may be a funny urban term, but there is nothing funny about waking up remorseful, or worse yet, hurt. If you can’t remember it, why do it?

having sex with animals

People Having Sex With Animals: Yes, It’s a Thing

Bestiality isn’t a myth—it’s a reality. Some people walk into a pet store, buy a dog, and have sex with it. Yes, having sex with animals exists.

first orgasm

First Orgasm Stories: People Confess About Their First Time

Fireworks and explosions. These are some of the common metaphors that people tend to use to describe their first orgasm. Want to know more? Read on…

sex from behind

Hot Sex From Behind: 16 Mind-Blowing Ways to Do It Right

If you’ve mastered the missionary position, congratulations, you’re now a sex god. But now it’s time to be daring and have some hot sex from behind.

how to stop being horny

6 Powerful Ways to Stop Being Horny: No Masturbating or Sex

If you’re horny, you have sex. If you have no partner, you masturbate. Here are six quick hacks to stop being horny when these aren’t an option in the moment.

sex with your ex

Sex with Your Ex: When it’s Okay and When to Steer Clear

Sex with your ex is no laughing matter. While it may seem okay at times, beware of all that could go wrong in this situation.

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