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Why to Never Trust His Pull Out Game – No Matter How Strong

pull out game

Some guys claim to have the strongest pull out game you’ve ever seen. Here’s why you should never trust it, no matter what he tells you.

Birth control has been around since people realized what it was that made a woman pregnant. One of those methods is still being used today and now referred to as the pull out game.

For those of you who don’t know what this method means, it’s when a guy quickly pulls out of a girl right before he finishes. This way, he doesn’t get any of his fertile fluids in her. Therefore, he prevents pregnancy.

Why guys gloat about their pull out game

Now, you don’t see girls walking around bragging about how they take their birth control pill at the same time every single day and how fantastic they are at doing so, do you? No. Because we don’t find it necessary to brag about our birth control methods.

Guys, on the other hand, gloat about their ability to pull out. There’s a reason this method has been coined as a “game.” They brag about it because they like to boast about their ability to control themselves. Apparently, that’s something brag worthy.

Why you should never trust his pull out game

You should definitely trust the person you sleep with. However, if your man claims to have a “strong pull out game,” think twice about accepting that statement as true.

You may think pulling out is an excellent method of birth control, but there are definitely reasons to avoid it. If you want to know just why you can never trust a guy’s pull out game, there are reasons to avoid it.

Why people use the pull out method

First, we establish why it is people prefer the pull out method over other forms of birth control, especially if they know the facts about how much it actually prevents pregnancy.

#1 It’s the easiest. This is true for many reasons. You don’t have to remember anything, you don’t have to prepare for it, and you just get right to it whenever you want. If you’re familiar with the struggles of a condom when you just want to get to it, you understand how much easier it is to just do it. [Read: Sex tutorial 101: 15 things they don’t teach you in sex ed]

#2 It’s free. You don’t have to pay for a damn thing this way. You just take off your clothes and get to it. Of course, if you do wind up pregnant, that’s definitely not free. But otherwise, it’s cheaper than any other form—except abstinence.

#3 It feels better. The main reason people forgo condom usage when they want to get it on. Condoms make sex feel not nearly as good as it does when there’s nothing there.

#4 It’s more intimate. Some people say having sex without a condom feels like they connect more with their partner, that they’re much more intimate. So many couples who want to feel closer *though I’m not sure how much more close you need to feel other than having sex* ditch the condom and go bare. [Read: Beautiful sex – 17 blissful ways to connect sexually in no time]

#5 It’s easier to be spontaneous. You can’t just randomly have sexy anytime anywhere if you use condoms. Why? Because you don’t always have a condom on you. If you decide to use pulling out, you can be much more spontaneous with your sexcapades.

Never trust his pull out game

Despite all of those great reasons to use the pull out method, there are also reasons you should never trust a guy who uses it. Or rather, you shouldn’t trust his pull out game.

#1 It’s not very effective. Sure, this method keeps a lot of couples from having babies when they don’t have them. But it also causes a LOT of unplanned pregnancies because it’s really not all that effective. Within one year, couples using this and no other form of birth control have a 23% chance of getting pregnant. That’s rather high.

#2 It doesn’t protect against STDs. This is probably the biggest reason you should definitely NOT trust a guy’s pull out game. It won’t protect you if he has STDs or STIs. And to be honest, some guys show no symptoms of even carrying them. So, unless you have documented proof he’s not ripe with diseases, don’t trust it. [Read: Surviving an STD scare in a relationship]

#3 He can’t control himself as much as he thinks he can. Guys like to think they have all the control in the world when it comes to their manly bits. The truth is, sometimes they won’t be able to stop the flow and get out in time. Even if they think they can.

#4 Precum. Let’s talk about this stuff for a minute. Many people think there’s no sperm in it when, in fact, some studies claim that 30% of precum is made up of live sperm. Whenever you use pulling out, you definitely get some sperm all up in there. [Read: Can you get pregnant from precum? And other answers you must know]

#5 It’s irresponsible—and so is he. If a guy automatically suggests pulling out because his pull out game is strong, avoid sex with him. Why? Because it’s a rather irresponsible method. If he chooses to use that the first time with you, he probably has right away with others and may have contracted STDs and such.

#6 It causes stress. There’s always stress involved when you use a method that’s not very effective. You’re nervous about getting pregnant. Hell, you’re even nervous about him being able to get out in time. Which makes the sex worse.

#7 It’s even LESS effective if you go for round two or… three. If you decide to take a short break, wait for him to get all excited again, then go right back into it, your chances of getting pregnant increases. Sperm gets trapped in his urethra. So even if he pulls out, some sperm escaped during the act anyway. [Read: Withdrawal method: How reliable is this birth control method]

#8 You’re not in control at all. If a guy really wanted, he wouldn’t have to pull out at all. Obviously, you’d probably be pretty pissed, but that won’t undo what he already did. You relinquish a lot of control over your body by trusting his pull out game.

#9 He could be lying about how strong his “game” is. Guys all want to sound like they’re experienced and great at all things to do with sex—including pulling out. He may not be completely honest with you, and he just doesn’t want to use a condom. [Read: The newbie’s complete guide to using condoms]

#10 It’s also kind of messy. This isn’t so much a reason not to trust his pull out game as it is a reason to avoid it. It’s just messy. Where does he go when he pulls out? Not far, since they do it right before busting. So who’s the one who ends up messy? You, most likely.

[Read: Pulling out is completely safe and other bad sex advice]

While the pull out method has been used for many people, and it’s pretty effective when used with a back up method of birth control. It’s still dangerous just to trust a guy’s pull out game—no matter how strong they claim it is.

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