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Does Your Wife Want to Sleep With Another Man?

Does Your Wife Want to Sleep With Another Man?

Sleeping with someone outside a relationship isn’t always bad. So does your wife want to sleep with another man? Are you ready for it? Find out here.

For most couples, an urge to sleep with someone outside the relationship spells nothing but doom.

But is that really a bad thing?

Well, truthfully, we’re all unique and every relationship in the world, as perfect as it may seem on the outside, is still riddled with secrets and fetishes.

[Read: Top 50 kinky fetishes couples indulge in]

What you may consider immoral could seem tame to someone else.

So for starters, don’t be judgmental.

As long as any desire doesn’t hurt your partner or affect them negatively, everything is just perfect in a relationship.

If your wife wants to sleep with another man, would you be fine with that?

Are you considering the options or wondering about the repercussions?

Sleeping with someone outside the relationship

Contrary to popular belief, the urge to have sex with another person doesn’t always arise out of dissatisfaction and mistrust, but instead it arises out of trust and complete understanding of each other’s needs, romantically and sexually.

Would you prefer a wife who would have an affair with another man behind your back or a wife who would tell you that her sexual desires feel incomplete? [Read: How to build trust in a relationship]

Well, what’s the difference, you say? True, at the end of the day, your wife is having sex with another man in either case, whether she cheats on you or indulges in it with your consent. But when trust comes into the picture, it’s a whole different story.

Is it acceptable for your wife to sleep with another man?

Let’s face it. All of us have sexual desires. And at times, we’re all going to get bored of seeing the same package in bed all the time, even if it’s the sexiest thing in the world. Humans, by nature, love variety.

The urge to sleep with someone outside the relationship is even more desirable for school or college sweethearts who have been together since college and haven’t really had sex with too many people other than their own partners. It’s a temptation that would always gnaw you from the inside.

Deep inside, if any sexually active person says they can’t think of anyone other than their own lover in bed or can’t fantasize about anyone else, all of us know they’re just lying. [Read: How to fantasize about someone else with your lover]

So coming to think of it, if both partners love each other and understand each other’s sexual demands, is it really so bad to involve someone else in bed?

Are you ready to let your wife have sex with someone else?

Sleeping with another person outside the relationship isn’t all cute and sexy. It’s actually one of the most dangerous things to do in a relationship. Here are a few questions to think about that can tell you if you’re ready for it.

#1 Why does your wife want to do it really? Have a frank conversation with your wife. Why does she want to have sex with another man? Are you satisfied with her answer? [Read: Things to talk about in a perfect relationship]

#2 Are you spicing up both your sex lives or is this an easy affair? Sometimes, a bad lover could use an excuse like this to have an affair right under your nose. Do you know the guy your wife wants to have sex with? Does it sound like an affair in the making here? It’s always preferable to use a guy you meet on a vacation instead of a friendly neighbor.

#3 How’s your relationship? Are you happy and completely in love with each other? Is this a sexual fantasy that both of you have had? If you think your wife is too sexy to be enjoyed just by you and have a secret fantasy to watch your wife getting creamed by another man, well, you’re definitely not alone.

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#4 Are both of you ready for the consequences? As scary as it sounds, letting your wife sleep with another man can be a lot of fun only if both of you have set firm ground rules and have spoken to each other about every nagging doubt. If you’re faced with an awkward situation the next morning and you can’t look into each other’s eyes, you’ve obvious gone wrong with the ground rules.

Testing your relationship survival skills – The big test

Can your relationship survive another man in bed? Well, here is a cleaner way to test the waters and see if you’re both ready. [Read: How to have a perfect threesome]

Don’t let your wife walk away into another man’s arms just yet. Almost always, a fantasy in your head always feels sexier than real life. Try these tests in real life first.

Test #1 Have webcam sex. Have you ever had sex while streaming it via a webcam? Meet a random couple online or log onto an adult webcam site like Chatroulette *above 18 area* and see if both of you enjoy having sex while being watched? Does it freak you out knowing that someone else is seeing you and your partner in the nude and probably whacking off too? Just a note of caution here, don’t show off your faces while chatting via a webcam.

Test #2 Have sex with another couple in bed. Invite a sexually exciting and fun couple into your home for a stay over and get drunk together. Lead the games to bed so that both couples end up having sex in the same bed.

Test #3 Gift your wife a massage on a vacation. And we don’t mean just any massage, gift her a full body massage with a male masseur and a happy ending. [Read: Happy ending massage confession]

Test #4 Let your wife party on her own. Let your wife go out with her own friends and even hook up with a few guys and make out with them. And ask her to share the stories of lusty events at the nightclub with you.

Results to the test – So how did you fare?

# How do you feel? During each of the tests, how did you feel about it? Did it sexually excite you and make your hornier? Or were you just upset?

# Can you handle it? Could you watch your wife with another man without feeling insecure or jealous? Or were you just happy to see your wife having fun?

# Does your wife like it? Now this matters too. Did your wife enjoy the experiences?

# Are you angry? Does watching your woman with someone else bother you, or does it give you a new sexual surge in your libido?

Playing safe while sleeping with someone else

If you’re both happy to have indulged in the sexual experiences mentioned here, you’re probably ready for more. But just to ensure that you’re not jeopardizing your relationship on shaky grounds, take it one notch higher without sending your wife away on a vacation with another man just yet.

Try swapping or swinging. [Read: How to start swinging with your partner]

It’s easier and safer, and as both of you would still be next to each other, either of you can back away when things get awkward.

Just to make things even, if your wife wants to sleep with another man, by swinging first, you get to sleep with another woman too. By doing this, your wife can understand what exactly you’d feel if she were to sleep with another man. Swapping partners can help both of you understand the feelings and emotions involved on equal grounds without being unfairly judgmental.

Four things to watch out for after your wife has sex with another man

If both of you think you’re ready to explore the horizons of sex by sleeping with other people, here are a few things to watch out for, the morning after.

#1 Second thoughts. You may have second thoughts about the whole arrangement. Or you may even regret it if both of you weren’t entirely ready to bring the sexual fantasy to real life. [Read: How to talk dirty in bed]

#2 Panic and anxiety. Ever watched the move, Indecent Proposal? Well, that’s panic attack for you if both of you aren’t sure of what either of you want.

#3 Fear of losing each other. Would you feel insecure if your wife has explosive sex with another man? Would you be more afraid if the guy is a friend?

#4 Anger at your wife’s wants. Would you look at it as a sexual high like never before or would you just blame your wife for wanting to be a whore after it’s all done?

What happens next?

Well, both of you could enjoy it.

Or it could spell disaster.

Having sex with someone outside the relationship can be sexy and dandy if it’s done with serious considerations. If not, it may make both of you drift away from each other and into another person’s bed if one of you isn’t happy with the results. It’s all about emotional security and trust. If both of you love each other a lot and don’t mind having sex with others because you genuinely want your partner to enjoy great sex and fulfill their sexual desires, it’s never a bad thing as long as that’s what both of you want. [Read: 25 relationship rules to have a successful romance]

And if you do see your partner orgasming better or having a better time with someone else in bed, you have to realize that it’s the sexual fantasy that’s more of a turn on than the guy she’s having sex with.

If you or your wife wants to have sex with someone else, you’re not a mentally disturbed deviant. Some couples like the idea while some couples don’t. To each their own. [Read: Understanding love and lust in a promiscuous world]

So if you don’t like it, stay away from it instead of ruining your relationship. And if you do want your wife to sleep with another man, go right ahead but only after you’ve given careful considerations of the things mentioned here, and you’ll truly be ready for that next step. [Read: 7 sexiest types of sex you can ever have!]

So does your wife want to have sex with another man? Well, sit down with your partner and give these questions and tests a serious consideration. And if you’re ready, go on and explore your sexual desires.

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Christopher Villa
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48 thoughts on “Does Your Wife Want to Sleep With Another Man?”

  1. Jax says:

    Maybe the biggest question that should be asked is will she be fair and allow her husband to sleep with another woman?

  2. Jess says:

    Some men like to watch, I had a boyfriend who loved to watch another man take me. For some reason it excited him hearing and watching some other guy getting it on with me. If I got into it as well it would make it even hotter for him. It reached a point where he would rather watch me with someone than have me himself.

  3. Rayandwife says:

    After getting turned on talking with my wife about her with other men, we decided to start ny arranging situations were she would be seen naked by men. First she let her bikini bottom fall off in the spa at a resort. Several men saw her, as it took her a long time to retrieve tham. We went to our room and had the hottest sex. Next we arranged a male to give her a “massage”. I had said to him it will be interesting to see what she lets you massage. It was so erotic seeing his hands on her, especially as she purred each time his hands went near erotic areas. and she unded up having an orgasm as he licked her. Soon after that we had a friend join us and we both pleasured her all night long. That was years ago and we continue to have MFM 3somes 2 – 4 times a month. And daily when on vacation. We love each other more than ever. She has offered to have a FMF 3some, but I have no interest in other women, just my very own sex goddess. We would highly recomend trying the first steps to see if it is for you, but millions of men enjoy sharing their wives in this way. Warning, trying to force your wife if she is not enjoying tis lifestyle will end in divorce. The woman has to want to do it and enjoy it. My wife loves the variety and excitement, and loves me more for allowing her to have this lifestyle and so much sex.

  4. Matt says:

    We are considering this as it has been a fantasy of both of ours, however now we feel it is a true desire. Your comments are helpful. We will take the first steps and see how we feel. Excited to share more…

  5. Raj says:

    Hi I am Raj M/45 and my wife, Poonam is F/42. I’ve always wanted her to sleep with another guy. It took me almost 12 years to reach the stage where she agreed to meet one of my friends. It was a nice evening where he did kiss her and chatted a lot on swap subject. Later that night when I had sex with her, she went dry and said she can’t imagine sleeping with anyone except me.

    She does wear sexy outfits on my request and does show off in shopping malls where she is the centre of attraction and to some extent, she likes it. Secondly she used to have cam sex with some of my net friends. However I need help to take it ahead and wanted to see her enjoying with other guys.
    Please guide me on how can I take it further.

    Thanks, Raj

  6. Darren says:

    My wife had a very diverse and healthy sexual appetite before we met. For the first couple years of our marriage things worked very well. As time went on I could sense that she was struggling. One night after she had a bit to much to drink I got her to admit that she missed having a variety of partners. It’s not that we weren’t compatible, there’s just something about a new encounter that she really craves. Being desired, pursued, and then bed by a new man is a rush for her.

    I gave her permission. She found someone and took a cruise. Since then she has had several experiences over the years. Most of these last a couple months and then end. When the newness wears off she ends it. I could wander as well but for reason this infidelity of hers makes me even more infatuated with her. Before and especially after her flings we have sex is intensely satisfying. While not for everyone, in my case letting her go kept her with me.

  7. Joe says:

    Not only would I let my wife sleep with another guy, I desire it, crave it, want it and hope more than anything that it eventually happens.

    She is absolutely beautiful and, other than a couple instances of oral sex when she was younger, she has only had sex with me. I cannot ever foresee her sleeping with another guy with my knowledge, or having an affair behind my back, but I truly wish she would. I would love it if she had an affair and later told me due to the guilt. I would then tell her that it’s totally cool and that she should continue to sleep with the other man anytime she liked. And, I would want to hear every detail about her lovemaking with the other guy.

    There is something terrifically erotic about this. I can’t explain it, but I know I want it. And yes, I speak from experience. I was married before and she slept around. It was fantastic.

    For any guy that is on the fence about this: let her do it and don’t be jealous. It will be the most satisfying sexual experience you can imagine.

  8. Ravi says:

    Having threesomes is wonderful as long as you both enjoy it and BOTH want it. My wife and I have enjoyed 2 MFM and would like to do a FMF but is so difficult to find a female. We are in New York so if any female is interested, maybe we can meet up for a chat and see if we can take it to the next level.

    Enjoy it all safely.

  9. Audrey says:

    This never works out like it seems it should. Years ago my husband wanted to see me with another man, I finally agreed. I won’t lie it was enjoyable but it comes with a high price tag. He has the image of another man making me orgasm and then coming himself etched in his mind forever.

    He never said anything but I know it has impacted his self-worth and our relationship. For some reason I think most men want to think they are the only ones who can make their wife feel that way.

    The experience also awakened me sexually. Another encounter involving my husband was clearly out of the question, but I was now open to sex outside my relationship. The end result has been a string of affairs over the years that my husband knows nothing about.

    So be very careful going here, it changes relationships and may not be what you are expecting.

  10. Anna says:

    Wow. I really don’t know what to say about all this.

    Audrey’s comment, of course, concerns me. Likely there will be changes in the relationship if something like this occurs. But I tend to think that it might depend a little on how involved the partners are in each other’s exploration.

    All that said, I have a couple of months last year where I fell into a deep depression. I felt quite worthless and unattractive. I swore up and down that my husband had fallen out of love with me, had no desire for me any more. I talked myself into the belief that I needed to be brave and talk to him about just this sort of thing – that if I couldn’t give him what he was looking for physically, that he should look outside of our marriage for what he needed. I never did get up the courage to do that and eventually sorted out my depression (still working on that), I nonchalantly injected the idea into the conversation, and he essentially turned it down. But I haven’t lost that thought. If he ever wanted to sleep with another woman, I’d be happy to let him do it. That’s not entirely selfless; there is a certain someone I would seek out in a heartbeat given that option. I’m not sure if rules like “must be out of town”, “must be unknown to the other person” or things of that nature would be useful as guidelines.

    A number of years back, we discussed the idea of swinging (just as the concept, not as something to put into practice) and he seemed interested in it, but now he tells me he thinks his jealousy might be over the top. He has admitted that he likes the idea of watching me have sex, but not necessarily with someone else.

    I guess I’m just surprised at the number of men who support the idea. I must have found the only guy on the planet who would turn down the chance for a “free” affair. Okay, I jest. Kind of.

  11. Jack says:

    My wife and I are in our early 40’s and we have been married 17 years. Both of us have a strong sex drive and have had great sex over the years, just about everyday still. Anyway my wife is an absolutely stunningly beautiful woman, even at 40 she gets constant looks from men. I find her more attractive now then ever. Over the years we have done all our fantasy’s, we even got her this huge fucking machine a few years ago with huge attachments. I confessed to her that I wanted her to sleep with a young (20 something man with a huge package) now she is totally up for it. When we go out to to clubs she is always the center of attention and has young men all over her. I admit I like watching her dance and grind with young men. She has agreed she secretly likes young men and would like to fuck one. We are currently working out the details, but we are so secure in our marriage and our commitment to each other I don’t think it will change our relationship at all. I really don’t. We already do this game (maybe once a month) where I will drop her and a girlfriend off at a club and then i come back about an hour later and watch her dance and flirt and full on kiss these young guys. She certainly doesn’t want anymore from them then just fun. I know it is a big step, but this desire to have her do it (and she said she would video some for me) is so strong I am bursting to have her finally do it. I asked her if she thought I was some kind of freak for wanting his wife to do this, and she just said she was just as much of a freak for wanting to do it.

  12. daman says:

    The person is a complete flipping moron. Let her sleep with another man it proves trust. GTFO. Hard truth women want other men, most women want 3 men at once as a crazy fantasy. Harsh but true. If the other dude is better, then when you sleep with her it wont mean crap. If you want to ruin your relationship go for it. Also think about another guy blowing his load in your wife… I DONT THINK THATS VERY COMFORTING..

  13. Florencia says:


    “Also think about another guy blowing his load in your wife

  14. Amy says:

    First I should say I hadn’t had sex with my husband in years. For some reason he is turned off by sex. His shrink thinks he is asexual,Hes still a work in progress. He has tryed hard to try and straighten himself out but nothing works. So I’ve been going out on the side which I really enjoy, I’m very sexual , bi and kinky, anything that has to do with sex excites me. I also have a girl friend who lives with us, we run around the house in our underware or naked. This doesn’t affect my husband in any way. he gets no woody from seeing us or when I invite a guy friend over.

  15. erica says:

    My husband and I had not had sex in years.Im in my late forties and dreamed of having sex again.My girlfriend called me one day and asked if I wanted to out to dinner that night and told her I would.We decided to go to a great bar- lounge at the airport.I felt so hot for sex and wanted to dress for it.My friend is single so shes always looking for guys.I put a short skirt on I had not worn for along time ,it felt great.A tight blouse with a lot of cleavage and pair of heels.We had dinner and a few drinks and went in for some dancing.We met a couple business guys and had a great time and ended up back at there room where I had the most incredible sex could imagine.I came home the next morning and told my husband about it and to make a long story short our sex life has been great every since and that was 2 years ago

  16. Chas says:

    We are now 61 and 59 . My wonderful wife of 35 years has been having sex with other men for over 20 years. There has never been a single problem because of it and our own relationship is stronger because of it. We started as Swingers where we both enjoyed other sexual companions while seeing our spouses enjoying themselves. I came down with a condition about 5 years in that required a medication that left me in a state where I could get aroused mentally but not so much physically. We talked and it was my idea that she should not miss out on having sexual fun just because I couldn’t have intercourse with her. Why I continued to orally bring her to orgasm and she did all she could to take care of my needs, I knew it wasn’t enough for her. She needed a man inside her.

    We talked and set our ground rules. Of course we always agreed there would be no unprotected sex. Her rule was that I would always be present because she knew it was a bigger turn on for me when she was being pleased and that made my parts work better for her after party with me.

    She has been with dozens of different guys in the past 15 years. Mostly only one time with each. She has never had any desire to continue with anyone on a regular bases. There have been only 3 where she has had repeat meetings.

    The first and most important thing if a couple is contemplating this is to have honest and open communications. You must have a strong relationship too. If either ones goes into this thinking it will fix anything then there are other problems that need to be taken care of first. Otherwise it will just get worse.

    There are different reasons people do this. Perhaps it is just to fulfill fantasies. Maybe the male just isn’t enough sexually but is a great husband and provider. Whatever the reason, you both must have an understanding of it. Guys, I am a strong believer that sex has nothing to do with love. Sure, it makes for a nice combination but let’s face it, it’s how you feel in the end that’s important. If she needs more, let her have it. She will be coming home to you. You are the man she loves. That other guy just had a tool she needed to borrow for a bit. Guys, if you have gotten older and lost interest, she may not have. Don’t let her be a frustrated women taking her feelings out on you. Give her a chance. Ladies, keep the same thing in mind for your husbands.

  17. Andy says:

    My wife has been sleeping with other guys and a few gals, and so have I slept with other women and guys. Were a BI couple. One thing we don’t do is bring our friends home. We do sill sleep in the same bed and have sex with each like any couple. We enjoy the freedom of having sex with other people. I got one lady very pregnant, and her husband thanked me for a cute little girl. they had all boys and she actually wanted a girl

  18. rejin says:

    after 4 years of our marriage life it happen in our life,in our cause she is taller and heavier than me,i noticed she is showing interesting with tall and healthy guy,especially with one of my cousin ,i arranged situation and they enjoyed

  19. Anna says:

    There is no way to prevent a wife from getting in bed with other men. In my case my husband is such a good lover that when he is not at home I crave badly for sex. I masturbate a lot but nothing like riding a real man. My husband knows it very well. He actually told me it was going to happen.

  20. zed1966 says:

    My wife and myself used to really enjoy her having sex with other men. Unfortunately as of late she has put on a little weight and now is too self conscience to “play” anymore. Well she seems to be fine with it right now, i am having trouble, I get so sexually arroused watching her with a new hot lover. What shall or can i do?

  21. waldo says:

    We have talked about it and would seam easy for her. No matter how a women is built she can get a man, but it is much harder for me. You see im 13 years older then her. She has a co-worker that keeps telling her he wants her and i think shes ready to give in. Do I give the ok and hope all works out or say no.

  22. eastin says:

    I don’t understand this. Marriage or dating is a commitment. If ur gonna screw around on each other u might as well be roommates. One man one women one bed. Forever. That is what God intended.

  23. Jeff says:

    Im 28 and my wife is 26. When we met she was a virgin, we dated for 3 years, fooling around but there was no intercourse until our wedding night. She has recently admitted to me after 5 years shes curious about sex with another man. I would like to let my wife have the chance to have the experience as ive been with 6 other women before we met. However, I cannot get my brain to comprehend the idea. I LOVE my wife, and I am very selfish with her. Whats our next course of action? I dont want her to regret our sex life.

  24. Mannish says:

    Really my wife want sex with other person and one day I asked her and that time she was very excited and told me if you want I told her that I am agree

  25. victor says:

    My wife and I are asian. As you all know, asian dicks are very small, mine is only 3 inches long and barely bigger than my middle finger. I can never bring her to orgasm by intercourse. I told wife that if she doesn’t agree to let be borrow a dick from a white man once a while, my heart will ache te rest of my life because I love her so much. She agreed but with a few conditions. She will take the dick and the dick only as a sex toy, no hug and kiss, no blow job.

    We since we found the first white man, our sex life have been very satisfied and she loves me more than ever before.

  26. Ken says:

    I have always wanted my wife to sleep with another man and we talked about it many times and she would always say that she has only been with me and was a virgin when we married and that’s the honest to God truth. One night about a year a go I asked her while she was drinking a little wine and when she drinks it’s like a truth serum as she will tell you what she really thinks. I asked one more time if she were to have sex with another man what type would she prefer and she said younger light skin black guy who is hung.
    The next week I asked her would she line me to find a guy who could help her work out at home because she hates the gyms and she said that would be nice. I put an ad on craigslist and it said need personal trainer and Massuer needed for wife at home and after work out you would get to massage her full body and all she would have on is a thong bottom. My wife loves a massage and don’t mind getting nude for one. We got a hotel room that weekend and I had a black guy from Craigslist to agree to only a full body private massage in our hotel room and she agreed as long as nothing else would be expected. Long story short it went perfect and he massaged her and she was totally naked and he massaged every inch but didn’t touch her ass hole or enter her vagina with his fingers. She Absolutley loved it and after 2 hours he left and she pretty much raped me and said oh my god if he had stayed another minuet she might have fucked him. That next day I started getting a lot of responses from my ad and after about a month I finally found a black guy 30 years old built like a statue and hung around 10″. We texted several times and I told him all about her and we started meeting for three times as I went over everything and I needed him to help her work out and then he could massage her as long as she would let him and at the most she would wear a string thong bottom. I told him she loves her ass and tits massaged as she has implants. He agreed to be respectful and we set it up.
    That night I told her I found a very nice guy that would help her work out and then give her a muscle sculpting massage after and she said what’s it going to cost and I told her he is in his last 6 months of getting his Massuer license and he has to do 6 months of live practicing massages and he would do it for free. She seemed a little hesitant bug I said meet him and she could decided yes or no and she agreed. That Friday evening around 6 pm he came over and they talked as he explained what he would do and she really liked him and so they worked out for an hour and then up stairs to the loft where I had the massage table set up and he massaged her for over an hour. He left and she told me that she really liked him and trusted him and I said I guess so because she was naked and she said he pulled her thong off and said that it would get in the way and not to worry he would be respectful and she let him. Over the next three sessions she admitted she was very attracted to him and his massage was crazy good and he had added a sensual to the last one and let him massage her pussy with his hands and to relax her he even put his cock in her hand and said we are adults so enjoy and it will only go as far as you want it but it will release a ton of stress and she didn’t let it go any further but said she came twice and did play with his cock a little and said oh my god it’s really long and pretty thick and she even said it was heavy with a smile. I told her even if you don’t agree you need to have sex with him and finally feel what you are missing or have never experienced and she said just hush. That next Friday evening was their next session and he would come over around 8 pm and I told her I would be late that night coming home as my work would have me in Houston and we live in a Dallas and I told her to just relax and enjoy and she said ok if you are sure you don’t mind and I said please relax and let him release her stress. She smiled l
    And kissed me.
    I talked with him the day before and told him I wouldn’t be there and he even asked if I wanted him to re book it and I told him no and this time as he started the massage to get totally naked and see what will happen. It was a risk I thought would be good and ok with her and he said ok. That night I didn’t get home until 1:00 in the morning and she said he had just left about 30 minuets before and she was glowing with a smile and said I need to tell you something and I say on our bed beside her and she admitted that she had sex with him and I said wow that’s great I guess as long as you are ok and it wasn’t forced on you and she kissed me and said it was the most unreal and crazy good thing she ever experienced and said they did it three times or that he came three times and she said she came multiple times and then asked me are you mad and I said are you kidding I am do freaking happy and then she started taking my clothes off and said I want to fuck your brains out and did.
    This was a risk but we have been married for a long time she is 49 looks 30 I am 50 look it and now they see each other at least once a week and our sex life has never been better. She told me he woke her sex drive back up as when you have been married long as us the sex just got bored and we only were having sex every 6 months or so and I am only 6″ at best but honestly around 5 1/2″ is closer so she said his cock touches her in places she never experienced and said it took a while before she could take it all the way and still it takes some time before he can get it all the way in each time.
    If you both agree to a situation just be careful and check out the guys before and take your time to find the guy who you think she will like but one that you know you can trust. Thank you

  27. Pau says:

    Hi I have let my wife enjoy sex with coworker of hers he is also married andfor both of them it was the only time they have ever had sex with another person I actually enjo it when I kno they re together

  28. Vance says:

    what if what if what if …face it. look at couples when first married and then ten years later…forget any time after that!!! it gets boring because they become boring and just simply don’t care. men and women both. the women then use the ever feared MEN-ON-PAUSE…when that card gets played you are getting [played. no wonder there are soooo many penis commercials out there. ya have to be stimulated to get a BONER!

  29. Ross says:

    I have to admit it really is a major turn on. Seeing my wife if i had one with another man between her legs penetrating her. But I’m not married and would I like it? No I wouldn’t, it’s a fantasy that I wouldn’t want to live out.

  30. Ross says:

    Actually I’m contradicting myself In that last statement. I like the fantasy but I wouldn’t want to act out on it.

  31. lala says:

    hi I’m 20 years old married Indian girl
    I had same incidents with my husband he asked as I read above.my husband likes me touched,grabbed by some one in crowded places I thought it was weird and after searching in internet I came to know its quite common I don’t know whether what we r doing is right or wrong but I’m hesitant to do before him r even in the absence.its strange to mingle with some strangers and allow them to touch.but I’m doing this for my husband

  32. John says:

    I’m with Eastin on this. This is adultery with consent. I would never go through with this. The world we live in now I tell ya… 50% divorce rate soon is only gonna go up. If my wife ever wanted to do this I’d leave her in a heart beat.

  33. jojo says:

    Why even be in a committed relationship if your going to sleep around? This doesn’t make sense. Be single and sleep with who ever you want to with out hurting or ruining another persons life. I like this site, but articles like this, in my opinion, does more harm than good. This shit can really ruin peoples lives. Peoples, citizens of the universe, if we keep knocking on the devils door, sooner or later he is going to answer! Be careful, my peeps!

  34. jim says:

    CommentMMy wife had gone to strip clubs a couple times with me, so I thought it wld be hot to hire a male stripper for her. I surprised her and she was really turned on, I then decided to have him strip completely naked for her, I can’t even tell you how turnedan, . My wife doeashe was, she starrted touching him, and i became very aroused. Watching her do this was hot, but i was also turned on by this because it was something i did for her. I shld also mention I’m not into guys or wanting to cheat with another woman
    My wife and myself want her to cheat once every so often, this whole thing has brought us very close and very much in love.
    I think a lot of men want to do this for their wife and should. i also feel stronngly that both men and women are more turned on and have preference for the wife to cheat. This is a very common fantasy right now.
    if your with a good woman she will not take advantage and instead will become closer to you.

  35. jim says:

    I submitted my comment from my cell ph, so sorry to all for the grammmr and misspellings, lol. But i do think this fantasy & then going thru with it is not a bad thing if both peoplee agree

  36. Wiccan says:

    Hmm… Sharing my DNA with another male, no thanks. You have sex with a woman, and that woman has your DNA, at least, parts of it inside her. Think about that. 🙂

  37. Matt says:

    Of course an article like this brings out all the creepy cuckolds in the comment section.

  38. WTF says:

    After you orgasm the thrill is gone, along with your wife. Quit being a pervert and man up to your wife. Life isn’t all about chasing desires, get a grip!

  39. WTF2 says:

    This is fckin stupid and weird

  40. Joe says:

    I love my wife to be loved by other guys. She is very sexy and the younger the guys the more she likes their energy.She has had sex a lot with a couple of teenagers down the street that keep cumming all night long in all her holes. When I come home later and find her in a soaked bed full of their cum I go crazy and start with licking her clean and having wild sex for as long as I can. I know these boys have friends that they have invited over to enjoy her. She told me that one time when I was gone she had 5 boys at once. The next morning when I arrived they were still with her and two were fucking her when I walked in and just watched. I got naked and joined them and went down on one and made him cum while she watched. Then another lubed my ass up and fucked me while others fucked my wife. After they left we spent the day just sleeping in each others arms. She told me she really gets off watching me suck and get fucked by the boys so we do it as often as we can. I measure up at 7″ but two of the boys sport 10″ shaved cocks but I cannot take them inside me but love giving them head. It is a great life and we are both satisfied in every way. The latest thing we are doing is having the boys cum in a glass and then she has me swallow it when I get home.

  41. Michael/ Michelle says:

    I’ve accepted and encouraged my wife to sleep with other men of her choice since we were engaged to be married. It started with her ex- husband who had a much bigger dick than me, and soon progressed to other men she found attractive. This is a turn-on for both of us, as she tells me in explicit detail of her fuck sessions. We have one child, a daughter, who probably most certainly was fathered by one of her lovers. I especially enjoy sucking her cum filled pussy when she arrives home from her dates, and she cheerfully accommodates my desire with much humor. I have what I consider a great marriage.

  42. jim says:

    I am lucky. My wife invited her girlfriend to have sex with her after a divorce and sexual dry spell. Next thing I know, my wife joins us. That lasted almost 40 years. We all loved each other and there never was a relationship problem among us.mwe had set all together and also one on one.

    I have seen the marriages of ever couple we knew into open relationships,fail because someone fell in love with an outside sexual partner. People underestimate the effect of Oxytocin and one love is in the air rules and logic fly out the window. Our marriage is still going strong after 40 years.

    Many who enter into open relationships fail to understand that your sex partners will always seem more exciting. They are new and are only with you for the fun and games times while your spouse lives with you all the time. Your sex partners are not going to nag you about taking out the garbage or spending too much money. Then their is the danger of a big argument with your spouse driving into the arms of another. Today young men read all the fantasy stuff online that is unrealistic and adopt the fantasy as their own. The problem is that from then on, outside sex is all about their fetish needs where their wife and her sex partner are put on earth to satisfy their kinky needs. In my times I have seen so many marriages ruined by people who do not know the difference between reality and fantasy.

  43. leoleo says:

    I don’t really like the idea of letting my wife having sex with other man even if it’s just for once. IT IS ADULTERY! Marriage is a very special union between a man and a woman. How can you be a good husband and father to your children if you will let your wife do such immoral act? What would your children say and think of their parents?
    As a human being, we should control our sexual desires. That’s what differentiates us from animals. We should be contented with what our partners can give.

  44. Dr ras says:

    Hi , iam 25 yrs ,single male , I was asking my self about sex out side the relationships , thanks for your opinions , i think its great thing doing that , it is exiting and pleasurful thing. I hope doing that with my gf and sharing my friends wife’s too, nice thing if your wife like that too , she will love you mor than before.

  45. Alan says:

    I am a late 40’s west coaster deeply in love w/a life-long friend on the east coast. Things only became physical five years ago and we had remained faithful and commited until recently. Being in a long distance relationship is hard enough, but I was also on medication w/ unfortunate sexual side effects which left her… unsatisfied. About six months ago she placed an innocent add on Craigslist for a running partner and began a short but torrid affair. The geanie was out of the bottle and more adds followed, becoming more targeted to NSA sex. At one point she was juggling numerous random hookups as well as three regular physical relationships which each had amorous emotional elements. While she’s stopped seeing them all, I know our relationship will never be the same. I’m surprised how much my confidence has dropped and how often I find myself comparing myself unfavorably to other’s he slept with. We’ve both been with plenty of people in our lives before our relationship and those histories never bothered me. I love and want my friend to be happy and fullfilled, but I don’t want to risk her emotionally pair bonding with other men.

  46. fred says:

    As a bi/gay virgin I married a twice divorced lady because I needed the cover, her being “thru with men” – except after a few years her desire returned and I proved almost useless to her sexually. The obvious fix was for her to take matters in her own hands and for the last 20 plus years she takes whatever men she desires into her sex life – thankfully non have proven to be a problem to our marriage and though sometimes it is obvious she never shares details of her sex life.

  47. George H says:

    My wife cautiously asked me one night what I would think if she fucked another guy. After talking I told her I would support her. I even wrote down for her that she had my approval fuck any guy she wanted. I truly love her and want to fullfil her desires. I told her that we would work together to get her fucked. For a long time nothing happened but a guy friend of hers had teased about a three-way with her. She just led him on until new years eve. At the bar she teased him and sat on his lap and squirmed appropriately. Shortly after we left she texted him to invite him over to join us in the hot tub. Much to our surprise he showed up. We started with swim suits, but she didn’t protest when I pulled off her top and soon to follow the bottoms. Before long they were making out and soon he was eating her in the hot tub while I held her up. Soon after we headed to the nearest bed. She got fucked four times that night and loved it.
    We weren’t sure how we would feel after wards but we both loved it and both felt closer to each other than ever. Clearly is showed how much we trust in each others love.
    She is anxious to fuck him again. Next time may be without me, which she has my full support.
    Anyone who has the solid relationship that we have should give it a try if it is what the wife wants to do. It is a real turn on for me to know that she got fucked and very likely will get fucked again soon.

  48. Ivo Pivo says:

    OK. So you are a cuckold.

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