Sensual Tease

how to pleasure yourself
How to Pleasure Yourself: 15 Tips to Guide Your Fingers Right

Feel like having some solo adventures between the sheets? Great! We’re showing you exactly how to pleasure yourself with just your fingers.

Rim Job
Rimming Guide: How to Master the Rim Job & Eat Ass like a Real Pro

You may have heard of rimming and think it’s as easy as licking an ass cheek. This is what you need to know if you want to give an amazing rim job.

how to tell if your girlfriend has slept with someone else

How to Tell if Your Girlfriend Has Slept with Someone Else

If you’re wondering how to tell if your girlfriend has slept with someone else but you don’t feel comfortable just asking, here’s how you’ll know.

cum like a porn star

Cum Like a Porn Star: How to Shoot a Powerful Load Every Time

You’ve seen it in porn, but probably question if it’s even possible. Can someone actually cum like that? Yep. Here’s how to cum like a porn star.

How to Finger a Girl: 10 Fingering Techniques to Make Her Orgasm

Learning how to finger a girl properly is an important sexual lesson to learn. Master it and you can turn a dull sex session into a wow session for her.

how to give a good blowjob

How to Give a Good Blowjob: 15 Moves to Make Him Blow His Load

You want to rock your man’s world, I get it. If you want to do that, you’re going to have to know some tricks for how to give a good blowjob.

Blow Job Queen

Blow Job Queen: 13 Titillating Moves to Give the Best Head Ever

When you were younger, your dream was to be a beautiful princess. Yeah, well, that dream is dead, now you want to be a blow job queen.

Straight Girl

A Straight Girl’s View on the Seduction of Lesbian Porn

You may be a straight girl who isn’t interested in experimenting, and yet, the seduction of lesbian porn is something we just can’t ignore. Why is that?!

how to have a one-night stand

How to Have a One-Night Stand: Your Guide to Hooking Up Right

If you’re into casual sex, keep reading to find out how to have a one-night stand that is memorable… while staying safe inside and out!

Exotic Sex

Exotic Sex: 16 Hot, Hot, Hot Sex Positions You Need to Try Out

Sometimes you need that extra spice and pizzazz in the bedroom. Vanilla sex is fine and dandy; however, it’s time to try some exotic sex positions.

gross sex acts

15 Really Gross Sex Acts You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

So, you think you’re a freak in bed? Well, here are 15 really gross sex acts that makes crazy, freaky sex seem like a boring production.

kinky sex stories

The Craziest Kinky Sex Stories from Reddit to Make You Go “Oh!”

Men and women on Reddit open up about the weirdly wonderful and kinky sex stories they’ve done between the sheets—and beyond. You’ll be amazed.

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