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20 Online Lit Erotica Reads to Get Your Fingers Busy


Looking for something saucy online that will get your fingers working? Have a look at these popular erotic story sites to find the perfect fit.

The world wide web has so many amazingly fulfilling and important uses. Internet banking, electronic communications, news updates, business facilitation, social interest forums, medical queries, ancestry research, retail—the list is seemingly endless. And yet, despite its many and varied uses, most of us still use the internet primarily as a vehicle to view pornography and erotica.

According to some sources, one erotic live-cam site alone attracts 2.5% of the entire planet’s internet users every month! But, of course, with the internet’s propensity for diversity and variety, it’s not all just boob pics and webcams.

The literary nude wave

An increasingly popular member on the erotica e-scene, erotic literature might have been around for a long time, but it’s really only just started hitting the web in the strength and numbers currently seen. Tastes do vary, though, and although there are a couple of tried-and-tested favorites amongst those familiar with the scene, there are also many other options that appeal to slightly more niche crowds. [Read: 13 non-porn erotic movies that are sure to leave you wet and bothered]

That taken into account, this list of 20 such literature erotica sites should be able to provide either the perfect first step for the beginner in this field, or a few unknown options for even the most experienced ero-reader.

#1 Lush Stories. Quite a decent and informal-feeling site that presents a broad range of sensual topics. Not the greatest quality-wise, but it does have a very grass-roots feel that may appeal to a large number of readers.

#2 Anal Amy. Possibly the title least open to misinterpretation on the list, Anal Amy is a blog site, and who knows *or cares* whether the tales written therein are real or not. This is definitely one for the more voyeuristic readers. AA is hardly Pulitzer Prize material and, as you might imagine, a bit of a one-trick pony, but it still has its appeal.

#3 A Sex Stories. A very comprehensive erotica sight, A Sex Stories’ special strength is an extremely well-designed and intuitive interface. Want to get straight to the stories you want to read? Then this is the site for you.

#4 Nerve. A very pretty site that has more of an e-zine feel to it than an erotic stories site. A lot of style and a lot of substance, but not perhaps the same level of diversity or breadth as other equivalents.

#5 Alt Sex Stories Text Repository. One of the biggest and broadest repositories, ASSTR has a little bit of something for everyone—even the notorious Kristen archives, as discussed in #6.

#6 Kristen Stories. Essentially a sub-category of ASSTR, as mentioned in #5, Kristen Stories has a huge and varied archive, although not nearly of the same depth and breadth as 5 and 7. The difference between Kristen stories and the competition, is that they have no competition. The reason for this is that Kristen goes places that other sites dare not. Which all sounds well and good, but some of these stories might land you in legal trouble if you’re not careful, depending upon which country you live in. Tread carefully, readers!

#7 Literotica. The Grand Dame on the block, Literotica has long been an industry leader. With both a huge array of categories, and a huge number of stories within, there is literally something for everyone. Well, actually not. Literotica used to have some slightly dubious categories as well, along the lines of those found in the Kristen Stories archives, but those seem to have gone now.

There is still a lot of pretty fierce stuff, though, that will leave weaker stomachs feeling a little bit queasy. However, if you just want to have a browse, dip a toe into new waters and get a taste for the whole scene in the easiest manner possible, then this is the site for you.

#8 Beyond the Far Horizon. Worth a wee bit of a look for comparison’s sake, and you may find a few gems, but definitely one of the weaker options on the list.

#9 The Erotic Woman. This site prides itself on the quality of its literature, and if you demand a little more than the usual “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” kind of silliness, then this could be the site for you.

#10 MC Stories. A bog standard, no-frills erotica site, this option does contain a very large number of stories. Some of them may go a little further than you are willing to, but hey…that’s where free will comes in!

#11 BDSM Cafe. Obviously focused upon the whippers, floggers, and clampers, this site is nonetheless a very classy piece of work—the online source for all Mr. and Mrs. Grays. [Read: 16 most common fetishes and really weird ones too]

#12 Erotic Pages of Romance. A very refreshing alternative to many of the T&A options on the list, EPR is for the reader who likes a bit of love in their lovemaking. Romantic and well-written stories, with a touch of the hot stuff, to boot.

#13 Solo Touch. Quite a chaotically put-together site that is more blog-like than professional. There are plenty of decent stories in there, though, if you can navigate your way past the tacky wallpaper.

#14 Libida. A site that covers a whole lot more than stories, Libida’s literary offerings are a lot tamer than many, but also more fun and less in-your-face.

#15 Caffieri. Focusing upon the “short” in “short story,” Caffieri has a whole host of well-written stories to cover most day-to-day fantasies. Nothing too risqué, but definitely enough to make a parson blush.

#16 Nifty. Nifty is another of the larger and better-populated sites on the list, but another that is quite hard to navigate. It is bound to throw up a few gems, though, if you’re willing to persist.

#17 Kara’s Links. It might take you a few minutes to work out what’s different about this site, but it will eventually occur that it’s an erotic literature site focused upon straight women. It doesn’t sound like much of a niche, but in the porn market, it most certainly is. Far more sites are devoted to the weirdest of perversions than this seemingly innocent sector. If this is what you’re after, this site does the job perfectly. [Read: 20 kinky things to do with your boyfriend beyond the bedroom]

#18 Scandalous Women. Another entirely female-focused site, this has more the feeling of a Cosmo than a Playboy—just expect a little more than make-up tips and celebrity gossip!

#19 BDSM Library. The second “darker side of sex” option on the list, this one is nowhere as slick or well organized, but it has plenty of whipping and stripping stories, nonetheless.

#20 Short Fiction. This site is a little bit different than the others, as it’s focused primarily upon the writing community, giving them an online option to air their work. These offerings include everything under the sun, but the erotic section is well-represented with some really compelling and well-written stories.

[Read: Erotic literature at its best – The most sexual books you can ever find]

Whether you’re alone or in very good company, you’re bound to find something on this list to warm up any cold winter’s night—no matter how frosty you might otherwise be!

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One thought on “20 Online Lit Erotica Reads to Get Your Fingers Busy”

  1. Kim Rawks says:

    Great list! #9 The Erotic Woman and #18 Scandalous women! Whew! Started reading Scandalous in college. Props for that!

  2. Ian says:

    Erotica is probably the hottest form of adult material there is. After a lifetime of pictures and webcams, I started reading stories for myself and found myself so much more turned on by the experience they’re able to give. Now, I rarely go back to pics and gifs.

  3. Quiana says:

    This is a great list! I love erotica so much! I even have started writing it. It is one of my all-time favorite genres and it always turns me on. I think a lot of women are turned off by the idea of reading it because they think of it as porn. I think of it as a much more intelligent way to become aroused. At least for me. There are so many great titles out there that you are bound to find the genre you like best.

  4. avril says:

    It depends on how I’m feeling. Usually I get naked, lay on the floor with a pillow under my hips and put my legs up on this dresser thing so that my hips and legs are elevated (no idea why this helps but it does, I don’t argue with results). I lube up and meditate while I use my vibrator. I have several toys but my Lelo Gigi used to get the most use but its quickly becoming replaced by my Hitachi. Sometimes I’ll lube up and put a butt plug in during this process, it always makes me cum harder and faster. I probably get off this way about once a day. If I’m feeling super lazy I’ll just use my Hitachi and won’t even get naked (just use it over my pants). The Hitachi is powerful enough that this still gets me off pretty quickly. I don’t use my fingers to masturbate often, it tends to get me off quickly but the orgasm it produces it like a quick twinge of pleasure and not really a full intense long orgasm. Sometimes I’ll use my fingers on myself after having a intense orgasm with the vibrator. I do have a glass dildo I use on my g-spot sometimes but not often, I don’t really crave g-spot orgasms much except when I’m with a partner. It also makes too much of a mess to bother with unless I’m with a partner (I’m a squirter).

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