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The Devil’s Three Way: 10 Ways to Master the Devil’s Threesome

devil's three way

Looking to be sexually adventurous with more than one partner? The devil’s three way is dirty, complicated, and fun. Understand how to make it happen.

Finding yourself in a threesome might be something next to a dream come true. It’s a staple male fantasy to be smothered with two naked female bodies. And no doubt, women too would love the undivided attention of two male hands caressing her whole body in the devil’s three way.

When it’s time to get down to business, there will always be the problem of “who and what goes where.” While we have a wealth of sexual positions for couples, pulling off a smooth threesome sex position where all parties are comfortable can be a bit tricky and cannot be simplified to a game of “Human Sex Tetris” where you just fit people into nooks.

The devil’s three way

The devil’s three way or the devil’s threesome involves two males and one female. From this we deduce two points. First, that’s one lucky girl. Second, two guys make it complicated. Here’s why:

#1 Threesomes in general require multi-tasking skills. Because the first rule of any threesome is everybody should be happy in the end. Meaning everybody should have an equal share of sexual pleasure from the threesome, and no one should be left behind to do all the work, or worse, ignored.

All participating partners should be capable of making every hands and orifice work at the same time, in a manner of speaking. [Read: Threesome tips – 20 things to know before entering one]

#2 The devil’s three way prefer “sexually explorative” males. If you are a guy who takes issue with physical contact with another naked male, then a devil’s three way may not be for you.

Even if you are two hot-blooded straight males who swore to ignore each other during the threesome, you’ll still end up brushing on each other’s skin at some point. While it isn’t a requirement, devil’s threesomes prefer bi-curious males to make it more enjoyable.

#3 The devil’s three way require female “overtime” work. Initially, devil’s threesomes are thought to be a win-win situation for the ladies who just lie down and let the men do all the work. Well, you thought wrong.

After the boys have done their chores, they expect to be rewarded handsomely. As you would expect, a devil’s threesome would require the lone female to do more work, and she must expect to have both her hands and “other” parts full. [Read: MFF threesome: 20 dos and don’ts you shouldn’t ignore]

Sex positions for an awesome MMF threesome

#1 The Spit Roast. If you’re a guy doing your first devil’s three way, and you’d very much rather be far away from the other guy as much as possible, then the spit roast is the go-to position for you. As the name implies, this position looks like your fourth of July hog roast. In this position, the girl goes on all fours while one guy takes her from behind and the other guy positions himself in front of the girl to receive oral.

Difficulty: Easy; once they’ve got the rhythm, the two guys will have no problem timing their thrusts.

#2 The Double Stuff. Probably one of the kinkiest female submission fantasies is to be double-penetrated by two men. And to cater to such fantasies would be the Double Stuff position.

This time, one guy reclines his back on the bed board in a 45-degree angle while the girl straddles him up front just like in the “girl on top” position. While she places her hands on guy number one’s chest for support, the other guy takes her from behind via door number two.

Difficulty: Hard; requires lower body strength from anal guy. There’s also risk of man-to-man physical contact for squeamish males. [Read: Polyamorous relationships: Could you be happy in one?]

#3 69 with Anal Bonus. In this position, one guy and the girl adopts the 69 position with the girl on top. Guy number two then positions himself behind the girl and gives her anal sex.

Difficulty: Overall hard; but extra hard for the guy below who is at risk of washing his face with the combined sex juice coming from above.

#4 Female sandwich. Another double penetration position where all three lie on their sides on the bed. One guy spoons the girl from behind and gives her anal sex while the other guy faces her and penetrates her in the vagina. The relaxed position allows the two guys’ free hands to pleasure the girl in other ways.

Difficulty: Very easy; except for the bed sheets with all the shuffling.

#5 Double BJ. This is a very recognizable porn position where two guys stand facing each other as the girl gets on her knees as she gives them blowjobs in alternate fashion. [Read: 9 hot blowjob secrets to drive him wild with desire]

Difficulty: Medium; the girl should have strong knees and shouldn’t take care to make the two penises kiss.

#6 The Triangle. Disclaimer: this sex position requires bisexual or bi-curious male participants.

In this position, all lie on their side adopting a triangular shape when viewed from above. One guy faces the girl’s lady parts to give her oral while the girl faces the other guy’s penis to give him a blow job. To complete the chain, guy number two faces guy number one’s crotch to give him oral completing the chain.

Difficulty: Easy overall; extremely hard for straight males.

#7 The Right Angle. One guy lies on his back as the girl has vaginal or anal sex with him in reverse cowgirl fashion. The other guy stands in front of the girl to receive oral sex from her.

Difficulty: Medium; for the guy who has to stand until he finishes.

#8 Double Intruder. One guy lies on his back and the girl has anal sex with him using a reverse cowgirl position, while she receives guy number two who penetrates her with a missionary position. To make this work, the girl leans back and supports her weight with her arms planted near the first guy’s sides.

Difficulty: Very difficult; risk of penis injury for the guy lying on his back if the girl loses her balance. [Confession: My first threesome – An accidental threesome experience]

#9 The Tower. In this very kinky position, the guy carries the girl in standing position as he penetrates her vaginally while guy number two closes in from behind and penetrates her anally. Both guys can take turns carrying the girl’s weight as they bob her up and down into their penises.

Difficulty: Very difficult; requires fit men with upper body strength. There’s a risk of injury for all if one of them suddenly drops the girl. [Read: How to be good at sex: 17 moves to become the hottest lay]

#10 The Flat Line. One guy lies on his back while the girl sits down on his face to receive oral from him while she blows guy number two who is also lying down.

Difficulty: Medium; the girl must take care not to suffocate the guy giving her oral.

[Read: The threesome invite: How to make the amazing happen]

The positions for a devil’s three way can be challenging, but if you can pull it off and make sure everyone gives and receives pleasure in equal measure, rest assured your threesome will be a night to remember.

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