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10 Female Masturbation Tips for Guaranteed Orgasmic Bliss


Read these sexy masturbation tips on making the most out of your “me” time, and you may find you don’t really need a man to please you after all.

Going solo, self-pleasuring, flicking your bean, onanism. Female masturbation goes by many names, yet it comes as no surprise that many women are still hush-hush about their solo stints. In fact, it has become such a taboo that many women don’t even masturbate at all *or are just denying it*.

The National Health and Social Life survey reported that 58 percent of women don’t get their hands dirty on themselves. Whatever the case is, you’re denying yourself one of life’s greatest, most satisfying pleasures—especially when you’re not doing it right.

Female masturbation tips to take your “me” time to greater heights

Therefore, we bring you the lowdown on how to get some feel-good female masturbation down pat. *You’re welcome, the pleasure is all yours!*

#1 Location, location, location. The best time to flick your peanut is actually any time. However, location is important. If you want to truly relax and get a real erotic fantasy going, make sure no one is going to disturb you, or worse, watch or record you.

Find a location far from distractions and ensure your utmost privacy. For most women, this can be in their bedrooms or bathrooms. And if you are pretty vocal with your solo act, you may want to be out of earshot of people.

#2 Get into the groove. The buildup and the mood are the two most important things before you masturbate. While we can easily be turned on by a five-second kiss with a guy *or girl*, the same can more or less be said about getting into the mood for some “me” time.

You can light up some candles, apply some scented lotion all over your body, turn up some Marvin Gaye, and do a little sexy dance in front of the mirror in your best lingerie, before you get down on yourself. Depending on each person, turning yourself on can vary in timing, but the important thing is you are comfortable and ready for some self-action. [Read: How to turn yourself a lot more using your five senses]

#3 Engage in erotica. While some can just lie down on their beds, close their eyes, and get into the mood, some may find it a little harder. To help you out, you can read up on some erotica. It’s not as brash as porn, and you may find yourself liking what you’re reading.

There are plenty of erotica novels available in most bookstores and even as online eBooks, so you’ll have plenty of options. If you haven’t even tried it, then now is the best time. It’s best for getting those creative juices going so you’ll have plenty to fantasize about as you masturbate. [Read: 20 online literotica sites to get your fingers busy]

#4 Bring out the porn. If erotica bores you and you don’t mind something a little more blatant and to the punch, you can, of course, watch porn. When it comes to porn, though, it’s not every women’s cup of tea. So you have to find something that best suits your preference.

Try watching different kinds of porn *there’s a plethora of choices out there, ranging from couples to threesomes, and amateur to hardcore, and so many more in between* and see which ones help heighten the sensual experience for you. [Read: 10 reasons why lesbian porn is way hotter than straight porn]

#5 Lube it. If you have trouble becoming wet enough or even reaching your orgasm, it might help to lube it up a bit. Lube works great not only for having sex but with masturbation too. It can help give you a sleeker, more sensual experience.

There are those that come as water-based, oil-based, or made from other safe materials. There are even those that are scented. Make sure to experiment which ones you prefer without causing you any skin irritations. When you’ve found one you like, you may even be happy to see it can truly help give you powerful orgasms.

#6 Apply some water works. While you may not prefer to indulge in some lube, perhaps getting into the water can help you out. There’s really nothing more sensual as water lapping against your naked skin, and this is why many women prefer masturbating in the bath tub or in the pool, where the jets of water can serve as pleasing stimulators.

You can also do this using your shower head and the bathtub faucet, where you can make the water hit your clitoris and the outside of your vagina.

#7 Don’t forget your clit. Of course. The clitoris is that marvelous part of your anatomy that, once stimulated the right way, can give you the most mind-blowing orgasms. If you don’t know where your clitoris is, it’s that small nub of skin above your vagina and often concealed under small folds of skin where your labia meets. Your clit is that little, very sensitive tissue that gets a little engorged when you get aroused.

When you masturbate, remember to tease and stroke your clit as well to heighten your sensations. You can do this by gently rubbing it with your fingers or by indirectly stimulating it by rubbing around it. [Read: Clitoris stimulation: 10 sexy ways to please it the right way]

#8 Hit that spot. Aside from your clitoris, there’s another magical place in your vagina that can give you intense orgasms. This is your G-spot. It is also another sensitive tissue that gets engorged when you’re aroused.

However, it may be trickier to find because it is located inside your vagina, on the front wall. You can stimulate it by inserting your finger(s) and making a ‘come hither’ motion and gently rubbing it. You can experiment with the sensations that you make with your fingers by rubbing and massaging it in different directions and applying different pressures to know which you like the most. [Read: How to find your g-spot without using a flashlight!]

#9 Get some toys. To further take your orgasms and the whole experience up a notch, you can bring out some toys. Sex toys. While there are thousands to choose from when it comes to adult toys, a good vibrator is your best friend when it comes to female masturbation.

If you find the idea of going into an actual adult toy shop a little unsettling, especially if it’s your first time, you can try shopping online. It’s best to choose one that has different speed limits and vibrating patterns so you can easily adjust depending on your own personal preference.

You can also use a dildo, which is a decent substitute for a real-life dick, especially when your man is not around. There are also dildos that double as vibrators, to double the fun! [Read: 7 reasons why some women dislike using sex toys]

#10 Master the techniques. When you have all the toys and your masturbation ambience down pat, it is important to know and master the techniques that give you the best orgasms every time. With this comes a good understanding of your anatomy and what parts of your vagina give you the most powerful sensations.

a. The Classic technique is simple as you just need to use your four fingers to rub back and forth or side to side against your clit and the rest of your outer vagina.

b. The U-Spot, meanwhile, allows you to stimulate your clit and the inverted u-shape portion around it, and just above your urethral opening, using your finger.

c. The Featherlite is another technique that is best for those who have overly sensitive clits where direct and hard pressure can become painful. This technique applies the lightest pressure on the very edge of the clit using your finger. [Read: How to masturbate the right way – 14 sexy self pleasure tips for women]

d. Of course, fingering is another great way to get off, in which you penetrate yourself using your fingers. You can do this using your own natural juices or by using lubes. And don’t forget your G-spot!

[Read: Female masturbation – 17 naughty facts about the naughty secret]

So there you have it, a definitive guide to female masturbation. Master these tips and tricks and you may have to clear your schedule all day. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “10 Female Masturbation Tips for Guaranteed Orgasmic Bliss”

  1. Carlos says:

    I think it’s very important for a man to know how to finger a girl because it is one of the things that makes your woman to experience maximum sexual pleasure when having sex together, so I’d share some steps that I do.. Knowing how to finger a girl correctly makes both you have a great sense of satisfaction. There are certain things you need to know before you finger your partner. The first one is that you should only start the process when your girl is already lubricated and aroused. Shoving your fingers in her vagina and rubbing her clitoris without being lubricated and aroused will only cause her pain and no pleasure will be experienced. If you want to know how to finger a girl, these are the important steps that should be done. Step 1, Use your palm to massage her pubis. To start with, let her ride your palms gently. Step 2, Put little lubricant in your fingertip and trace the outer of your girl

  2. Victor says:

    Man wtf is up with the comments.Carlos you need some help.Mental.Serial killer crap you are typing talking about giving pleasure with your fingers.Are you kidding.Some girl wants to be molested by you.yeah right.your sick man.Been married 12 years and never touched wife like that our whole time together all these years.Saying things like you did is recipe for abuse hotline.No lady deserves the abuse you are talking about.Hitler type things you want doing whatever you want with womans private parts.She is not a toy.Your reported man and your ill in your head.

  3. Clit says:

    First of all, buy a vibrator if you don’t have one already. They are a godsend; I was never able to come until I got one. I recommend the Lelo brand as they’re quiet and rechargeable (batteries are a pain). They’re kind of expensive but worth it. I think you can get them cheaper off Amazon. What works for me: I position myself atop a pillow (a bigger one works better, like a “husband” type) with my legs straddling it, like “girl on top” sex position. I put the vibrator under me, and basically hump it until I come. Sometimes I start out by rubbing my clit with my fingers, or using the vibrator over my underwear to tease myself. It’s hard for me to get wet by myself (when I’m by myself) so I lick my fingers, or use lube if I have it around. Very important to be wet while you’re doing it, it helps a lot. Then I gradually turn up the speed of the vibrator until I come. I’ve never been able to come in any other position then having the vibrator under me (as opposed to lying on my back), so that may be worth a try if you haven’t done it that way already. For fantasy material, I used to always read erotica (mostly from the website literotica, it’s free). Visuals don’t do it for me. Now I don’t need anything except my imagination, mostly just picture having sex with my SO and him saying dirty things to me, pretty lame but it works.

  4. Dora says:

    “Carlos” and “Clit” are two sick puppies.These two men openly brag about torturing women,one talking about abusing them with his fingers and the other using objects.They are the reason so many women are scared to walk alone at night.Makes me want to vomit reading the filth from men’s minds.Shame on you both!

  5. Avi says:

    Girls do masturbate!! I masturbate all the time.

  6. Anastasia Cruz says:

    THANK YOU!!! I wish this topic was addressed more often. I wish more people would realize it’s not always the wife that has the low libido or lack of interest. Thankfully, I have come to discover there are plenty of us out there! Anyway, it’s AWESOME to see an article about this specific issue. We need more of them!!

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