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How to Finger a Girl: 10 Fingering Techniques to Make Her Orgasm

Learning how to finger a girl properly is an important sexual lesson to learn. Master it and you can turn a dull sex session into a wow session for her.

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How to Give a Good Blowjob: 15 Moves to Make Him Blow His Load

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Blow Job Queen

Blow Job Queen: 13 Titillating Moves to Give the Best Head Ever

When you were younger, your dream was to be a beautiful princess. Yeah, well, that dream is dead, now you want to be a blow job queen.

Straight Girl

A Straight Girl’s View on the Seduction of Lesbian Porn

You may be a straight girl who isn’t interested in experimenting, and yet, the seduction of lesbian porn is something we just can’t ignore. Why is that?!

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How to Have a One-Night Stand: Your Guide to Hooking Up Right

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Exotic Sex

Exotic Sex: 16 Hot, Hot, Hot Sex Positions You Need to Try Out

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15 Really Gross Sex Acts You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

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The Craziest Kinky Sex Stories from Reddit to Make You Go “Oh!”

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How to Date Kinky Girls: 19 Ways to Go from Vanilla to Spice

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Am I Lesbian or Bisexual? How to Understand Your True Desires

So, you kissed a girl and liked it, what now? Is the question, “Am I lesbian or bisexual?” swirling in your mind? For starters, that’s perfectly normal.

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The Devil’s Three Way: 10 Ways to Master the Devil’s Threesome

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Sexual Wish List: 16 Naughty Deeds to Help Build Your List

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