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sneaky sex
20 Awesome Tips to Have Satisfying Sneaky Sex – Every Time

Sneaky sex can be tricky, but it’s exciting to fine-tune it if you want a spicy sex life. So never fear – here are some fun tips for you to follow.

sex in the office
Sex in the Office: 14 Pros & Cons of Banging in the Workplace

A hot and steamy work romance *with sex in the office* may be high on your fantasy list, but is the real thing actually worth all the consequences?

sex at work

Sneaky Sex at Work: The Pros and Cons of Banging on the Job

If you’ve fantasized about taking your partner into your office and banging them on your desk, here’s a list to consider before jumping into sex at work.

submissive sex

Strap In and Kink Out: Your Guide to Having Submissive Sex

If you’ve ever had fantasies of being tied up and told what to do, but you’re unsure how to actually do it, this guide on submissive sex is for you.

solo sex positions

Solo Sex Positions: 11 Sexy Moves to Try Out on Yourself

Having sex with a partner is great, but if you need to release some sexual energy, here are some sexy solo sex positions for you to test out.

weird sex

Weird Sex: 10 Strange Sex Acts You May Want to Try Tonight

Everybody is different and that means everyone likes sex in their own way. Some people just prefer a little weird sex when they do the deed.

sex topics

The Top 10 Taboo Sex Topics We Love but Don’t Talk About

There is something intriguing about sex, yet taboo at the same time. We all have questions but get shy asking about these ten sex topics. So let’s talk!

used panties

Selling Used Panties: The Weird Facts You’re Dying to Know

You can sell anything online. Case in point, selling your used panties for cash. We’re looking at the weirdest facts about selling your used panties.

why am i so horny

Why Am I So Horny? The Big Reasons Why and Ways to Curb It

If you find yourself dry humping your pillow eight times a day, you may be wondering if something is wrong with you. Is it even normal? Why am I so horny?

hate sex

Hate Sex: The Rules to Make Love with Hate and Enjoy It!

Hate sex can be an amazing thing or it can be the worst thing for you. Find out here if you’re free to do it or if you need to steer clear.

sexual fetishes

Unbelievable Sex: 20 Sexual Fetishes Bordering on Crazy

Think you know everything about sex? Then think again. This list of crazy sexual fetishes will prove a real eye-opener for even the most experienced lover.

Benefits of Not Masturbating

13 Surprising Unknown Benefits of Not Masturbating

For those of you who think masturbating is really beneficial, you may be right. But you might not know that there are also benefits of not masturbating.