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Tips to Reduce Laptop Strains and Injuries

How to use a laptop effectively, so you can reduce or eliminate possible sprains and injuries completely? Here are a few great tips to ensure that your laptop doesn’t affect your body negatively.

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Tips to Reduce Laptop Strains and Injuries

Prop up your Feet

If your chair is such that your arms and wrists aren’t positioned comfortably, try changing your chair instead of adjusting to it. Don’t forget that the chair you are sitting on is for your comfort, and not vice versa. Your knees should be at the same level as your hips. And if it is not so, keep a footrest under your feet to keep off excess strain build-up.

Make your chair work for you

The type of office chair you use is critical. Basically, any office chair that is fully adjustable and has lumbar support will work, but you need to be sure to set it up correctly.

Don’t Sprawl

In spite of its name, the laptop should not be used on the lap, as it makes you slump down on the screen resulting in neck and shoulder pain and various other problems. If circumstances compel you to use the laptop on the lap, keep a travel bag or the laptop bag on your lap to make the screen higher and minimize your chances of bending low on it.

Travel Light

Be careful when carrying your laptop around. All the accessories in a laptop bag may add up to weigh more than your regular workout weights. If you have to carry your bag around to work and then back home, have two pairs of all the accessories, so you don’t have to carry everything back and forth.

Filter your Vision

Fit your laptop with antiglare filters. It helps reduce the eye-strain you get from staring at shiny reflective screens all day. Antiglare filters make you blink less while looking at them. If you don’t like the thought of an antiglare screen over your laptop, you could pick up some blingy dandy antiglare spectacles for your eyes.

Use a laptop stand

You may not know this, but you do get a laptop stand these days. So use a laptop stand to keep the level of the screen and the level of your eyes parallel. It minimizes the chances of ruining your eyesight.

With the stretched working hours and the grind of the rigmarole routine, it’s hard to take stress out of our lives, but you can convert the agony of long laptop hours to an enjoyable and professionally fulfilling experience.

Remember that laptops are instruments to take you to the sky to harvest limitless opportunities while you’re on the move, and not to cause physical flaws. So use it wisely.

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3 thoughts on “Tips to Reduce Laptop Strains and Injuries”

  1. Windy says:

    This was so awesome. It was a few weeks ago after sitting for several days on my laptop doing my work that I started feeling back and chest pains.I thought I was sick and went to see a doctor. I was given medication but after days of work, the pain started again. Well, I have now known that, the way i use my laptop is not good.

  2. preve says:

    I lie on my bed and play with my laptop all day actually if I have the free time. I always get neck strains and back pains. I even developed carpal tunnel syndrome, so this article is pretty much important to me. Thank you. I’ll be doing your tips, I have to learn not to strain my back all the time. Time to straighten out my back to it’s natural curve every time I sit down in front of my PC. In the long run, if I don’t try to avoid basic neck and back pains, I’d be having more serious injuries, better have some sort of prevention.

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