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How to Cure a Hangover

How to Cure a Hangover

A party is great fun, but the morning after hangovers can make life miserable. Find out how to cure a hangover with these simple hangover remedies you can make at home.

Click here to read the introduction on how to avoid a hangover in the first place. After all, nothing beats the prevention of a hangover!


Cure a hangover after the party

If you’re too drunk to remember where you are or who got you home, then you have no choice but to subconsciously brace yourself for a bad morning after.

But if you’re still dry enough to recognize your home, there are a few things you ought to do to cure a hangover and make the next morning look a bit better.

Make sure you pop in another milk thistle capsule [one capsule before heading to the party], and then drink a bottle of water. Don’t gulp the water down, or you may just end up throwing up.

Sip the water and have it slowly, even if it’s going to take you ten minutes to finish the water. Don’t worry though, sipping water down won’t make you throw up.

And if you’re already experiencing the symptoms of a hangover, you can pop in a paracetemol with your water. Chances are, you may wake up the next morning and not remember that you were drunk the earlier night!


Curing a hangover in the morning

Many people reach out for a coffee in the morning, assuming it’s the best cure for hangover. We’ve seen it in the movies, but in reality, coffee can make you feel worse, and even mess with your digestion process. Caffeine and the sugar in the coffee provide a sudden burst of high sugar levels and energy, which can temporarily make you feel better, but you’d feel worse than you started off in less than an hour.

Some people even suggest having a small drink the next morning, a.k.a. the hair of the dog. But this too provides only a temporary relief if you’re wondering how to cure a hangover.

The best thing to cure a hangover is a well balanced small meal that’s not too flavored or sweet.

If you do wake up with a headache or feel a bit sluggish in the morning, wash up and calm your tummy. The best breakfast you could use is a couple of bananas or a banana smoothie. It will stabilize your sugar levels like no other, as it has three types of sugar that break down slowly in it.

Along with your bananas, have a few slices of bread or eat anything starchy and non-greasy like mashed potatoes or pasta. Adding these in your breakfast menu would help in raising the blood sugar levels gradually.

If you want to go one step up on curing a hangover, then pop in a few vitamin pills, as alcohol destroys your B and C vitamins. Can’t find the pills in your medicine cabinet? Drink a full glass of fresh orange juice as a substitute.

And most importantly, don’t just laze in bed. Get out and give your body some exercise, so you can sweat out all the alcohol in your body.

Now that you know how to cure a hangover, go on and get something to eat. Or perhaps, work out and sweat it all out!

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4 thoughts on “How to Cure a Hangover”

  1. Richard Collins says:

    I found this French product called Security Feel Better, I don’t worry anymore about the next day!
    Just drink one bottle of Security before going to bed and next day you will wake up JUST FINE!
    I highly recommend!

  2. ate says:

    I hate getting hang overs. I could drink the slightest amount of alcohol at a party and get the most painful hangover in the morning. I almost thought I was allergic to alcohol. Hydrating your self actually helps getting rid of the alcohol in your system. So, if you’re in a party and you are drinking, drink water twice the amount of alcohol you drank and you won’t experience a hangover. There is another way, if you don’t like drinking till you drown. Make yourself puke, it also gets rid of the alcohol and some food you ate.

  3. drinker says:

    I have been getting hang overs for years and the one piece I could give you is just drink moderately. It;s either that or you have to drink lots of water. I mean, who drinks water nowadays. I never see anyone drinking water at a party or any place at all. Maybe that’s why most people are obese right now but that’s besides the point. The point is, You have to hydrate yourself before and after you drink. That will help your body excrete the excess aclohol that your body has accumulated becasue of your drinking. Come to think of it, even if you drink moderately, you could still have a mini hangover if you are not well hydrated, so hydration is key to not getting hang overs at all. You really have to be content with 1 bottle. It only takes 1 sip to get a taste of liquor and you really don’t have to go past 1 bottle. Just drink it as slow as possible.

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