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Sports and Gadgets on your Office Table

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Do you have a lot of sports stuff or a ton of the newest gizmos and gadgets on your office table? Find out how this could be interpreted by your boss, colleagues and your clients.

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Do you have a lot of sports stuff on your table?

From coffee mugs to calendars and from newspaper clippings to screensavers, sports merchandise is seemingly at home on your desk. Yet advertising such allegiances to your co-workers may be the most dangerous game of all.

There is a relatively simple rule for sports fans to follow in the workplace. It’s always good to support the hometown team and it’s really bad to support any other team. This may reflect that you are a sports fanatic.

Positive Sportsmanship: For those of you who work in the same city as your favorite team, advertising that fact can be a real career-booster.

Your desk attire will lead to discussions of games with your boss and to commiserating or celebrating a result with your co-workers, all of which will foster friendly perceptions of you. Also, you will make an impression that you are passionate and loyal to different issues and activities. You are active, athletic, energetic and not dull. Anybody’s desk can have the local team’s stationary on it. Only a pariah will have the rival team on his table. That is the presumption you create when your boss or seniors are sports fans too.

Fanatics Failing: If your superiors are the all-work-no-play kind, then you may get yourself in trouble. When you overdo your stuff, it gives a feeling that you are more focused on the points and rankings of your favorite players than the company sales statistics and hierarchy. Moreover, when your performance slacks, the consequential assumption will slant towards your over-attentiveness to sports facts and events during the league season rather than your profession. That will negate your previous good performances for promotion.

Do you have a lot of gadgets on your table?

Lots of gadgets express that the individual is curious, up for a challenge, and quick to pick up new tasks and technology. Anything that adds spice to your everyday life is welcomed with open arms.

Tech-Savvy is Cool: You are an uber-cool tech-savvy person who likes to get the hang of whatever new technology has to offer. You don’t mind spending on gizmos that have sophisticated functions and usage. Technology-oriented or computer-driven jobs will keep your creative side satisfied. You are the person that the boss can consult about the IT effects and know-how of all the equipments which even he is not akin too.

Gadget Shock: However, if you’re constantly playing with your gadgets or inviting co-workers to come play with you, you and your gadgets may be seen as an office distraction. Now the show-off spirit can also be seen here. You might also give a hint that you are a spendthrift and obsessed over unnecessary things just to show off.

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