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Home Bar Essentials
The Ultimate Home Bar Essentials You Need to Be the Envy of All

A home bar is a great addition to any household. But what are the home bar essentials you need to get started? Read on to find out!

how to grow up
How to Grow Up: Escape the Peter Pan Syndrome and Grow Fearlessly

The responsibility of being on your own is overwhelming. Learning how to grow up is less about your age and more about your mindset.

massage stories

Massage Therapist Confessions: Bizarre Massage Stories

Getting a massage should be comfortable and relaxing. However, when basic etiquette is violated, it will become one of the bizarre massage stories.

college bucket list

College Bucket List: 30 Must-Have Items on Your List

College is the best years of your life? Maybe. But before you venture into the real world, you need to put these 30 things on your college bucket list.

grossest would you rather questions

40 Grossest Would You Rather Questions to Make You Squirm

There’s nothing funnier than making friends decide between two nasty situations. These ideas for grossest Would You Rather questions will be a hit.

Massage Etiquette

The Massage Virgin’s Complete Guide to Massage Etiquette

Massage clinics are places of relaxation and comfort. But sometimes we don’t always get the proper massage etiquette, so here’s a guideline to follow.

upbeat songs

40 Fun and Upbeat Songs to Groove You Out of that Funk

Whenever you feel discouraged, sad, or just in a funk, plug in your headphones and listen to these upbeat songs. You’ll feel better in no time!


9 Very Effective Ways to Prevent a Crazy Hangover

We all love to party, but when you do overdo it, you’ll pay for last night’s sins with the next morning’s raging hangover. Here’s how to avoid that.


8 Ways to Get Your “Me Time” In Amidst a Hectic Schedule

Everyone needs it: a little “me time.” Although it can be difficult to come by with work, family, and romance, here are 8 ways to get it in.

alone time

How to Make the Absolute Most Out of Your Alone Time

If you’re struggling to get the most out of your “me time,” you could be missing out. Here are a few tips to make all you can out of your alone time.

party themes for adults

13 Outrageous, Fun, and Spunky Party Themes for Adults

Who says theme parties are only for small children and drunk college kids? Not me! Here are 13 whacky, fun, and creative party themes for adults.

ways to become a better leader at work

10 Tried and Tested Ways to Become a Better Leader at Work

If you want to move up the corporate ladder and be a better leader, you’d better start honing your leadership skills with these 10 tried-and-tested tips!

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