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Office Table loaded with Candies or Too Clean

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What kind of a workaholic are you? Is your table loaded with candies, or so clean it looks like it’s just been polished? What would your office table tell about you to the people around? Find out here…

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Is your Office Table Squeaky Clean?

A working desk can and will get cluttered. While people do like to see you busy, at the end of the day and especially when you are on vacation, leave it clean, leave it ordered and leave it stocked.

Clean desks are Classy: An air of organization and resourcefulness will make you your bosses’ go-to guy or gal when they come unstuck. It’s better they knows that you have a stack of blank CD-Rs on your desk than they heading five minutes down the hall to the supply room. A clean and streamlined workspace makes a good impression and gives off the aura of being in control.

Too clean is Dangerous: At the same time, don’t be too particular. Obsessive cleaning, overreacting to an invasion of your workspace or punctilious neatness will not foster an impression that you could manage an emergency. It might give an alternate impression that you have an obsessive compulsion disorder. The effect can also be that you are a narrow minded, stingy and boring person. On the other hand, a desk that is bare, extremely clean or too carefully arranged may tell people you are inflexible, set in your ways, or unwilling to take risks and try new things. Additionally, people may wonder if you are actually getting any work done if there are no signs anywhere on your desk.

Dirt Talks Loud: Another side to the hype is when your desk is a trash site, a mess of empty Starbuck cups or cola cans, food foils or yesterday’s leftover cheese burger and cluttered files. This may have a drastic suggestion that you are carefree, ill-organized and flaky. You have no maintenance value, self-esteem or sense of personal hygiene. That means you have a care-a-damn attitude towards your profession. Not only the boss, but your colleagues will avoid you if you fall in that category.

Is your Office Desk a Candyland?

Is your desk a kiosk of candies, toffees and chocolate bars? We all like sweet little things at times. There’s nothing to feel bad about it and it is your wish and desire to have what you want near and readily available to you. A candy bowl on your desk encourages people to gravitate to your friendly workspace. Your station will resemble a small gathering site during short breaks.

So Sweet of You: Candies are a reflection of your sweet personality. A never-ending dish of candy is always an office favorite, and the provider is seen as welcoming, giving, and appreciative of friendship. This personality of yours is very energetic, and keeps food, drinks and other items readily available for quick nourishment. You are friendly and talkative but may not be discreet with confidential information. Your personality is as fantastic as the candy you conveniently leave out for anyone to grab, so communications is the perfect field for someone like you who would like to share their sweet tooth and their sweet personality with the world.

When Sweet turns Sour: You may sometimes find you are paying more attention to other people’s needs than your own. Usually a team player, the candy giver can also be thought of as the office chatterbox, which may or may not be a good thing. You may reflect an easy-going personality whom everyone will take for granted. You may also be giving an impression that you are excessively friendly and always needing attention, whether you have work or not.

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2 thoughts on “Office Table loaded with Candies or Too Clean”

  1. special guy says:

    I’m actually really a candy addict. You won’t see my office table clean because it would be filled with candy wrappers. You would always find a Twix wrapper on my desk and some snickers because I love them. If my coworkers want to give me a gift for my birthday or on Christmas, they would know that I would appreciate chocolates as gifts and I would be more happy for it than any material thing you can give me. I can afford it all actually but the thought that they know you love candy, it makes me feel special.

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