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Awards on your Office Table

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Do you have your awards or different accolades placed on your office table? Just like all the other characteristics we’ve spoken about in the introductory posts, awards on your table too can tell others a lot about the kind of person you are.

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This is a desk that projects a ‘heightened’ image of the person who sits behind it. You are considered friendly, energetic, ambitious, often a noisy person, who relates well with others.

This is no shrinking violet, you crave appreciation and attention. Many entrepreneurial types fall into this category. These people tend to think big and are natural leaders, but need to be appreciated or they may sulk or have a tantrum.

Show-Off in Office: Being proud of past achievements is one thing, but a desktop covered with them is just too rich. Lots of personal awards may come across as braggadocios and aloof, even if the awards are related to the field.

Desktop accessories will be bold and brightly colored. This is a slightly messy desk with a collection of “things”. These things may be favorite items, but there is a ‘show-off’ feel to them. They could range from travel posters or souvenirs of places visited, to remnants of various work campaigns or sports paraphernalia.

Attention Pimp: Your personality craves attention, has high ambitions and aspirations, and needs to feel like it’s a cut above the rest. These people have a tendency to be arrogant and class-conscious, but balance this out with loads of charm and interesting conversations. You work hard and play hard to get.

Some professions are based on the fact that you must prove yourself worthy to the client, so for places that may encourage you to flaunt your accomplishments, you are right. But you have to be more careful in other departments.

So what’s your Office Table Story?

After all the consideration and assumptions, we can see that anyone can know so much about you, just by taking a look at your desk. Your desk talks about you when you are away, it boasts about you while you’re behind it, and it markets you every day at work. As with any sale, you must cater to your audience. Don’t alienate or offend, add value and outstrip your competitors with the items on your desk. Start reviewing and observe criticism to improve, if needed, or enhance, if desired.

For many people, a desk is much more than just a place to sit and work. It is quite common for workers to spend more time at their desks in their office than sleeping in their bed at home, so it is inevitable that a desk eventually starts to resemble the person who sits there. However, this tell-tale information could be defining who you are to your clients, co-workers, and your bosses, and not necessarily in a good way.

Decide whether or not your desktop needs a makeover. Your desk is a working environment and you should treat it as such. Your work space should show that you can be conscientious without being rigid, you are good at getting things sorted out and taken care of, which is a trait that serves you well, personally and professionally. People should know they can count on you to get the job, offer realistic advice and a willing hand.

Plan your workspace today because it isn’t just your power suit or your powerpoint presentation that makes all the difference, your workspace makes a big difference too!

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2 thoughts on “Awards on your Office Table”

  1. the boss says:

    I actually put my awards on my office table because I’m proud of it and I worked hard to get them. My other coworkers think I’m just bragging about it because I show it off but it’s their problem. I’m proud of what I accomplished and I can show them off however I want to. If they like to do the same, they better work their asses off too. I’ll be promoted soon to a higher managerial level and I’ll get to have my own office. I’m gonna miss working inside a tiny cubicle space. I’m gonna have to say hello to a newly furnished room.

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