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The Good and Bad Sides of Live-In Relationships

Should you consider a Live-In Relationship?

What are the advantages of moving in together? Can there ever be a bad side? Of course, there can be. Here are a few things you have to know about moving in together, and how to deal with them.

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The Fun Stuff

There’s always fun galore when you move in together. At times when you’re mindlessly bored, you can end up doing the stupidest of things with each other. You could just be sitting down watching a soppy movie on TV when your partner would just pull out a pillow and whack you on the head, until you reciprocate. At times you would just end up wrestling each other, and laughing so hard until your stitches hurt, and you laugh and roll on the floor until the next bout begins.

Anything and everything you do can always end up with a hilarious encounter when the both of you would be alone. At times you find yourself dressing your partner in your clothes, as you try them on yourself. When the both of you clean the house together, it’s funny how a sprinkle of water on the face can leave the floor wet with buckets of water and the both of you drenched. Almost any song on the player can have one of you lip syncing in an exaggerated manner, and flapping the arms wildly. You serenade your partner with each mushy song you listen to, and you reenact the Romeo and Juliet, and several other characters, all the way to Spongebob Squarepants.

The Complicated Stuff

Moving in together is great, but it also comes with a hint of complications. For instance, you might want to clean up the house, but your partner wouldn’t even want to budge from the couch. Or there may be a lot of your partner’s friends who turn up one evening, and finally leave with a trailing mess behind them, which can obviously get you wild with anger. Your partner may also have a few habits that you just can’t stand, like burping out loud, or running the fan way faster than you’re comfortable with. There can be a lot of petty things that can annoy anyone at some point of time.

You might have a wonderful time in between the sheets, and you make love to each other almost every night, but you just might catch your boyfriend in a compromising position with himself! Now why would he want to do that? You ask yourself if you’re not good enough for him. Or you find your girlfriend bleaching her face, or shaving her upper lip, and you wonder why she hid the fact that she has a moustache just like you! You’ve always felt she was totally open and secure with you.

At times, you find your partner laughing out loud late at night, while on a phone call with a friend of the opposite sex. A little green eyed monster pops out of your head and makes you wonder if the person on the phone makes your partner more happier than you do. You shrug the thought but it lingers for a while. You know you can trust your sweetheart, but a few of these things confuse you and gets you thinking on the negative at times. Nothing much to worry about, it’s just a stupid thought, really.

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2 thoughts on “The Good and Bad Sides of Live-In Relationships”

  1. Rhond says:

    There are numerous things that come with relationship good and bad. Living with your man may seem to have perfection written all over it but nothing could be further from the truth. Living together means sex all the time with out interruption yes but it also means dealing with hygiene, cleanliness, and even other women who may have some part of his life and since you are not married they do not totally respect your relationship. The sharing of bills, family details and more can be beneficial but when it is time to maybe reconsider or move on it can be complicated so it is best to always be ready in your mind making mental note of the possibility.

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