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20 Reasons to Get Married and Live Happily Ever After

reasons to get married

Are you wondering if you really ever have to get married? Here are 20 great reasons to get married and experience a better and more fulfilling life.

Marriages were supposed to be made in heaven.

But with the high divorce rates in the United States alone, you may find yourself asking if it’s even worth the effort?

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Thinking about it, dating or even living together is so much easier.

Really, you may wonder why you even need to go through the hassles of being tied down to just one person for the rest of your life.

With marriages come a string of responsibilities, arguments and real life issues.

And there’s something about a marriage that makes everything so much more serious.

It’s like you have to be a whole new person overnight.

But at the same time, marriages do have their own share of good times too.

Great reasons to get married

If you’re not ready to get married with someone, you’re probably not ready for marriage just yet. It’s that simple really.

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When you were in college, you knew you had to work towards getting higher grades.

And if you weren’t ready for those big tests, chances are, you didn’t want to write them. You knew you were going to perform badly, so why bother giving the tests, right?

And that’s the same way marriage works too. If you’re not mentally and physiologically prepared for marriage, chances are, you wouldn’t like them too.

Life is all about stages. You can be pushed into a new stage, but unless you’re mentally prepared to go to the next stage, you’ll never enjoy it.

And just like school, college, your first relationship, your first job and so many other moments, marriage too is a big stage that has the potential to change your life. For the better or worse, well, that depends on how ready you are to experience it. [Read: The stages of love for men and how they really fall in love]

20 important and meaningful reasons to get married

Almost always, if you’re not ready for marriage, it’s because you haven’t found the right partner yet, you don’t have a secure job, you don’t think you have enough money, or you like your life just the way it is.

There may be a few special instances, but more often than not, these reasons make up all the good excuses to avoid marriage.

If you’re in a long term relationship already or are wondering how you can evade the big noose around your neck called a marriage, here are 20 reasons to get married that you should consider. If you do give these 20 reasons a serious thought, you’d understand the good side of a marriage and whether you’re ready for one just yet.

#1 A big commitment. There’s no bigger proof of love than asking your lover for their hand in marriage. Don’t look at marriage as a lock without a key. Look at it as the highest commitment you can give to the one you love to prove your love for them. [Read: The most unique way to propose to your girlfriend]

#2 Sharing your life with someone. As humans, we’ve evolved to be social creatures that need attention. Living life as a single forever may sound appealing, but at some point, all of us feel the need to be watched by someone else, and have someone else to share our happy and sad moments.

#3 You’ve enjoyed your single life. Do you remember how your teen years and your single years were? You’ve partied and had your share of fun, almost until those one night stands and meaningless flings make no sense to you anymore. At this point, your mind’s telling you that you’ve changed, and you want someone to share your life with, and not just your bed for a night.

#4 The stages of life. As I’ve said earlier, life is a game of stages. And when you’re mentally prepared to enter the next stage, your mind convinces you of the benefits of moving to the next stage. And marriage is a pretty important stage in life. If you truly love someone, take the plunge. It’ll be a whole new experience that’ll be worth the ride. [Read: 9 relationship stages that all couples go through]

#5 Tradition. Marriage is a tradition that’s stood the test of time. And just like how we tend to believe things that have been tried and tested, marriage is one of those traditions that has worked for almost all couples, as long as they’ve truly love each other.

#6 You’re truly in love. Have you been in a serious relationship for more than a few years with the same person and you’re still truly happy to be in love? You’re more ready than you think. [Read: The real reason behind why you can’t find true love]

#7 A great support system. Marriage is the best support system that life offers. When you’re going through a difficult time, just knowing that you have a spouse who can share and ease your burden can help you get a better outlook towards life.

#8 Motivation. Just the thought of knowing that you have a significant other who loves you and cares for you can give you the strength and determination to become a better person and pursue your goals and ambitions with renewed vigor. If you truly love the one you’re married to, you’d be motivated to create a better life for you and your spouse.

#9 A name for your relationship. So you’re dating someone for several years. But dating someone and being married to someone just doesn’t sound the same. A dating relationship is always considered to be more casual than a marriage. And if you really do love your boyfriend or girlfriend, wouldn’t you want to be taken more seriously as a couple? [Read: If you love someone should you ever let them go?]

#10 The norms of society. A marriage is universally accepted and even demanded in society through the ages. And just like we’re all meant to work, earn money, live in a house and lead our lives within the unwritten and written laws of a well functioning society, getting married to the one you love is the right and respectful way to live with each other. It may sound archaic, but marriage is still the norm and not the exception.

#11 Maturity. With marriage comes maturity in life. A marriage requires trust, faith and commitment which makes a boy grow into a man, and makes him feel more responsible for himself and the relationship. At the same time, it gives a woman the emotional security of a stable relationship because her man’s commitment proves that he truly loves her and won’t stray into another woman’s arms. [Read: 25 relationship rules for successful love]

#12 You want children. Do you stare at those commercials on the telly where they show happy kids doing cute things and running around a park? When you’re ready for marriage, you’ll find yourself getting drawn to children and babies with curiosity and affection.

#13 Marriage gives financial dependability. As a girlfriend and boyfriend, you can definitely share each other’s monetary good fortune and deal with tough times. But when you’re married to each other, there’s more financial security because both of you lead your lives and aspirations keeping each other in mind.

#14 You respect values. Values in life give more meaning and make you a person of principles. Marriage is an ethical bond that defines your relationship with your partner as more than just a casual fling. Your parents were married, and their parents before them. And you want to continue that legacy and follow the same principles.

#15 Your achievements feel empty. You’ve achieved what you want in life so far, money, a house, a fast car, and what not. But all of these are material possessions that give happiness, but don’t give meaning to your life. Knowing you have someone who loves you and unconditionally cares for you waiting for you at home will always give you more happiness than any material possessions that surround you. [Read: What is unconditional love really?]

#16 You have someone to call your own. The world is filled with billions of people. But when you’re single or still just dating someone, you’re just an individual living the lonely life with no one to call your own. But when you get married, you have someone else who’ll share your life with you legally, and have someone you truly can call your own. And when you have someone who sees life through your eyes, your life will feel more meaningful and important.

#17 Growing old with someone. This may not make much sense if you’re still young. But as you get older, you’d enjoy the pleasure of spending time with a special someone that you love more than anyone else in the whole world. Just knowing that you have someone to take care of you, understand your preferences and your principles in life, and vice versa, can make you feel more satisfied in life and give more meaning to your existence. [Read: Reasons behind why couples end up falling out of love]

#18 You found your soulmate. Have you found the one who makes you feel more alive and happy? If you’ve met your true love and can’t wait to spend the rest of your lives together and grow old together, what better way to make a serious commitment than by proposing marriage? [Read: How to get him to propose by reading his mind]

#19 Your parents. A marriage can help your parents feel more reassured about your future. Even though they may not voice it, getting married to the one you love is reassuring for both families because it makes them feel happier to know that you and your lover have found happiness in each other, and would always be there for each other through thick and thin. And let’s not forget the joy of playing with their grandkids. [Read: How to meet the parents for the first time and make a great impression]

#20 Meaning to life. A marriage can make you more focused in life. When you’re married to someone, you’re not just responsible for yourself. You’re responsible for your partner too. Together, both of you have created a new entity that breathes life as a couple. Like a bigger, better job, a marriage means more responsibilities, but it also gives you more satisfaction and meaning to your existence.

When you’re ready, you’re ready. It’s as simple as that. These 20 reasons to get married may not make sense to you if you’ve made up your mind to stay single.

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But if you can gives these reasons to get married a serious thought with an open mind, you’ll understand just how meaningful and satisfying a happy marriage can really be and how easily it can change your life and a special someone’s life for the better forever.

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16 thoughts on “20 Reasons to Get Married and Live Happily Ever After”

  1. Felicia Hayes says:

    I truly believe that life is a game of stages as mentioned here. I’m 28 now, and until a year ago, I couldn’t even imagine myself getting married. I just wasn’t ready, and even seeing a baby would have no effect on me. In fact, if one of my married friends would even give me their baby to hold for a while, I’d cringe and curl my toes.

    I’m in a serious relationship for three years, and both of us never even thought of marriage because our minds were focused other things like financial stability. But now, I really think I’m ready. I’ve started liking babies and even without even realizing it, I end up flipping the channels and watching wedding shows on the television now and then. And when I read these points here, it makes me feel more reassured and ready for marriage. That just shows how big a part stages play in life.

  2. TLF says:

    The fact is marriage is a legal document forming a partnership and there are zero benefits for a man to get married. It doesn’t guarantee you anything. In fact, with today’s divorce laws a man, on her whim, can get kicked out of his family, kicked out of his house and even be forced to cut a check to her every month why she tells your children what a a-hole their father is. Marriage isn’t about love, marriage isn’t about commitment, marriage isn’t divine.

    Marriage, for a guy, is a horrible business decision.

  3. Paul says:

    Marriage sucks! I’ve been in mine for 45 years and it has been the worst 45 years of my life. All things are on her terms, which started right after the ‘I dos’. Well I layed down my terms and explained that marriage is give and take. Well I was informed that wasn’t going to happen. I said OK and cut off all sex, intimacy or anything to do with loving. I moved to the basement and told her never to bother me, then I called work and volunteered to work midnights. That way I didn’t have to sleep with her or be with her. She blew up and called me every name known to man, on that note I found a small home for sale across town and bought it. Were still married and the only time I see her is when we file our tax stuff. I really don’t care what she does and with who.

  4. JS says:

    Marriage is difficult and the rules change. The sex goes away, the money goes away, The happiness and freedom go away. They are replaced by arguments, resentment, debt, inequality etc. Your ‘sole mate’ becomes ‘the other person in the house’ That’s my experience of 30+ years anyway. I envy those that have maintained the magic. It was fun but where did it go?

  5. Amanda says:

    Marriage is what you make of it. The “magic or fun” doesnt have to go away but its up to both partners on how to make it stay. a relationship is not one sided, and if it becomes one sided its time to walk away from it

  6. Sue says:

    Paul you’re stupid that’s all I can say. If you weren’t happy, there was nothing stopping you from leaving… 45 years ago…

  7. The Real Truth says:

    Well for many of us men it is very hard since the real good old fashioned women are all gone.

  8. Steve says:

    Unfortunately, in the age of feminism and misandry, there is no longer a compelling reason to get married. As a 31-year-old single man who has spent more than a decade of fruitlessly searching for the one, I have decided to give up and accept the fact that I will never get married. In fact, I’m planning to visit the legal brothel in Nevada this year with the intention of losing my virginity. Yes, you heard me right. I’m a virgin and I’m really embarrassed about still being a virgin at this age. I hope the lovely courtesan at the brothel will liberate me from the burden of my virginity. You may not agree with my decision, but at least try to understand my plight.

    @The Real Truth

    Indeed. Too many women, especially western women these days are feminazis (curse them!) and I can’t stand them. The only women who don’t buy this feminist nonsense are the Muslims. I wish I was born in a different era where feminism is rejected by mainstream society.

  9. texassa says:

    Growing up, my parents went through a very unhappy stage in their marriage that I think subconsciously haunts me. I would like to be married and have a family, but when I think about actually taking that step, I’m terrified. I fear I will be trapped, which is how I always viewed my mom. What other time in life have you made a decision that committed you to something for 10, 20, 50 years? It’s horrifying to me!

  10. texassa says:

    Boo hoo hoo. There are plenty of men who are able to find girlfriends, wives, heck – even one night stands – without a cultural system in place that indebts women to men. I’m sorry my education, 6-figure income, home, car, vacations, and right to vote offend you. Maybe your misogyny and pathetic victim mentality is why you can’t get a date.

  11. texassa says:

    Ridiculous. I feel hesitant to marry my boyfriend because he will gain access to half of MY earnings. If you don’t want to get married, then don’t. To project your individual situation onto the vast population is unintelligent.

  12. Mickey says:

    What an absolute crock!!! First of all, the wedding is the BRIDE’S day!!! She makes the grand entrance, and it’s all about her. The groom is nothing but a bit player who’s job is to simply hit his mark, say his line, and get out of the bride’s way on HER DAY!!! Then later, when the marriage goes under and they get divorced, that same bride walks out with most of his stuff and won’t let him see his kids…if they are his kids. And if they’re not his kids, the husband-destroying court system will STILL make him pay child support regardless…even if she cheated and had those kids with some other guy. So, someone please tell me: what’s in it for any guy who in his right mind wants to get married despite those odds???

  13. Olivia says:

    Getting married really does create an awesome support network, but that’s only if you get along with your in laws. I can’t name many couples who actually do lol. I’m lucky because my husband’s parents are pretty nice people and we get along just fine, so I know I can lean on them if I ever need something. Just like he can go to my mom for things should he never find the need. It’s working out pretty nicely for the both of us, but yeah that point really hits home. A great read.

  14. TheTruth says:

    Most women today that are Single will Never be Marriage Material at all do to their Greed And Selfishness.

  15. Being Very Honest says:

    I really Don’t think so these days. MGTOW.

  16. Truth says:

    Boo hoo Hoo to you too.

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