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signs of a stalker
Signs of a Stalker: 11 Glaring Clues You Need to Watch Out For

When Edward from Twilight followed Bella around we thought it was so romantic. Actually, it’s called the signs of a stalker and it’s creepy.

shitty friends
15 Signs You Have Shitty Friends and Need to Get Some New Ones

The company you keep is important. Having shitty friends can cause you a lot more unhappiness in life than you want. Here’s how to spot the bad ones.

how to emotionally connect with someone

How to Emotionally Connect With Someone: 14 Steps to Feel Closer

You may have friends but more often than not, when you’re around them, you feel lonely. Here’s how to emotionally connect with someone and find joy.

Third Wheeling

Third Wheeling: How to Cut the Third Wheel Who Can’t Take a Hint

Third wheeling is something you do as a child on a tricycle. If you are a grown up, then it is time to make the three into a twosome.

Overprotective Parents

Overprotective Parents: 13 Mature Ways to Get Them to Back Off

Can’t stay out past eleven? Have your overprotective parents sitting behind you at the movies? Are you over the age of eighteen? That’s rough, man.

Sexually Abusive Relationship

Sexually Abusive Relationship: 8 Subtle Signs You’re Being Abused

A sexually abusive relationship is one where you engage in sex out of fear. Whether the fear is physical or emotional, it leaves you empty and lost.

Jealous vs. Envious

Jealous vs. Envious: The Real Differences Most People Overlook

Often thought of as interchangeable, jealousy and envy are not the same things. Jealous vs. envious, what’s the difference?

Emotional Attachment

Emotional Attachment: 12 Signs Your Fierce Feelings are Unhealthy

It’s a great thing to be able to feel really strongly for someone but sometimes that emotional attachment can be unhealthy and even unnatural.

black sheep of the family

Black Sheep of the Family: 22 Signs You’re Going Against the Herd

Constantly feel like you’re a bit of an outsider in your own family? Here are 22 simple ways to tell if you’re the black sheep of the family.

people who talk too much

People Who Talk Too Much: Why They Do It and How to Handle Them

Listening skills are great, polite, and all that good stuff. But how do you handle the people who talk too much? Understanding how to deal with them.

feeling trapped in relationship

Feeling Trapped in a Relationship: Should You Stay or Break Free?

When you’re feeling trapped in a relationship, it can be a catch-22 – you feel like you have an obligation to stay, but it’s just hard to breathe.


Demisexual: How They Feel Lust & How to Connect With One Deeply

Being demisexual can be difficult to explain in a world so focused on sex. This is how this sexuality works and how you can connect with someone.

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