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Asexual People
Asexual People: What It’s Like for Them in the Dating World

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in the dating world without having any sexual feelings or desires? Here’s how asexual people do it.

negative nancy
Negative Nancy: 17 Traits and Ways to Deal with their Attitude

Negative people can bring down even the most positive person. Here are the best tips for dealing with any Negative Nancy in your life.

Only Child Syndrome

Only Child Syndrome: The Good and Bad of Dating An Only Child

Are you dating someone who’s selfish and won’t even share their bags of chips with you? Don’t worry there’s a name for it—the dreaded only child syndrome.

how to know if you are gay

How to Know If You are Gay: All the Signs You Can’t Ignore

People have strong opinions about what makes someone gay. What the science tells us is that it is not a choice. Here’s how to know if you are gay.

sexless relationship

Sexless Relationship: Is Love Enough for a Happily Ever After?

Some say sex is a big part of a relationship, while others say you can make it work without it. Here’s the truth about a sexless relationship.

i hate my family

15 Steps to Take if You Keep Saying, “I Hate My Family”

Sometimes we have disagreements with our families that make us say, “I hate my family,” even if we don’t mean it. If this is you, here’s what to do.

relationship closeness inventory

Relationship Closeness Inventory: 20 Ways to Test Your Intimacy

The grass is always greener on the other side of the relationship fence. Take this relationship closeness inventory and stop comparing your relationship.

relationship red flags

17 Relationship Red Flags That Most People Completely Ignore

Doubts about your relationship? Don’t be love-blind. Here are the 17 relationship red flags that you need to look for and not ignore.

how to stand up for yourself

How to Stand Up for Yourself: Get What You Want and Deserve

Nobody ever wants to be bullied or manipulated. But there are times when you need to stop that bad behavior and learn how to stand up for yourself.

emotional manipulation

Emotional Manipulation: 14 Ways People Mess with Your Mind

Emotional manipulation is a form of abuse that will leave you scratching your head, feeling guilty, broken, and left wondering, what just went on here?

how to be heartless

How to Be Heartless: But It Never Gets You What You Want

Behaviors that signal to other people that you mean nothing to them is all about how to be heartless. These 17 tips will help you achieve heartlessness.

emotional roller coaster

Emotional Roller Coaster: Are You Stuck in an Unhealthy Ride?

Roller coasters are supposed to be fun because of their high peaks and lows. But an emotional roller coaster isn’t fun. Is it time to step off?