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what does it mean when you dream about your crush
What Does It Mean When You Dream about Your Crush: 7 Explanations

Is it fate or just weird food before you fell asleep? These 7 explanations can help answer what does it mean when you dream about your crush.

self-discovery questions
20 Self-Discovery Questions to Bring You Closer to Learning Who You Are

You’re never too old for self-discovery questions. You can always learn more about yourself because you’re always changing. Here’s what to ask.

British Stereotypes

Don’t Be A Daft Numpty! 16 British Stereotypes That May Be True

Ever wondered what British stereotypes are accurate and which ones are totally “bollocks”? Find out which of these 16 are the real deal.

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome: 20 Signs and Ways to Stop Feeling like a Fake

If you feel if someone knew who you really were, or what you felt on the inside, they would see the fake you. You just might have the imposter syndrome.

how to stop ruminating

How to Stop Ruminating: Leave Your Past and Live Your Future

It’s easy to get yourself ruminating about something. It just replays over and over in your head. But, what’s hard is how to stop ruminating.

Skin Hunger

Skin Hunger: The Human Need to Touch Someone and Why It Matters

Skin hunger is not a new phenomenon, but as humans become more “connected” through technology, the lack of physical touch might be making us lonely.

Things People Hate

Things People Hate About Other People: 15 Annoying Truths We Know

When it comes to things people hate, other people are probably #1 on the list. Here are the annoying truths about other people we all can relate to.

taking someone for granted

10 Negative Effects of Taking Someone for Granted You Can’t Undo

We’re all guilty of taking someone for granted at least once. But learning how much we can hurt people this way can help us avoid doing it again.

nothing makes me happy

Nothing Makes Me Happy: How to Make Happiness Your Default State

Staring at a bottomless pit? If your mind is saying nothing makes me happy, then we’re in the territory of depression. Here’s how to break free.

Easily Offended

Why is Everyone Easily Offended Nowadays? The Hard Truth Revealed

When it comes to being easily offended, it feels like more and more people are fitting under that category as of late. But why? We have the answers.

Shallow People

Shallow People Lack Depth: 30 Signs You Swim in the Shallow End

Shallow people are those who lack depth. That means the only person who really matters is them, and it is all about the exterior. How shallow are you?

List of Sexualities

List of Sexualities: What You Need to Know About Each Orientation

When it comes to sexual orientation, having a list of sexualities handy can help you understand them better. Here’s what you should know about LGBTQ+.

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