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Shallow People
Shallow People Lack Depth: 30 Signs You Swim in the Shallow End

Shallow people are those who lack depth. That means the only person who really matters is them, and it is all about the exterior. How shallow are you?

List of Sexualities
List of Sexualities: What You Need to Know About Each Orientation

When it comes to sexual orientation, having a list of sexualities handy can help you understand them better. Here’s what you should know about LGBTQ+.


Sexualize Yourself: How Being Sexualized Can Make or Break You

Maybe you have more sex appeal than a movie star? But will being sexualized send you down the wrong path? Here are some of the pros and cons.

stay at home mom

I Was Raised by a Stay at Home Mom and It Made My Life Better

For whatever reason, there’s a stigma attached to the idea of a stay at home mom. I’m here to tell you just how it impacted my life for the better.

why am i single

Why Am I Single? 10 Things You Do that Sabotage Your Love Life

There are a billion fish in the sea. If you wonder, why am I single, there might be reasons other than not being able to find your fish.

Attention Seeker

Attention Seeker: 12 Signs You’re One Even If You Can’t See It

We can all spot an attention seeker from a mile way, can’t we? But are you able to recognize if maybe YOU are one too? Here are the signs you are.

what is the point of life

What Is the Point of Life? Secrets to Decode the Big Cosmic Joke

We ask ourselves, what is the point of life, now and then. Unfortunately, no one has the answer. Life doesn’t lie in the grand scheme but in small moments.


Catcalling: Should Women Take This as a Compliment or an Offense?

When it comes to catcalling, many people have different opinions. Is it offensive or is it actually a compliment? Here’s what we have to say.

how to not give a fuck

How to Not Give a Fuck: Your Guide to Less Fucks and More Laughs

Sometimes in life, things get bad and you want to know how to not give a fuck. Well, you definitely can, and here’s how to do it!

Effeminate Men

Effeminate Men: 50 Things They Do Because They Don’t Give a Shit

Many guys make fun of effeminate men, but what they don’t know is that a guy who is real is much happier than one who hides away. Kudos to them!

Weak Men

Weak Men & Strong Men: 13 Opposing Traits that Split Them Apart

Our society isn’t kind to weak men. That is because most people respect “strong men.” But how do you really know the difference? Here’s how.

stay at home wife

Stay at Home Wife: 14 Reasons Why Many Women Envy Her Life

The stay at home wife used to be a demeaning phrase. Times are a-changin’, women are choosing the head of household and should be envied!