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How to Party like a Wannabe

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Do you wanna be someone big or someone who’s a bit more recognizable? There’s no better way to get to the top than by being a wannabe. You may not get famous by tomorrow, but who knows, if you really know your way around, you just might become a celebrity overnight! Are you ready to party like a wannabe?

How to Party like a Wannabe | Become a Famous Page 3 Model

You go, Party Animal!

Make sure you’re partying every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Even better if you can do it all week around. It isn’t about whether you’re getting sore feet or popping enough hangover pills to fill your cereal bowl, it’s all about where you are!

Skimp is Fashion

Everyone knows what’s barely legal, but you should be a pro at dressing up barely hidden. Wear the skankiest clothes anyone could ever find, and try to reveal as much as you can, or until the bouncer intervenes. You’d definitely be noticed.

Make Out

Nothing makes more noise and grabs attention than a drunken public grope or even a make-out, on the dance floor. Be seen making out with someone. Anyone. It doesn’t matter even if it’s the Has-Been party animal.

Make New Friends

Try and befriend someone on the Rockstar’s entourage, then you could get up to the VIP section. It’s going to be hard, but hey, everyone has small beginnings, and need a push-up. So does a wannabe.

Follow the Leader

Party with your eyes peeled, and look out for the elite signs. Always walk out of the club soon after the VIP, almost sticking up to that person’s backside. Then you can wave out to the press, pretend to be the VIP’s friend, and hopefully, get snapped away by the paparazzi.

Drunken Opportunities

See any VIP or a Rockstar who’s too lost in their own head, flooded with booze? Take advantage of that, grab that person and start necking them. Everyone’s going to think you both know each other intimately. Well, well, now isn’t that like killing two birds with one stone?

Lust after the Paparazzi

Try making eye contact with a well known press photographer. Pretend like you’re lusting after him. Or don’t even pretend. Chances are, he’ll snap you for the papers on the condition that you’ll let that person snap you in the nuddie later. Heck, nothing comes free these days, does it?

The Sweet Moves

Always get drunk and do the darnest, lustiest moves imaginable. You’ll smoke the dance floor up, and be remembered forever.

Make a Bed Bang Tape

Hey, let’s face it. Paris was a wannabe until her night-cam bed bang got public. See how stars can change in no time? So do the same. Make a good tape, and for God’s sake, have an even better PR representative. Look what happened to Kim Kadarshian’s tape. Have you even heard of it? You may not beat Paris hands down with her celebrity quotient, but you’ve got almost-famous, babey!

Be Seen

A wannabe has to be seen. Everywhere. Anywhere. Wherever there’s a flicker of a flashbulb. Dance furiously each time a press photographer walks by. Who knows, you could get lucky and move up the fashion food chain.

Work these moves and it would definitely help you get noticed, and take you on your way to fame. And if it doesn’t work, you at least got your few minutes of fame, didn’t you?!

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