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How to Party like a VIP

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Now a VIP is the elite of all party animals. A VIP thinks and knows the whole world truly revolves around their own backside. A Rockstar may carefully mess their hair and behave like Satan’s lost child, but a VIP is above all that crazy behavior. Are you ready to learn to party like a VIP?

How to Party like a VIP | Be the Centre of Attention | CelebrityYour Wardrobe

Never repeat an outfit. That’s the first commandment of a VIP. Or you’d just be sinning big time. If you want to make your presence felt, try to have a wardrobe change inside the club. And one absolute necessity, make sure you take items of clothing off whenever you’re dancing.

Hey Mr. DJ

The DJ console should be the focus of your attention. Get up to the DJ station, try to dance with the DJ, and blow kisses and wave out to the crowd simultaneously.

Catchy Lines

All celebrities have a catchphrase, even if they don’t know it themselves. Come up with something along the lines of “That’s hot,” “Wateva…” or “Dyu lovit??”

Brand yourself, Baby

Work on a signature pose and flash the peace sign at fans and the paparazzi. Work on making your name a brand.

Be Remembered

Write your own autobiography by the time you’re 28. And if you’re beyond that, then write it this week! That’ll take you somewhere, but getting your own reality show is a great add-on to your celeb status.


Carry your pet toy dog with you everywhere. Have a designer dog tag or maybe even a pair of shades for your pet. Even at the club, Miffy should be your favorite accessory.

Off Rehab

Carry a bottle of Evian in your hands. Just in case people remember you, you need to let them know that you got out of rehab last week.

Follow me, Boys…

You like the attention. And you definitely like the sound of flashbulbs. Calling your favorite paparazzi before you hit any joint is a must.

Public Snog

Make out. Make out with random people. The waiter, the valet, that person who offered you a light, or that hottie reclining against the wall across the club. And one more requirement, don’t wear underwear.

Get Noticed!

Be seen at the hippest of places with random celebrities. Turn partying into a career by getting paid to appear at a club.

And this is how you can live the life of any VIP. Ooh, it’s so exciting, isn’t it? Psst… this is where you pretend like you’re uninterested and say “wateva!”

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