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How to Party like a Rockstar

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Everyone wants to be a rockstar, but not all the stars can carry off that charm and charisma like Katie Perry or Marilyn Manson. To be a real rockstar, you need to behave like one. Are you ready to learn the art of partying like a rockstar?

How to Party like a Rockstar | Tips to be the Popular RebelThe Stagger

Always stumble out of the club. Never walk, saunter or stride. That would just mean you didn’t have a wild time.

Break all Rules

The words ‘Rules’ and ‘Regulation’ mean nothing to you. Crash the place, and pick up a bar brawl with the toughest guy or the meanest chick around. And then trash your hotel room.

Hide it

Wrap your vitals or more with leather. Faux leather for the animal friendly kind.

Get ‘em Black

Black eyes and nails! Paint your nails black. Line your eyes with Kohl. Gal or guy, or whatever else, when you’re a Rockstar, nothing else matters.

Go Funky with your Hair

Get a funky hairdo. Beehives, Mohawks, funky colors or even go shaved. As long as it’s different. Russell Brand or Pink anyone?

An Entourage

Why would you ever want to go anywhere without an entourage. Tag your stylist, assistant, manager, bodyguard, groupies, mom, or even a crazy pet to do some justice.

Wine is Water

That’s right. You break bottles of Moët Hennessy just to pour it on people. Tequila shots are for wimps and so is the lime’n’salt. Swig the bottle. Grab a bottle of Chivas and down it. Fill your mouth with ice cubes. Spit. Swallow.

Get Swinging

Go to the party with one hottie. Snog with another hottie. Leave the party with two different hotties. One for each arm. Pause a bit outside the bar, get into a fight again with an innocent passer-by. And then kick any paparazzi or wannabe Youtube uploader where it hurts.

Your Wish-List

Walk up to the DJ console and screech a few songs, headbang, and then dive into the crowd. Make the most absurd and outrageous requests, nay, orders, like a bowl of only brown M&M’s or all-white dressing rooms lit with only white massive candles. If they don’t comply, you mess the place up!

And now, my friend, you are ready to be a Rockstar!!

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