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A Twist of Flavors – Do you know your Cocktails?

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Do you know your drinks? What you order at a bar can also reveal a lot more about you and your personality. What are the essentials you need to know about cocktails so you can prepare them yourself? Find out here.

A Twist of Flavors – Do you know your Cocktails?

Have you ever wanted to prepare your own cocktail? Or have you ever wondered why you like a particular drink over the others? You may have your own reasons but whatever it is, it’s always good to know a few basic facts about cocktails and the different drinks that you’d come across at a bar. And hey, you could also try these at home!

Know your Drinks

Of course, you know your scotches, rums, wines and the entire team sitting on your table. But did you know your drinks have characters? A martini is usually ordered by a person who is usually a quiet, business class traveler. Scotch and whiskey based drinks are drunk by stressed people who have thoughts about work all the time. Long drinkers are the ones that have had a stressful day and want to unwind. Shooters are for shaking a leg, or partying with pals. So decide what your mood is tonight.

Know the Mixes

Know what goes with the drinks. Important to any drink are three basics, the alcohol, the mix and the ice, depending on the requirement. And fresh juices beat concentrates and syrups any day. Of course then, there are the subtler differences. Pepper vodka goes well in a Bloody Mary and a mighty mint does a Mojito proud. Bottled sours and orange rinds have always been old favorites.

Playing with the Rules

Rules can be shaken and stirred, but some will remain. Your Long Island has seven ingredients. Going high or low on any one may not alter much to a casual drinker. But your martinis will always have to be pre-chilled, and refrigerated well in advance. And with just two ingredients, not much room for game plays there.


Drinks are getting trendier everyday and do not require garnishes. But the classics don’t go without one. Olives, for example, are vital to any Martini. They enhance the flavor.


If you want to have a bar at home, at least have your basics right. Check if you have the bottle and the wine openers, strainers, shaker and the ice scoops in place.

A golden rule when you’re sipping your drink is to drown your worries. Drinks go best with music and the guests you are with, so make sure you’re out with a few good friends, or have great music for company. And don’t forget, never drink and drive.

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