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how to express your feelings
How to Express Your Feelings & Get Your Point Across the Right Way

Expressing feelings can be like pulling teeth, because it’s just as painful. If you’ve forgotten how to express your feelings, here’s how to do it right.

how to make yourself look older
How to Make Yourself Look Older: 12 Ways to Fool Anyone You Want

There are a lot of reasons you might want to know how to make yourself look older. If you’re trying to fool someone, this is how to do it.

how to be social

How to be Social When You Hate It and Just Want to Be Alone

Not everyone is born a social butterfly, but sometimes learning how to be social is necessary for life. Here’s how you can come out of your shell.

Emotional Detachment

Emotional Detachment: The Easy Path to a Better and Healthy Life

Emotional detachment isn’t a healthy way to live life, but neither is putting too much emotion into everything. Sometimes emotions don’t help.

Shy Extrovert

Shy Extrovert: All the Signs You’re a Confused Walking Dichotomy

A shy extrovert is someone who is engaging—but only in the right situations. Meeting people is not your thing, but enjoying time with friends is!

how to not feel lonely

How to Not Feel Lonely: 25 Ways to Chase the Lonely Blues Away

Feeling alone is truly horrible because you feel the absence of relationship and comradeship. If you want to know how to not feel lonely, try these tips.

how to feel good about yourself

How to Feel Good About Yourself & Kick Ass in All Aspects of Life

Confidence has so much more power than you think. Learning how to feel good about yourself can open up more doors that’ll allow you to own your life.

types of liars

Types of Liars: 14 Ways to Confront Them and Not Lose Your Cool

We all lie from time to time, we’re only human. If you’ve noticed, not everyone lies in the same way… so, what types of liars are there?

nice things to say to people

65 Nice Things to Say to People and Make the World a Better Place

Being nice costs nothing and makes you feel great! Here are 65 nice things to say to people and create a little sunshine in the world.

what makes you happy

What Makes You Happy? It Really Might Not Be What You Think It Is

The simple question of what makes you happy can be the hardest one to answer. It might not be what you think, so ditch assumptions and start again.

how to be a better person

How to Be a Better Person: 13 Ways to Grow into a Kind Human

When someone asks, “Do you think you’re a good person?” It takes a minute to process. Am I? Can I learn how to be a better person?

How to Be Confident: The 20 Life Hacks You Need to Implement

Confidence is super attractive and makes you look and feel great too. Learn how to be confident with these 20 super life hacks.

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