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how to be assertive
How to Be Assertive: 17 Ways to Speak Your Mind Loud and Clear

If you’re wondering why your voice is getting lost in the crowd, well, this just means you’ll have to step it up a bit. Here’s how to be assertive.

rules of life
The Rules of Life: 22 Secrets to Never Be Unhappy Again

Don’t you wish life came with a rule book? We all do. But don’t worry! Here are 25 rules of life to follow so you will never be unhappy again.

what am i doing with my life

What Am I Doing With My Life? How to Break Through the Rut

What am I doing with my life” is the 2nd most asked existential question next to, “Why are we here in the universe?” Here are tips for how to deal.

how to stop being insecure

How to Stop Being Insecure: 15 Steps to Transform Your Life

If you’ve always wanted to know how to stop being insecure and finally love yourself, here are the steps you can take toward self-confidence.

stop being lazy

Stop Being Lazy: How to Confront and Overcome Your Excuses

Laziness is a natural part of being human. We all get lazy at some point in our life. We are ready to help you stop being lazy and get things done!

life's a bitch

Life’s a Bitch? 17 Feel-Good Ways to Make Yourself Feel Better

Life’s a bitch then you die – or at least that is what unhappy people think. All I know is that it doesn’t have to be. Make changes to turn it around.

how to overcome shyness

How to Overcome Shyness: 16 Quick Fixes to Transform Your Life

Being shy can be a real problem, and it can affect all aspects of your life. Here are some great tips for how to overcome shyness.

sexually fluid

Sexually Fluid: What Does This Even Mean in the Dating World?

If you’ve ever come across someone who’s sexually fluid, you might understand more than the average person. If you haven’t, then you’ve got a lot to learn.


Achieving Self-Acceptance: 10 Little Steps for One Big Change

Accepting yourself for who you are isn’t easy. If you’re struggling to be okay with you, here are the steps you can take to make self-acceptance a reality.

how to succeed in life

How to Succeed in Life: All You Ever Need to Know!

If you’re still wondering how to succeed in life, don’t worry. It does take a lot of elbow grease, but maybe you’re making it harder than you need to.

never been in love

Never Been in Love? 10 Awesome Things You Alone Experience

If you’ve never been in love, don’t worry. And don’t waste your time looking for someone to be in love with just for the sake of being in a relationship.

i love my life

15 Ways to Be Someone Who Always Says, I Love my Life!

Not everyone is happy where they are in life. If you want to be someone who can proudly say, I love my life, this is how to do it.

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