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life's a bitch
Life’s a Bitch? 17 Feel-Good Ways to Make Yourself Feel Better

Life’s a bitch then you die – or at least that is what unhappy people think. All I know is that it doesn’t have to be. Make changes to turn it around.

how to overcome shyness
How to Overcome Shyness: 16 Quick Fixes to Transform Your Life

Being shy can be a real problem, and it can affect all aspects of your life. Here are some great tips for how to overcome shyness.

upbeat songs lost love

Moving On! 9 Upbeat Songs to Get Over Your Lost Love

The good news about breaking up is that there are upbeat songs to tip the emotional rollercoaster to the positive side!

moving for love

Relocating for Romance – Should You Move for Love?

If given the chance to choose between staying in a familiar place and moving to be with the one you love, which would you choose?

ways to deal with rejection

8 Positive Ways to Deal with Rejection in Any Scenario

No one wants rejection, but we must learn to handle it anyway. Whether it’s from your job, your partner or from anyone else, here’s how to get by.

being single on valentine's day

Why It’s Awesome Being Single on Valentine’s Day

You may think that being single on the day of love will suck, but here are some reasons to revel in the fact that you’re single and ready to mingle!

underweight relationship

Too Skinny for Love? How Being Underweight Ruins Romance

We often hear about the dangers of obesity, but what about being underweight? How can losing too much weight affect your health and relationships?

problems that make relationships strong

8 Problems that Will Make Your Relationship Stronger

All relationships are perfect when times are easy. But when hardship comes, you can tell if your relationship is strong enough to weather the storm.

low self esteem

10 Signs of Low Self-Esteem and 5 Ways to Increase It

If you often feel down in the dumps about yourself, you may have low self-esteem. Here are some of the common signs, as well as some tips to boost yours.

find happiness

Sabotaging Your Happiness: 12 Ways You Can Ruin Your Life

You can have everything you’ve ever wanted and more, yet still be dissatisfied and unhappy with your life. But what can you do to change that?


14 Ways to Instantly Recognize Fake People and Stay Away

It’s hard to tell when someone is fake until it’s too late. By then, you’re already caught in their web and can’t escape without making it obvious.


12 Ways to Stop Negative People from Sapping Your Energy

We all have that one negative person in our lives who we can’t seem to shake. Here are 12 ways to stop them from sucking out your happy soul.

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