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moving back in with parents
Moving Back In With Parents: Why it’s Necessary & How to Survive

When it comes to moving back in with parents, you’re probably less than thrilled. Here’s when you need to and how to stay sane around them.

Socially Inept
When You’re Socially Inept: 15 Ways to Find Your Confidence Again

Being socially inept is a lot harder than you might think, and finding confidence if you’re like this is even harder. Here’s how to make it easier.

how to sober up fast

How to Sober Up Fast: 12 Quick Ways to Go from Sloshed to Alert

You forgot that job interview in the morning. Well, technically it is morning now. The only thing in your mind right now should be how to sober up fast!

how to calm yourself down

How to Calm Yourself Down: 7 Instant Hacks that Work like a Charm

We all have that point when there is a crossroad that either leads to calm or crazy-town. Learn how to calm yourself down and avoid the trip to crazy.


Indecisiveness: When Your Inability to Decide is a Decision Too

We do habitual things because we benefit from them. If you are wondering why you struggle with indecisiveness, there is a deep seeded reason!

Feeling Hopeless

Feeling Hopeless? 13 Light-Filled Things that’ll Lift Your Mood

There are times when you think life isn’t going to get much better. Feeling hopeless can be a dark time. However, try to get yourself to see the light.

how to make someone like you

How to Make Someone Like You: 25 Ways to Draw Anyone to You

Whether you struggle to find friends or have your eye on a special someone, these 25 tips on how to make someone like you could make all the difference!

lazy people

Lazy People: 50 Wily Ways They Manipulate Others to Work for Them

Let’s admit it, we all know some very lazy people in our lives. You know why they can be lazy? Because they are more manipulative than the rest of us.

how to deal with insecurity

How to Deal With Insecurity: 29 Signs & Ways to Feel Magnificent

Feeling insecure? Knowing how to deal with insecurity is twofold. First, you must acknowledge you are insecure and learn how to address it too!

how to be mature

How to Be Mature: A Guide to Grow Up and Face Life like an Adult

Learning how to be mature is something we all face at some point in our life. It is not as easy or fun as the carefree days of youth, but it has its reward.

Aromantic Asexual

Aromantic Asexual: A Guide to Understanding this Sexual Identity

For many of us, we’re only educated on two types of identity: heterosexual and homosexual. We limit understanding others, like the aromantic asexual.

what are you thankful for

When Life Isn’t All Puppies & Rainbows What Are You Thankful For?

What are you thankful for? This question is especially important when you’re down in the dumps. It’s easy to forget the important things in life.

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