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how to be mature
How to Be Mature: A Guide to Grow Up and Face Life like an Adult

Learning how to be mature is something we all face at some point in our life. It is not as easy or fun as the carefree days of youth, but it has its reward.

Aromantic Asexual
Aromantic Asexual: A Guide to Understanding this Sexual Identity

For many of us, we’re only educated on two types of identity: heterosexual and homosexual. We limit understanding others, like the aromantic asexual.

how to feel beautiful

How to Feel Beautiful Even on Your Darkest, Most Insecure Days

We all have times when we don’t feel great about ourselves. If you’re struggling to feel confident about yourself daily, here’s how to feel beautiful.

how not to hurt people's feelings

How Not to Hurt People’s Feelings: The 20 Golden Rules You Need

It’s impossible to live life never hurting a soul. But try to guide your interactions by these 20 golden rules for how not to hurt people’s feelings.

emotional exhaustion

Emotional Exhaustion: How to Rein In & Refill Your Emotional Tank

Emotional exhaustion is when you can’t take any more of what life throws you. If you are exhausted, then it’s time to refill your tank.

how to be an asshole

How to Be an Asshole: 70 Key Ingredients of Assholious Maximus

Knowing how to be an asshole comes more naturally to some than others. If you practice these 70 horrible behaviors you will be at least half way to asshole.

feeling worthless

Feeling Worthless? 8 Daily Habits to Change Your Mind and Life

We all have times of feeling worthless. If you are stuck in a worth-rut, picking yourself out takes the discipline of continual small changes.

Helicopter Mom

Helicopter Mom: How to Calmly Deal with a Mom Who Cares Too Much

Having supportive parents is a blessing. But, what happens when their support becomes obsessive and intrusive and you’re dealing with a helicopter mom?

signs of insecurity

20 Signs of Insecurity People Can’t Hide When They Feel Insecure

The signs of insecurity point to the fact you never feel secure. Insecure people never feel safe, accepted, or okay. It takes an emotional toll.

no social life

Have No Social Life: 15 Ways to Get Yourself the Friends You Want

Spending more time with your cat than people? We all have those times, but if the no social life sticks around, it’s time to go make some friends.

how to not be jealous

How to Not be Jealous: An Easy Guide for the Overly Envious

Jealousy is a normal human emotion. But it can often cause a lot of problems if it’s out of control. Live better and find out how to not be jealous.

how to release anger

How to Release Anger: 20 Ways to Focus on the Positives in Life

We all get mad occasionally. But if we don’t let those harmful emotions go, we can’t truly be happy. This is how to release anger in a healthy way.

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