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how to sober up fast
How to Sober Up Fast: 12 Quick Ways to Go from Sloshed to Alert

You forgot that job interview in the morning. Well, technically it is morning now. The only thing in your mind right now should be how to sober up fast!

how to calm yourself down
How to Calm Yourself Down: 7 Instant Hacks that Work like a Charm

We all have that point when there is a crossroad that either leads to calm or crazy-town. Learn how to calm yourself down and avoid the trip to crazy.

how to stop being a narcissist

How to Stop Being a Narcissist and Using People that Love You

When you ask how to stop being a narcissist, you believe yourself to be one. The good news is we all have the potential to change when committed to it.

Emotional Bullying

Emotional Bullying: How to Recognize a Bully & Stand Your Ground

Bullying is the new “thing” in schools, but it doesn’t stop on the playground. Many adults practice emotional bullying to get what they want.

how to get your life together

How to Get Your Life Together: 10 Mind Tricks to Regain Control

When life is out of control, it is easy to shut down and pull the covers over your head. Make small changes, and you’ll see how to get your life together.

surround yourself with positive people

Best Lesson to Live by: Surround Yourself with Positive People

If there’s one piece of life advice you should always live by, it’s to surround yourself with positive people. Here’s why it’ll make your life better.

how to be more positive

How to be More Positive and Increase the Quality of Your Life

What most people may not realize is just how beneficial being in a great mood can be to their lives. Here’s how to be more positive and make a change.

how to not be clingy

How to Not be Clingy: 6 Rules of Clinginess to Find Your Space

If you want to stop the drive to be close, then find happiness in being alone. That is the easiest way to learn how to not be clingy.

Am I Manipulative

Am I Manipulative? 11 Behaviors Showing You Manipulate People

Am I manipulative? If you ask yourself this question, it’s time to do some soul searching if you have any of these 11 behaviors.

things to be thankful for

100 Completely Overlooked, Yet Awesome Things to be Thankful For

Amazing things to be thankful for are all around, sometimes you have to open your eyes. Especially when you don’t feel joyous.

Emotionally Exhausted

What to Do When You’re Emotionally Exhausted and Just Can’t Deal

Everyone gets tired occasionally but being emotionally exhausted, it can be so much worse. Here’s how to deal with this issue in a healthy way.

how to stop being passive aggressive

How to Stop Being Passive Aggressive: Get Out of the Toxic State

You low-key jab your friend with passive aggressive thoughts, and they distance themselves. Read on to understand how to stop being passive aggressive.

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