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how to express your feelings
How to Express Your Feelings & Get Your Point Across the Right Way

Expressing feelings can be like pulling teeth, because it’s just as painful. If you’ve forgotten how to express your feelings, here’s how to do it right.

how to make yourself look older
How to Make Yourself Look Older: 12 Ways to Fool Anyone You Want

There are a lot of reasons you might want to know how to make yourself look older. If you’re trying to fool someone, this is how to do it.

moving back in with parents

Moving Back In With Parents: Why it’s Necessary & How to Survive

When it comes to moving back in with parents, you’re probably less than thrilled. Here’s when you need to and how to stay sane around them.

Socially Inept

When You’re Socially Inept: 15 Ways to Find Your Confidence Again

Being socially inept is a lot harder than you might think, and finding confidence if you’re like this is even harder. Here’s how to make it easier.

what is a friend

What Is a Friend? How to Enrich Your Life & Build Real Friendships

Want to know what is a friend? Read on to find out about 20 ways you build genuine friendships and enrich your life through the people around you.

i'm not good enough

I’m Not Good Enough: How to Bring Yourself Up When You Feel Low

“Good enough” implies an unrealistic measure of your worth. If you think, I’m not good enough , you likely put too many expectations on yourself.

how to be more confident

How to be More Confident with 12 Simple Daily Self-Love Habits

It’s normal to be a little insecure at times but if your lack of confidence is crushing your life, it’s a problem. Here’s how to be more confident.

Feminine Energy

Feminine Energy: How to Embrace It, Release It and Increase It

There’s always that one woman that walks into a room and embodies feminine energy. You hold that energy inside of you, you just need to release it.

how to build confidence

How to Build Confidence: 11 Powerful Changes to Alter Your Life

If you struggle with your confidence, life can be especially hard to navigate. These 11 ways for how to build confidence changes your perspective.

how to speak clearly

How to Speak Clearly: Your How-To Guide to Speaking Successfully

We all know how important public speaking skills are. It’s common for people to freeze up in mid-sentence. But, you can learn how to speak clearly.

how to stop feeling guilty

How to Stop Feeling Guilty and Finally Start Living for You

If you’re someone who always takes the blame no matter the situation, you might want to learn how to stop feeling guilty. Here’s how.

How to Build Self-Esteem

How to Build Self-Esteem & Love Life with 10 Simple Life Changes

If you’re not happy with yourself, you don’t have to live like that forever. Learning how to build self-esteem is possible with these life changes.

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