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Lazy People: 50 Wily Ways They Manipulate Others to Work for Them

lazy people

Let’s admit it, we all know some very lazy people in our lives. You know why they can be lazy? Because they are more manipulative than the rest of us.

Lazy people are unmotivated, don’t care, and do very little for themselves unless absolutely necessary. You know why they are smarter? Because they figured out the way to get everyone to do everything for them, so they don’t have to.

50 habits of lazy people

Admittedly, even if I could figure out how to get things done for me, I probably wouldn’t. Being lazy is a choice and not one I could choose. I am a mover by nature. But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t give those who sit back and let everyone else work the props they deserve.

#1 You have every automated app that exists. The new world of automation is your oyster. You don’t get up to turn on the lights, to change the temperature of the room, or to change the channel. You just sit back and be lazy.

#2 You taught your children or animal to get you beers. Kudos, you are the master manipulator at getting people to do things for you. [Read: 7 things to do when your partner is lazy]

#3 You wear diapers during ballgames, so you don’t have to go to the bathroom. Yes, that really is a thing.

#4 Instead of washing a dish that comes out of the dishwasher dirty, you run it through again and again… and again. It eventually gets cleaned or ruined. Either way, you aren’t washing it.

#5 If the remote isn’t within reach, you suffer through whatever else is on. There is always the cell phone in your hand to fall back on for entertainment.

#6 Your idea of exercise is bending over to put your Velcro shoes on.

#7 You wear Velcro shoes.

#8 You can’t write “you” or “laugh out loud”, it is U and LOL all the way. Even lazier? Emoji’s… [Read: How to use an emoji the right way]

#9 Since you didn’t put your clean laundry away, you made it dirty again by throwing your dirty clothes on top. So, you just wash it all again. Of course, you have someone else picking it up off your floor and washing it. No skin off of your back!

#10 What’s a store? You haven’t been inside a store since Amazon launched.

#11 If someone else’s stuff is in the dryer and you need it, you just throw it on the floor. Not your problem.

#12 You keep food leftovers sitting in bed with you. Now you have a morning snack.

#13 Every utensil, plate, or glass in your house is disposable. Even if it isn’t, you make it one instead of washing it.

#14 You don’t flush the toilet after using it. Far too much work to pull the lever. Number two or one, makes no difference.

#15 You wear your clothes to bed, so you don’t have to change in the morning. Even lazier? You wear your pajamas underneath your clothes, so that all you have to do is take your clothes off at night.

#16 When you make a midnight snack, the house wakes up to your mess. Food spoiled on the counter, all the lights on, and the mess you made making and taking food to your bed, all over the kitchen.

#17 Your dog shits on the floor. You just pretend not to see it, so that someone else will clean it up.

#18 The trashcan is too far. Your bathroom and kitchen sinks serve as the trash can. [Read: 9 ways to get your lazy girlfriend off her ass]

#19 You don’t even do the sniff check. You just put it on. There isn’t anything else clean.

#20 Instead of picking up what the vacuum won’t, you just keep going over and over it. Hoping eventually it comes up. If it doesn’t, you just move along. Hey, the point is you’re vacuuming at all.

#21 When you spill things on the floor they become invisible. What the heck, it dries eventually, right?

#22 You wait until you hear someone else is going to the grocery store. Then make a list…“As long as you are going.”

#23 You hide food under your mattress. The trash can is a whole two feet away.

#24 What I missed? When you do attempt to put something in the trash, if you miss, there it sits.

#25 Couch potato. You text your family member in the next room.

#26 You leave your socks next to the hamper in your room. Someone will eventually pick them up. I mean they’re right there, right?

#27 Gas versus tow. It’s easier to have your car towed than fill up your tank.

#28 A full-service pee and brushing teeth shower. Save yourself some extra morning steps.

#29 You hopped on the whole beard trend. Then you don’t have to shave, and now you look like a woolly mammoth. You’re supposed to trim it, you know? [Read: 10 tips to help you decide whether to go for a beard or not]

#29 Seriously considering getting a goat for your backyard. So you don’t have to mow. But then you would have to feed it.

#30 You let your dog self-feed. It’s not your fault if they eat it all in one sitting and must wait until next week’s grocery run.

#31 You place your dishes in the sink. It doesn’t matter the empty dishwasher is right next to it.

#32 You pee in the trash can in the middle of the night. Hey, it’s like 100 steps closer.

#33 Spill on the carpet? Just move some furniture around. Voila.

#34 You convince people to have a party at their house. Now you don’t have to cater or clean up. [Read: 8 tips to help you be the coworker everyone likes]

#35 The back seat of your car is occupied. With trash, not passengers.

#36 You stick your gum to the bottom of your chair. Yep, lazy in every generation.

#37 You have a gym membership that you don’t use. Lazy people trick? Keep paying and don’t cancel.

#38 Everything in your refrigerator tastes the same. Who has time to put leftovers in Tupperware?

#39 Everything in your pantry is stale. You can’t fold over the top of a potato chip bag.

#40 And, when you take one and find out they’re stale, you leave the container right where it is. No time to walk to the trash can.

#41 You spend about $100 a month on subscriptions and things you don’t want. You’re too lazy to go over your credit card statements.

#42 RSVP takes too much of your precious time. You didn’t respond to your best friend’s wedding even though there was a stamp on the reservation card. You were too lazy to take it to the mailbox. [Read: 10 simple rules to not be rude]

#43 Let me just step around this. You walk around the same shirt laying on the floor for a month without picking it up.

#44 Your spring grass looks like fall. Lazy people don’t have time to rake the prior seasons.

#45 Is it cold in here? You have your air conditioning running from the beginning of summer until the beginning of winter because you’re too lazy to regulate the temperature by opening and closing windows.

#46 Where’s your nightstand? It’s so littered with cups that you move them onto the floor to make room for more.

#47 Is there room in your shower for one more? You have twenty empty bottles of shampoo in your shower along with the dull razor collection you started two years ago.

#48 You got the boot. The no parking zones are easier because you’d rather get a ticket than park 200 feet further.

#49 The papers on top keep it clean. Your idea of cleaning up the counter is pushing everything to one side, then the other. [Read: 12 simple things you do that makes your life much worse]

#50 You’re too lazy to get a pen, so you just use your lipstick. It’s kind of the same.

Living with lazy people drives you crazy if you aren’t lazy yourself. But, you have to admire the way they go through life seemingly without a care in the world, and with a world to do things for them.

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Sure, we can all be lazy people at times, but for some, laziness is an entire way of living.

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