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How to Bargain at a Flea Market like a Boss

How to Bargain at a Flea Market like a Boss!

Some of the best stuff you’d want can be picked right off the street. And this is where you can also show off your bargaining prowess. If you aren’t too good with bargaining, don’t fret. It is an art that can be cultivated.

Bargaining is very scientific and mathematical. Now you know why you were forced to study these subjects in school. The starting price should be no more than one-half of the asking price. By starting low, you can meet the vendor somewhere half way.

Go Poker Face

The expression on the customer’s face is most important. It is rightly said that the face can show strangers the most intimate expressions. Keep a poker face so they don’t know how much you can stretch.

Walk Away if you Must

Don’t get carried away by the product and the quest for a bargain. Always remain grounded and keep a tab on how much you can stretch for that product. Don’t be afraid to walk away. Remember there are a number of people selling the stuff down the street.

Cheap Money

Carry cash and pull out just what you are willing to part with. The sight of real money is a powerful inducement for the vendor to close the sale. Pull out less cash than asked for and try saying, “This is all that I can give you. Will you take it?”

Hate the Rude Ones

Do not encourage rude salesmen. Walk out immediately and do not waste time fighting and ruining your mood. Sometimes that negativity is enough to make you stop shopping. Save ruthless bargaining for the merchants, bargain with compassion while dealing with an artisan.

Dress the Part

If you’re out shopping on the streets, dress the part. Don’t stand out like a sore thumb by dressing in your finery, as the vendors are very good in sniffing out people who can actually pay their price! And remember they are experienced. They see people like you every day.

Make ’em an Offer

It never hurts to make an offer. All anyone can ever do is say no. In the field of bargaining always quote the lowest possible price, irrespective of it being too low. Sometimes you can get the best deals simply by quoting a price, try it and you will be surprised!

May you get the best flea market deals ever!

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4 thoughts on “How to Bargain at a Flea Market like a Boss”

  1. King says:

    Bargaining at a flea market is fun and I’m really pushing you guys to try to go to any flea market and see what you might need for your house. My wife and I bought a cabinet for our room that was worth 3000 dollars for the original price but we got it for only 100 bucks. How lucky were we? We also bought a king size bed with matress included that would total to over 3000 dollars and got it for 200 bucks only. We bargain like pros so we did the best we could. We also bought small stuff like lamps, and what not and those were just cheap.

  2. Migo says:

    I thought that a flea market was for pussies buI actually went to one last week andI really loved it. I love the cheap stuff that you can get and you can absolutely bargain. I bought a fake beard for 1 dollar and a cabinet for 2. I love flea markets.

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