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Don’t Want to Have Sex Anymore?

i don't want to have sex

Are you suffering from a bout of sex boredom, where one of you don’t want to have sex anymore? This can happen to anyone, and as frustrating as it can seem, you can change it all in no time.

If there’s one thing that haunts our mind during our formative years as a teenager, it is sex, and of course, the kind of impression we make on the opposite sex.

But as we get hitched with someone and the years roll by, sex takes a backseat.

And soon enough, sex, just like many things in life start to become a chore.

And this can happen even if you don’t have kids. And one of you may just not want to have sex anymore.

Somehow, most people associate more kids with less sex. But that’s just not true.

There are innumerable couples without kids who would rather watch reruns of an old sitcom late at night than indulge in a bit of bang-bang.

Why partners don’t want to have sex anymore

The reasons can be many, but none of it is acceptable or justifiable, unless it’s a traumatic experience or a medical condition.

If that’s the case, well, true love should prevail and sex can be put on the backburner. But in all other cases, it’s just crazy to not want to have sex!

If one of you want to have sex and the other partner just doesn’t want to have sex anymore, perhaps, it’s time you do something about it. Here are the most common causes, and we’ve also pointed out a few things you can change to burst the boredom out of sex.

And we’ve given a few links within each pointer that could help make a big difference in your bedroom life. Of course, use the links that work for you and skip the ones that are too risqué for you!

#1 Not sexually attracted to your partner

Most people are confused about this, but seriously, sex and love are two completely different things. You can love someone intensely and still get physically attracted to someone else. Of course, with love comes passion, but it’s just not the same as raw physical attraction. So if you don’t want to have sex anymore, it doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner. It simply means you’re not sexually attracted to them anymore.

Over the years you’ve been together, you may have gotten so used to seeing each in the nude that getting naked before having sex may just not seem exciting anymore. And sexual arousal is also a lot about the sensitive touch, and that magical effect could have worn off too. [Read: Taking naked pictures of your partner]

If you don’t want to have sex or are completely uninterested in sex because you’re just not attracted to your lover anymore, you need to bring the passion back, or the rest of your sexual lives could be boring, miserable and a perfect place for cobwebs.

Most of us forget how sexually attractive our partners are, and need to be reminded about it now and then. [Read: How to play hard to get with a guy]

As much as we make up our own minds, humans need constant reassurances from the people around us. Go out more often, meet more people and take off on a sexy vacation now and then. If you see your partner getting a lot of attention from the opposite sex, it would automatically make you desire your partner more. The bottom line here is desire. Rekindle that and realize how attractive your partner really is, and you’ll be drawn to your partner with a sexual surge you’ve never felt before. [Read: Fun on the beach for couples]

#2 Sex is too predictable

Are you so used to routine that you can actually count the bed creaks to the last digit each time you have sex? What starts off as a comfortable position can soon turn into the only position. Don’t let that happen. [Read: What men want in bed]

One of the best things you can do here is to try something new and exciting. Sex is never boring, it’s a part of life and evolution, and your mind will never get bored of it. It’s the routine that gets boring for partners. Trying something new can be uncomfortable at first, but it can open the doorway to better sex. It’s about experimenting slowly and bringing in a few changes one day at a time.

#3 It’s not as fun as it should be

You can try new sex positions all the time. But almost always, when sex isn’t fun, the new positions would only get more frustrating. Instead of trying new positions, try new things. [Read: How to talk dirty in bed]

Sex is like an amusement park. It’s got cotton candies and choo choo trains for the mild, and roller coasters and devil rides for the daredevils. And if you notice, crazy rides always get your adrenalin pumping. Sex works the same way too. If having sex in the house is too boring, go out and play. And as your adrenalin rises, so would your sexual libido.

[Read: Sexual fantasies for men]

[Read: Sexual fantasies for women]

#4 One of you isn’t turned on enough

Do you dress up and try to look your best when you go on a night out or for dinner at a great place? Of course, you do. But what about at home when you’re with your partner? Do you dress up and look nice?

Most people take their partner for granted, dress shabbily at home, and then whine about the boring sex. But sex, as much as it is emotional, is also physical. You need to look attractive to get the attraction. Don’t dress shabbily or in loose, ill fitting clothing. Don’t wear the same frayed shirt or pants every evening. Clean yourself up and dress to impress, even if you’re at home. Look good for your partner and they will obviously feel sexually attracted towards you. [Read: How to sleep with him in a sexy way]

And if it isn’t just about that, try a few new games that can arouse your partner. Sometimes, having sex too quickly can be quite annoying. Men may hate foreplay, but they love bedroom games that prolong foreplay in the manner they like.

[Read: Sexual role play for beginners]

These are just the first four reasons behind why your partner or you don’t want to have sex anymore. Click here to continue reading about more reasons behind why your partner is not interested in sex, and what you should do as a last resort.

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41 thoughts on “Don’t Want to Have Sex Anymore?”

  1. Mark Dunham says:

    My lady doesn’t want sex any more it’s got worse & worse she says she loves me but doesn’t want sex I think she is or has been playing around ?

  2. Sal Casanno says:

    My ex, a 49 year old woman, who I dated for 6 months always ordered me around in bed. After telling her that I knew what she liked by now, she STILL ordered me around in bed like I was a servant, not an equal (and capable) lover. On top of that, she loved to talk dirty in bed – so dirty that at times I was turned off by how filthy and creepy she would get. I tried to please her and even requested that every once in a while we have a nice, loving encounter. But I learned the hard way that she’s not capable of being loving – she’s too cold, hard, and mean-spirited to truly show any kind of loving feelings in or out of bed.

  3. meghan anne says:

    I have recently not wanted to have sex with my boyfriend. I am not playing around. I just dont feel sexy no matter how much he assures me i am… i am not a sexual person but he is extremely sexual and im nervous im not enough for him anymore what should i do i love him im just very self conscious. And now we have 2kids but we has only had sex 3 times in.like 6 months. I dont want to lose him

  4. Shawna J'Nell says:

    For the guy who thinks his girl is fooling around… I doubt it. For me – I just have no desire for sex. Not for my husband or anyone else. Sex never enters my mind and is just one more chore I have to do before I can finally relax at the end of my insane day. If it was up to me – I’d never have sex again. I have not had any sex drive for many years now. But I do love my Husband – he’s a wonderful person. I feel stupid trying to be sexy as I haven’t had a decent body since my 4th kid was born.

  5. Amy says:

    My husband and I had sex once and we have been married 45 years. My husband told me he hated sex, intimacy, it was boring, not worth the effort, smelly, messy, disgusting and something that normal people don’t do. So he moved to the basement where he’s been all these years, and has worked the midnight shift also. I thought he was gay or into porn, I’ve had him followed about a dozen times and nothing. And he hasn’t a phone, computer or tv. so porn is out. We never talk other than primitive grunts, groans and sticky notes.

  6. Wendy says:

    My husband doesn’t want sex as much as I do. I feel like I am not attractive anymore! He always is tired or has a headache! I feel like I have lost the man I love

  7. Jos says:

    Been married for 45 years – were both virgins. From the beginning sex was wonderful but scarce. Last 25 years or so sex happened only 3 to 5 times a year. I masturbated a lot and couple of years ago got so hopeless that just stopped chasing her. Now I have erectyle disfunction and even if I feel strong sexual desire I get no erections – have tried Viagra and Cialis with only very timid and soft semi-erections. Now at 67 I

  8. Jennifer says:

    I don’t wanna have sex with my boyfriend nowadays,I just wanna take a break from sex but when I tell him this,he says its cool but he ends wanting sex again,don’t know what to or say coz sometimes he tells me that I should start sleeping in my room to avoid sex but when i do he comes to my room to ask me to sleepover his.i really wanna stop having sex almost everyday.help

  9. Bridget says:

    Iv been in a live in relationship for 3 years now. My sex life started dwindling from once a day to once a week after my bf lost his father. At first I thought it was just a phase n that he was going thru an emotional rollercoster so I didn’t bother. Later I come to know that whenever I leave the house, he starts watching porn n jerking off. He never did it in my presence n used to fall asleep before me but even if I left the house for 5 minutes, he would start with his porn. I always knew he watched porn but never bothered cuz we were having sex at least once a day so I was getting my share but I really started to notice the change when sex went down to once a week while he was jerking off twice, thrice a day. Now we have sex like once in 15 days n its affected my self esteem so bad that I never initiate sex for fear of getting turned down. Iv spoken to him about it but it only leads to fights n he’s even called me a sex maniac. I feel horrible. I don’t want sex each n everyday but come on we’re not 60 year olds, is wanting sex 2-3 times a week too much to ask for when he can easily jerk off 2-3 times a day? Men r such hypocrites. First all they want is sex n later all they want is porn. I understand the need for variety but shouldn’t the porn vs sex equation be in favour of sex with a real person as opposed to watching some skanks do it? I’m 25, attractive, 36-28-36.. Willing to do anything in bed.. He’s 24.. Wtf is wrong with him? I’m considering dumping him.

  10. Xavier says:

    Its been about three years now. My relationship is good for the most part. I have only ever been with three woman and one was a mistake. I used to be able to have sex whenever my first girlfriend wanted. After she left me I became very depressed. I was diagnosed with chronic depression. I don’t think I have a high sex drive. We have sex maybe once or twice a week but that isn’t of my choosing. I feel bad. She wants sex everyday and multiple times. I haven’t told anyone in fear they will think I’m just gay as my friends tell me she is hot and she is checked out a lot. I just don’t know why my drive is so low. I am not the largest and very self conscious about it. I don’t last the longest either. She always kisses me and tells me I’m fine. I know she is attractive but I am just not enjoying sex. Sometimes I see other girls and get physical urges and feel ashamed that should be my gf I’m feeling this way towards.

  11. Linda says:

    I have been with my boyfriend less then a year. When we first got together sex was not an issue, we had it regularly. He had asked me to move in with him, and so I did. After that, he started getting really mean mouthed, started reminding me of my weight. (I was fat when he met me.) He says to me that he is not attracted to fat women, that I disgust him, yet he wants to have sex all the time. I feel ugly, low, sad. I cry all the time. I don’t want to have sex anymore. I feel so self conscious. He constantly brings it up and uses it as a reason to say mean things to me. I am starting to feel worthless. I don’t know what to do.

  12. Anna says:

    Ive been with my biyfriend for almost two years. Sex was great and amazing at first but now I don’t want to have sex anymore at all. I don’t know why that is but its just not exciting as it used to be. I would make excuses when he would want to have sex ex. My stomach hurts, I have a headache, or even lie and say I’m on my period. We’ve had a couple of patches in our relationship but I want to know whats wrong, Am I just over him?

  13. Sophie says:

    Linda! LEAVE HIM. A man who doesn’t respect you should not be in your life! Your beauty is how you see yourself and not how your boyfriend sees you. He does this because he knows you’re not going to do anything about it and the proof is YOU DON T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! what you can do is surprise him by LEAVING and then I promise he’s gonna chase and here you will be happy to tell to go f**** himself. Leave him, you’re gonna suffer but end up proud of yourself later.

  14. Maddy says:

    My boyfriend and I met online and have been dating just over a year long-distance. I absolutely adore him; he is kind, funny, insanely handsome, sexy, has the cutest accent, we have great communication, we have fun together, we make each-other really happy. He is by far the best man I have ever had and we feel lucky to have each-other. Everyone thinks we are perfect together and in so many ways we are, however our sexual chemistry is really lacking.

    I love making out with him, cuddling, holding hands, ect,. but when we have sex it usually seems like a chore. We talked for 3 months online (including dirty talking and a bit of Skype sex) and both of us generally have a very high sex drive and are very adventurous in the bedroom so we thought when we met the sex would be amazing… as it turns out it’s not what either of us pictured. It’s very hard to work on our sexual chemistry because we go months between seeing each-other. In my last serious relationship I wanted sex constantly, multiple times a day and my partner barely ever wanted it. He could turn me on anytime in two seconds flat and I never once turned him away (in fact we had the opposite problem). I can’t understand why now I don’t want sex. I look at him and think he’s the most gorgeous boy in the world and I want us to have amazing sex but there’s no passion when we do. We’re very similar, both the passive type. I’m someone who needs to be dominated in the bedroom but he’s sort of timid like I am. There’s no urgency when we have sex. We make each-other orgasm and everything but it just doesn’t feel passionate.

    I thought if I can just make myself have sex alot when we see each other I get a big break from it when we are away and we can just ignore the issue, but as I fall more in love with him I want him to be here so we can actually work on things. I didn’t realize until our last trip together that he feels the same about our sexlife. I just thought he wanted it alot and I didn’t and that was the length of our problems but he says it feels like it’s lacking passion to him too. Like we’re doing it because we feel we are supposed to be doing it not because we want to. I spend hours and days and months worrying about it. Even if we never have the best sex I would still only want to be with him; he has made me happier and feel more loved than anyone ever has and I really am in love with him. But I worry if the sex doesn’t improve he might cheat on me or leave me.

    It probably doesn’t help that I haven’t been “normal” down there since my ex. Ever since my ex and I broke up I’ve suffered with constant yeast infections, been wrongly diagnosed with vaginismus, vaginosis ect,. ect,. I’m still not sure what’s wrong with me. Sometimes it really hurts during sex and just generally feels uncomfortable (a problem I never had before). And I think this also really lessens my desire for sex because I worry about how it will feel this time whereas previously it always felt amazing and I never had any issues.

    We have talked about our problem but things haven’t yet improved, though it is hard when we have so little time to work on the physical stuff. I know there’s potential because I am very attracted to him and love him and there was one instance where we had amazing, passionate, perfect sex. I just don’t know how to have that again. I’m constantly worrying about this. I used to think sex was the best invention ever and now I wish it never existed cause all it seems to do is fuck up relationships. My boyfriend deserves better.

  15. Adrian says:

    It’s all because the relationships were based on looks and/or money to begin with, that’s why it doesn’t work now, because you’ve realised the person is empty otherwise.

  16. Beth says:

    My SO and I get along pretty well. That said, I never want to have sex anymore. We live together (for a bit over a year), but it’s my house and I do pretty much all the work around it. I pay about 75% of the household bills as well.

    If we agree on a distribution of chores, his won’t get done unless I remind him each time. It seems like I’m more of his parent than a partner. I feel bad for turning him down so often, but the fact that I can’t rely on him to be self-motivated, coupled with the fact I never have orgasms just doesn’t really turn me on, you know? It’s just hard to care. I’ve brought up the issue before numerous times, and he’ll put in more effort to do his fair share for a while but just fall back to his old ways. Then, when I’m exhausted from working a full time job and coming home to take care of the house, he doesn’t understand why I don’t feel like being intimate. After doing absolutely everything, I just want to sleep.

    I guess at this point, I’m just really not sure what to do anymore to improve things. It’s probably him that’s going to have to see what’s been going on and how I need him to step up and participate more around the house. Or things will have to eventually end between us.

  17. LilB says:

    I Love sex Im a naturally sexually charged women just lately my bf and i get along so horribly our sex life is DEAD …it wasn’t always like this but i know deep inside its boot going to change and for him and i that’s a problem…WE BOTH LIKE SEX TOO MUCH…..just not with each other anymore. Hes 49 and I’m 24 so sometimes i think it’s the age and i just need to be young and do my own thing…. i find myself loving on myself all the time and it doesn’t help when i have men coming after me and just trying to get me alone or away from my bf so because of that i left my job it became too MUCH. I never acted on it…..i know he knows the relationship is over EVERYTHING different and had been for awhile we almost hate eachother but he’s in denial….what do i do???? How do i get him to talk to me??? But still remain friends and civil for our daughter???? How do i hey him to see whats REALLY GOING ON?!?!?!!?!?! HELP PLEASE 🙂

  18. Marisela says:

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for less than a year he recently proposed but lately we haven’t had sex at all I love him but I don’t feel like having sex I just want to sleep … I have a son that keeps me busy basically all the time and he works from 7-7 everyday when he gets home everything is ready dinner house is clean everything is in place but when it’s time to go to bed it’s a little awkward . We always get in the shower together and I’m cool with that but once I’m out in bed he wants to have sex but I’m just ready to go to bed… He’s been asking me what’s going on, I have explain that I dnt feel like having sex but he thinks it’s nothing so I dnt know what to do I love him and I don’t want him to think something else is going on what should I do?

  19. maggie says:

    My bf and I have been together for 4 months. I’m not happy and I do not want to have sex with him anymore. He’s rude and selfish. He doesn’t work and expects things to go his way all the time. I am angry and feel used. He’s an alcoholic and I’m sick of his promises and Bs. I have supported him and he makes me feel like I am his mother over his lover. I love sex but I won’t even let him into my bed….. I hate my life with him.I care about him but not as a lover…. Yet I stay? Crazy !

  20. Jen says:

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year, we’re both young and used to have sex all the time. Now i hardly crave it, and it’s starting to effect our relationship because he thinks i’m not attracted to him anymore or i’m getting bored of him. I’m thinking it could be just because i’m going through a stressful time right now.. I’m worried i might be getting bored or less attracted to him which makes me sad because i do love him and he means so much to me 🙁 please help!! 🙁

  21. marvin says:

    me and my wife have been married for 20 years we dont have sex now
    (we are both ill my wife more than me)and neither of us are sexually motivated
    just cos we dont have sex does not mean we dont love each other if any one harmed her in any way id go postal on them and if she died i would follow shortly
    lets put it this way.. i wouldnt have sex with another woman either because if i suddenly did it would be her and her only (the wife)
    we are both fine with this we kiss and cuddle and i do that often and our relationship is not on the rocks

  22. Strew says:

    What about being gay and being disgusted at today’s generation with internet and whore app for iphone?? What about being surrounded by gay whores all around me that know each other and slept together already ? No thanx I’ll pass I prefer masturbate then loosing my time… Seriously I’m really not like everyone else so it’s stupid to think all men are animals that absolutly need to have sex or we will die?? I may be selfish, independant, and working all the time and having a cold heart but at least I am strong and can live without anyone in my life like I always was all my life. You may say I’m a virgin or romantic but I assure you I am not. First I don’t believe in love(in today’s world) and don’t want a relationship either since it’s impossible I say for 2 men to be in love it’s only fake if they say it is and second I don’t want to share my body or having sex unless the person deserve it and with how social medial work today since everyone is having a hard time to speak face to face I say no one deserve it. So I proudly say me myself and I forever and I’m fine with it.

  23. Bill says:

    My wife and I have been together for seventeen years. She was raised conservative, I am outgoing and very open minded. 99% of the time I am the one doing things to keep the spark alive. I’m the one coming up with new ideas or surprising her with a babysitter so we can go out. I’m the one drawings messages on her car that she finds when she goes out to the garage. I spent weeks arranging a getaway weekend last year as her Christmas gift. When a song that is special to us starts playing on the radio I will text her. Leaving small gifts or funny notes in her coffee cup that I set out each morning. Sending her naughty texts when she is out with friends. I could go on and on.

    She knows I’m a hyper sexual person. I love taboo, naughty, kink, sex, erotica, etc. She goes along at times but has no interest. She has zero imagination, zero desires, zero creativity, zero spontaneity. I have lost the desire to “carry” the sexual part of our relationship. I want a partner in crime. I want her to come up with ideas. I want her to surprise me. We’ve had several conversations about this. They all go the same way. She will say I’m sorry you are bored, I just don’t think like you do, I will try to be more spontaneous. Nothing ever changes. We drop right back into the same routine.

    I don’t initiate sex anymore, no desire to do so. I don’t turn her down but it feels more like a chore now. It’s the same thing with the same person the same way. She never dedicates any energy to planning something exciting. If she has an hour of downtime she will either take a nap, read or play some game on her ipad. I have nothing to look forward to, no anticipation, no mystery.

    Physically I am the same as when we first met. I’m in shape, clean, take care of myself. She has put on some weight after having three kids but I never mention it. She spends time at the gym almost daily. The priorities are kids, gym, house, reading, ipad games. Sex is somewhere further down the list.

    I help out around the house. I clean, do laundry, help with the kids. Some guys would be satisfied with occasional sex. Not me. I make her the object of my desires. She has other priorities.

    The movie 50 shades of gray is coming out in February and she mentioned it yesterday. My first thought was to arrange a sitter, make dinner reservations, pre purchase tickets, maybe find a bar or club to hit after the movie. But then I decided why waste the energy? Let’s see if she plans a fun night out for us or if she plans to see the movie with her female friends. I’m guessing the latter.

    I love receiving naughty texts, dirty pictures. She has done it a few times but usually I have to ask or drop several hints. Once again I hear I just don’t think like you do. So I dont even bother asking or hinting anymore. How many guys reading this love getting road head? I certainly do. She has done it exactly twice. Again, she just doesn’t think about it.

    This has created some distance in our marriage. She knows something is wrong but doesn’t ask. I don’t bother bringing up the topic. Why bother? The conversation would just follow the same path previous conversations have.

  24. Leila says:

    So I’ve never posted anything like this before.. but I’ve been googling these issues for a while now so hey, why not? I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years now. I really love him, and he is my best friend. This is really someone I could see myself marrying someday, though I am in no rush to do so. Lately, I just find myself wanting to be alone sometimes and maybe not in a relationship. Then we only have sex like once a week at best and he’s not happy with it. I’m not sure why but I just don’t Care about sex anymore. I’m not sure if it’s an attraction thing because when I look at him I do think he is attractive. But even when I kiss him it just doesn’t feel organic anymore. However, I have so much fun and the few times we do have sex I enjoy it but it always feels like a task. I turn him down a lot because often I just don’t feel like it or I’m tired. I work often and am in college in a very demanding major and I wonder if this is part of my life that just drains me. Sometimes I wonder if I just don’t have time for a relationship. Work and school stress me out maybe its affecting other areas of my life. Yes I know this sounds confusing but it’s representative of how I feel sometimes. Anyone with wisdom I would love a response

  25. cc says:

    Here’s something entirely different – I am divorced, 45, attractive (at least I thought so!), have developed over last year and a half – near zero interest in sex, intimacy or love to be quite honest. I’m not crazy, not gay, not traumatized and not asexual (I don’t think, or have I become?). I simply do not have any genuine interest in it. I date from time to time, as I do want to feel human, but after twenty years of marriage/relationship and two grown kids… I’m all about living my dream career now and realize I like NOT having someone around and sex isn’t even on my radar anymore. Not crazy, and I was pretty wild in my early twenties, but I truly find sex a very overrated and realistically not-that-necessary element.

  26. Xviivx says:

    But what if you dont want to have sex even when you are still a virgin?..
    I have never had sex and i just feel a kind of.. Hatred/fear against anything that has with sex to do. I think it is disguasting and that it actually has nothing to do with love.
    Am i weird?…

  27. Prince Doza says:

    I don’t even get turned on anymore, really. I know everything still works like it’s supposed to, so that’s not the issue. I just…don’t want it. Like…at all. Not even a one-nighter (and I don’t do those anyway, so that was kind of moot).
    I feel bad for the last girl I was around; I feel like I should have known better. She invited me over for some drinks and just to hang out, so I honest-to-goodness went over with the intention of doing nothing more than having some drinks and listening to music or whatever. She kept giving off subtle cues she was trying to get closer, but I’d pull my best oblivious routine every time. Eventually, she got too forward for oblivious to be reasonable, so, instead of actually say something, I tried to see if I could kind of “force” myself to go along with things. Omitting the details; the night ended up with her going to bed in a dead silence, being hastily escorted out in the morning, and never hearing from her again.
    It wasn’t a matter of thinking her unattractive (though, I guess, honestly, that’s a lot harder to define these days, as I generally can’t muster enough interest to find anyone particularly attractive), or a lack of confidence on my part, which is new for me. I actually have TONS of confidence in myself these days, especially in areas I would once say I was lacking. However, I am legitimately lacking any kind of real desire to even try to resolve the issue on the blue moon I do feel that familiar urge. I might feel the want to every now and again (and the occasions are spacing further and further apart), but I guess I just don’t see a point to it, or I can’t think of anything long enough for an erection to manifest before thoughts of “why even bother?” start swarming.
    It’s the damndest thing, really. I could stand at attention multiple times daily when I was depressed, but I feel pretty happy and content with my life and how things are going for me recently. My creativity has taken flight, my attitude and approach towards myself and my life are sterling, I’ve lost weight and gained more confidence in my body, so, as far as I can see, this shouldn’t be an issue.
    But, for everything that’s been going hundreds of times better, that one thing is just…it won’t seem to budge, and it’s been gradually getting worse for the last 7-8 months now.

  28. Hams says:

    You might just be Asexual! It’s perfectly alright to be disinterested in sex and definitely isn’t unheard of! I would suggest looking into it.

  29. Jenney says:

    With anyone, you will have obstacles that you need to adapt to and respect. But some are more important than others. It sounds like you didn’t marry your dream girl. Life isn’t about settling, and if she’s not willing to make the effort, and you can’t handle the effort she is putting forth, maybe you should accept that you have to try a different path in life. Otherwise, people show love in different ways. Maybe you should communicate and see how she shows her love and how she likes to be loved so you can appreciate that better. If she doesn’t feel loved in her way, it’s hard for her to express love in the way you want to be loved.

  30. Jenney says:

    I am in the same boat as you. 3 year relationship, both in college, and it’s obvious he doesn’t appreciate the sex one time a week. It makes me sad knowing that this occurs with someone that you feel is your best friend, but I can imagine that maybe those feelings cross over as being not as sexually attracted. I don’t have much wisdom to give, except my empathy. I feel that sex is a main issue when it comes to relationships, and I wish it wasn’t. I’m at the point where maybe an open relationship will be more favorable, or just breaking up because it’s a strain at times. It’s difficult knowing that you may not end up with your best friend though, and it’s hard because you have to share your struggles with another person. In the end I hope it’s worth it.

  31. Jack Skellington says:

    “The reasons can be many, but none of it is acceptable or justifiable, unless it

  32. Will says:

    “But in all other cases, it

  33. Eddie Spaghettie says:

    “…true love should prevail and sex can be put on the backburner”

    That has got to be the worst piece of advice ever I’ve read about sex.

    This MYTH that “oh honey but if you really love me it shouldn’t be about sex”. No it shouldn’t. It should be about everything, but sex is a BIG part of a romantic relationship. If someone isn’t attracted to you sexually then it’s not worth being in an intimate relationship with them.

  34. Collin says:

    I think it’s bullshit, some people just don’t have an interest in sex the same way 99% of people do.

    Personally I find it boring as hell and I’d rather do anything else like mountain bike, surf the web, read, eat, etc. If someone were to offer me a 25$ gift card or sex with one of the hottest women in the planet, I’d tell the girl to fuck herself and I’d go grocery shopping. Not worth it.

    I also have severe mental problems so maybe that explains it?

    Either way this article sucks ass.

    I’m an exception though, I get it.

  35. Collin says:

    I agree! Good comment!

  36. Jessica says:

    Dumbest article.
    What a waste of time. I stopped after I was called crazy for not wanting to have sex. You’re garbage. Educate yourself.

  37. Jessica says:

    I totally agree with you and feel the same. Sex has always been boring for me. I like to be in a relationship w out it. Luckily my boyfriend has a low sex drive.

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